17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia

Aerial view to Hargeisa - biggest city of Somaliland - Somalia

Somalia is a country in East Africa, with the Indian Ocean to its west, Ethiopia to the north, and Djibouti and the Gulf of Aden to its east. Its capital is Mogadishu.

Now is a great time to visit Somalia because the country is improving its safety and infrastructure. Furthermore, there are more tourist-friendly hotels in Somalia than ever. As a result, it’s now easier and safer to visit Somalia than ever.

It’s a land of great natural beauty; from the vast deserts to the majestic coastline, with its stunning beaches of fine white sand and turquoise seas; the rugged landscape of the inland plateaus and mountains to the lush tropical forests of the south.

Somalia is also a land of great history; from the earliest human habitation of the region to the history of its many ancient civilizations. Let’s explore the most interesting places in this beautiful country.


Mogadishu - Source wikipedia
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Once upon a time, Mogadishu was a popular tourist destination. It was once dubbed the “White Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. The city even had a resort near its lighthouse. Today, though, the lighthouse is in ruins and remains closed to tourists.

Before the civil war, Mogadishu was a thriving coastal city. It was home to beautiful Italian architecture, a cathedral, and a thriving tourist industry. It also had a thriving nightlife, including a disco and bars.

The main cathedral is one of many historical sites that visitors can explore. While the city has been devastated by conflict for decades, there are ongoing efforts to restore its historic structures. Be sure to follow all safety precautions when visiting the city.

A visit to Mogadishu, Somalia is a great way to experience the country’s history. The city’s central quarter is filled with historic sights and features a mix of Islamic and Italian colonial architecture.

The National Museum

The National Museum - Source wikipedia
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The new National Museum of Somalia responds to the vision of the African Union, Vision 2063: An Africa We Want, by preserving, promoting, and raising awareness of its cultural heritage. It also reflects the spirit of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Diversity of Museums.

The museum is a national treasure, a hub of creativity and cultural pride in the Somali community. This museum is a world leader in advancing Somali art. Its permanent collection includes traditional and contemporary Somali art. The museum also features a large collection of rare and unusual items from the region.

The National Museum of Somalia is housed in a historic building that dates back to the nineteenth century. Originally, the building was built as the residence of the Governor of Mogadishu. It was later reconstructed and adapted as a museum for the Somali people. In 1934, the Museum opened to the public.

The new museum reflects the goals of the African Union’s Vision 2063 for Africa; it seeks to preserve, promote, and raise awareness of the cultural heritage of Africa.


Hargeisa - Somalia
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Hargeisa is the capital and largest city of Somaliland. It is located in the Maroodi Jeex region of the Horn of Africa. The city was established in 1941, replacing Berbera as the capital of the British Somaliland Protectorate. It has been a major center of trade and government since then.

While in Hargeisa, you can visit the National Theatre Building, which stands on the site of the city’s former cultural center. The 1970s reinforced concrete building was once home to an excellent ethnographic collection.

The Hargeisa Provincial Museum is also a must-see in the region. This museum has been in operation since 1977 and features an ethnographic exhibition. The collection is displayed in two 20-meter-long glass-free cabinets. 

This modern building was constructed on the site of an earlier cultural center. The former Hargeisa Provincial Museum was built in the 1970s using reinforced concrete and once boasted a rich ethnographic collection. However, it was destroyed by a bomb in 1988.

Laas Geel

Laas Geel - Somalia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 19

If you want to see some of the world’s earliest cave paintings, you have to visit the Laas Geel in Somalia. Located on the rural outskirts of the town of Hargeisa in the Maroodi Jeex region, this unique site has a fascinating history. The site is home to the earliest known cave paintings of domesticated African aurochs in the Horn of Africa.

While Laas Geel may be the most famous example of rock art, other sites around the area are also worth visiting. Dhagah Khoure, located 45 km northwest of the capital, is home to images that date back at least 5,000 years. Visitors will find a variety of animal and human images, as well as a few humans holding bows.


Berbera - Somalia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 20

For a unique holiday experience, visit the Berbera seaside. Located about 5 km from the city center, the beach is a great place to relax for a few days. You can even see dolphins swimming in the water at sunrise.

The beach is also home to many crabs and sacred Ibis. While you’re in Berbera, check out the historical buildings in the city center. The buildings have interesting architecture, and you may even see some ruins of ancient ships.

As for the landscape, you’ll see some of the finest shorelines in the world. The sands and mountains are among the country’s natural landmarks, and the country is rich in them.

You can also visit the ancient port of Berbera and explore some of the city’s ancient rock art. The people of Berbera take great pride in their mountains and national parks. And the wildlife is surprising for a country in such a remote and poor situation.

A visit to the ancient port city of Berbera is a fascinating experience. You’ll discover ruins that tell the story of centuries of trade. You’ll also find Berberian society fascinating. You’ll have the opportunity to see half-sunk ships, fishing vessels, and other relics. Berbera is not as far from Egypt, so it’s close enough to get there before the boom in tourism.

Aibat Island

Aibat Island - Somalia - source wikipedia
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Aibat Island is a small but pristine island located off the southeastern coast of Somalia. It is home to some incredible marine life. It is also home to a small but surprisingly impressive lighthouse. If you love ancient architecture, you should make time to visit this small corner of Africa. While the island is only home to a population of 2,587, the lighthouse is a unique sight.

The terrain is a mix of lowlands, plateaus, and highlands. In the south, the Karkaar Mountains rise and fall sharply. The adjacent coastal zone is scrub-covered and semi-arid. Its forests and wetlands are limited by low rainfall. However, there are several beautiful places for travelers to explore in this region.

The island is home to many small businesses run by women. The Asli Grinding Mills in Hargeisa started out with just 60 employees in 1998 and grew to 400 by 2006. The milling of qasil and henna leaves is a major source of revenue for this small business. This small business has been in business for over twenty years and is run by Somali women. It also provides jobs for people in the region.

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love this place. It’s home to a diverse variety of animals, birds, and plants. You can also snorkel with dolphins, swim with turtles, or go hiking through the high mountains. This is also a wonderful way to get the best views of the surrounding area. 

Saryan Museum

Saryan Museum - Somalia - source wikipedia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 22

The Saryan Museum offers some of Somalia’s ancient culture and heritage. The museum houses over 2,500 artifacts, including relics of prehistoric times. You can also find documents and newspapers about famous Somalilanders.

It’s the first museum in Somalia and is located in the port city of Zeyla. This coastal town is rumored to be the first gateway for Islam into Africa. It is situated near the border with Djibouti and is a short drive from Hargeisa. The city is historically significant because it was used by ancient Berber tribes that sailed to Arabia and traded goods such as frankincense.

The museum is a private facility, but non-muslims are usually allowed to peek in through the compound’s entrance, but they should not enter the museum itself. Photography is also prohibited in a private museum. It is located opposite the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and comprises two Arabic-style buildings housing 2,500 historic artifacts.

Naasa Hablood

Naasa Hablood - Somalia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 23

One of the most beautiful sights to see while in Somalia is the Naasa Hablood hills. Located outside of the capital of Hargeisa, these twin hills have a striking conical shape and are one of the main natural attractions of the country. Visitors to the region can visit the national park and explore the wildlife.

The mountain is named Naasa Hablood, which is Somali for “Virgin’s breast mountain”. It is made up of granite and sand and looks like the breast buds of a virgin. The Naasa Hablood region is located in Maroodi Jeex, Somaliland.

The region is home to a number of ancient settlements. Iskushuban is an important historic landmark and is complemented by a lake. It is also famous for its seasonal waterfalls and desert landscapes. It is an important regional attraction for tourists and is a must-see for travelers to the region.


Xaafuun - Somalia - source wikipedia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 24

Located near rugged peaks, the city of Xaafuunis home to many ostrich farms, and its history is incredibly rich. People in the town have found Mycenaean pottery from the Heroic Age of ancient Greece. You can also see remnants of the sultanate of Majeerteen.

The town of Xaafuun is located in Somalia, about 3,373 km south of New Delhi. The flight takes around five hours and twenty minutes. The city is divided between two states: Somalia and Puntland. The Somali government controls the southern half of the city, while Puntland controls the northern half.

The town has a rich history, dating back to 9,000 BCE. During ancient times, the town was a hub for trade and brought people from various nations with valuable cultural items. The town is now a major tourist attraction in the region. It is a must-see destination in Somalia.

Mogadishu Cathedral

Mogadishu Cathedral - Somalia - source wikipedia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 25

The Mogadishu Cathedral is a ruined Roman Catholic cathedral located in Mogadishu, Somalia. It served as the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mogadiscio from 1928 until 1991. Founded by Italian colonial authorities, the cathedral was destroyed in 2008 by the al-Shabaab militant group.

Located at the top of a hill, the twin stone towers are a sight to behold. The spires soar 37 meters (121 feet) and were the pride of Mogadishu. It was once the center of faith and worship for 8,500 Somali Catholics. While some were native Africans, the majority were Italians, a result of Somalia’s history as a former colony of Italy. The situation for religious minorities in Somalia became tenuous. 


Bosaso - Somalia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 26

If you’re planning a trip to Somalia, you should consider visiting Bosaso, the largest city in Puntland. It serves as a major commercial point and refueling station for maritime transport. This port city is also known for its beautiful blue waters, which attract many swimmers.

While the city is still recovering from a two-decade civil war, there is great potential for the region to become a thriving tourism destination. Visitors to the area can take advantage of many sights and attractions in this city, including the monuments and distorted buildings that can be seen throughout the city.

The area has plenty of shopping opportunities. You can purchase everything from souvenirs to clothing to khat, and eat well at the local restaurants and cafes. A great place to relax is the town’s beach, where you can enjoy clear sea waters and a beautiful white sand beach. In addition to the beach, you can visit the Bosaso market to buy supplies for your trip.


If you are planning to visit Somalia, you may want to consider visiting Galkayo. It is a relatively small town, but it offers plenty of unique places and activities. The town is also home to a university, which offers an excellent showcase of the local culture.

Galkayo is located in north-central Somalia, about 700 km north of Mogadishu. It is a hub for trade, with four major districts: Garsoor, Horumar, Israac, and Wadajir. Most of the town is ruled by the Galmudug, although several other tribal groups also hold sway.


Saylac - Somalia - source wikipedia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 27

Saylac is well known for its cave paintings dating back to between 6000 and 9000 years. The paintings depict people, animals, and camels.

Saylac is located near the border with Djibouti in the Gulf of Aden. Visitors can enjoy a day out by the water while enjoying the natural beauty of the city.

Nearby is the Sa’ad ad-Din Archipelago, which contains coral reefs, mangroves, and offshore islands named after the ancient Sultanate of Ifat. You can also see Mount Wagar and Ga’an Libah.

Kismayo National Park

Kismayo National Park - Somalia - source wikipedia
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One of the most popular cities in Somalia is Kismayo. It is the capital of the Kismayo region and has a population of over 500,000. Kismayo is also a major port city and a thriving commercial hub in the region. The city is home to a number of important institutions and historic sites, making it a good place to visit.

It is safe to visit Kismayo National Park in Somalia if you are a traveler with the right visa. You will need to register with the Ministry of Tourism of Somalia and travel under heavy security. There are few flights to the country directly, so it is best to fly through Ethiopia or Kenya. You can also travel by ship. 

The Milky Seas

If you’re looking for a unique travel destination, consider visiting the Milky Seas in Somalia. These seas are relatively unknown and have only been discovered in a few locations around the world. They are located in the Indian Ocean near trade routes. The presence of these mysterious waters has led scientists to speculate that the luminous seas were caused by bioluminescent bacteria. But these mysteries aren’t fully understood.

To determine whether this phenomenon is real, a team of researchers in Somalia conducted a detailed search for information about the glowing seas. They found over 200 mentions of the phenomenon in historic documents and ship reports. 

Bakaara Market

Bakaara Market is the country’s largest open market. Its name is derived from the Somali word for grain silo or storage. The market is filled with a variety of goods, including local and organic produce.

The Bakaara Market in Mogadishu is also the largest market in Somalia. It opened in 1972 and is still one of the most popular places to buy and sell staple foods. However, be careful not to touch anything, including weapons and forged documents.

This lively market offers an array of African ethnic designs and products, which can be bought at bargain prices. Don’t forget to try some of the street food, which is delicious and very cheap. You can also find a hairdresser or two and plenty of young men chewing khat.


Iskushuban - Somalia - source wikipedia
17 Best Places To Visit In Somalia 29

Iskushuban is a small town located along the 50th meridian east. It’s an ancient settlement with beautiful arabesque fortifications and crenulated walls. It’s a great place to experience an authentic part of Somalia.

Getting up on the hills of this ancient Somali village is an exciting tourist activity. You can join a group tour organized by a local tourism agency. You’ll be able to explore dozens of caves and learn about their history. The caves are full of paintings that tell the tale of ancient Somalis.

The town is the municipal capital of Puntland, a region that claims hegemony over northern Somalia and the tip of the African horn. In recent years, this city has sprouted new libraries, paved roads, and NGO offices. It was formerly part of the Majeerteen Sultanate and was part of Italian Somalia during the colonial period.


Somalia is a land of great beauty; from its people to its natural environment; from the architectural wonders of the past to the natural wonder of Lake Buur-Hii; from the impressive ruins of the ancient past to the modern wonders of today; from the rich diversity of its many

The country is also a land of great diversity; from the ethnic mix of its people to the proud heritage of its many different tribes; from the myriad of different lifestyles to its rich Islamic heritage and culture; from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities to the peace and tranquility of the remote rural areas.

It’s a land of exotic cultures; from ancient Arabic and Berber cultures to Indian and Persian influences; from Somali traditions to the traditions of the many tribes; from the ancient Somali history to the modern history of the nation.

Somalia is a beautiful place filled with breathtaking natural scenery and abundant wildlife. It’s also home to some of the friendliest people in the world – the Somali people. If you’re looking to see what Africa is all about, then you should definitely consider a trip to Somalia. You’ll have the trip of a lifetime!

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