Best Places To Visit In Western Sahara

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Western Sahara is a disputed territory located on the northwest coast of Africa. This part of the Maghreb region of North and West Africa is occupied by neighboring Morocco. Twenty percent of the territory is controlled by the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic while the remaining eighty percent is under the control of the Moroccan government.

Western Sahara is a country in Africa that very few people know about. However, it’s worth a visit because of its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. Western Sahara is famous for its white sand, clear blue water, and desert climate. It also has many traditional tribes that date back thousands of years.

As far as food goes, Western Sahara has all of these delicious local specialties, such as harira soup, sardines, breadfruit, and a tajine. Seafood lovers should also visit Western Sahara because the country has some of the best seafood in the world. Western Sahara also has amazing hotels and guest houses.


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When planning your trip to Western Sahara, you should keep in mind the political situation in the region. There are frequent protests in the region that can sometimes be violent, so you should always check with local authorities before your visit. If you are planning to travel by car, make sure you choose a vehicle that can handle the rugged terrain. The best option is to bring a four-wheel drive.

The N1 road connecting the two cities hugs the coast, passing dramatic oued mouths and winding through the sand dunes. Along the way, you can visit Tarfaya, which is located about 3km from the main road. From here, you can reach Erg Lakhbayta, a real sand desert that’s best explored on foot. You can also visit the Seguiat al-Hamra, a wide river that is usually dry.

Laayoune, also known as El-Aiun, is a small city that lies eight miles or 13 km inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It was the capital of Western Sahara for a brief period of time, from 1940 until 1976. Today, it is the capital of the Laayoune province of Morocco, although it isn’t internationally recognized.

Aousserd (Ausert)

western sahara desert
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Aousserd is one of the most popular towns in Western Sahara. It is a small, coastal town that is home to a historical fort from the Portuguese era. It is still in use today and is surrounded by a military base. However, visitors can still see it from a recently renovated park.

Aousserd is located in the province of Tichla and is about 270 km from Dakhla. The city is connected to Dakhla via road. The road is fairly good but quite long and monotonous. You will have to hire a car in order to get to Aousserd. There are some regular bus services but they may not reach Aousserd. If you have a rental car, it will be easy to get around the town. The best time to visit Aousserd is from June to August.

Guelta Zemmur

Guelta Zemmur
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If you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend a weekend, consider visiting Guelta Zemmur, a town south of El Aaiun. This oasis town was once used as a camp by Sahrawi nomads. While it is now mostly a military base, it is still a great place to take in the desert sunsets. Be aware, though, that there are minefields nearby.

The climate in Western Sahara is arid and hot, with long summers and short winters. Temperatures can easily reach 45 degrees Fahrenheit and there is little rainfall. During the day, it’s hot, but at night, the air is cool and the temperature drops.

The city of Tarfaya is home to a small part of Western Sahara’s population. It was once the administrative capital of Spanish South Morocco, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery was stationed here in 1929. The town has a statue of an airplane and a 200-year-old castle that has a flag of Western Sahara on its top.

Centre Artisanal Laayoune

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Centre Artisanal Laayoune is a great place to shop for souvenirs. It’s a great place to find souvenirs that reflect the culture of the Sahara. The center is located in Laayoune, the capital city of the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region of Morocco. It offers a unique blend of Saharan and Spanish architecture.

Before the project opened, the town of Laayoune and its neighboring town of Dakhla lay in the anarchic territory. In the past, foreigners and Moroccans would randomly catch marine animals and disembark at the Spanish port of Las Palmas. To address this, the central government of Morocco encouraged the local Saharawi population to get involved in fishing. It sponsored the Sakia El Hamra project, which offered 250 free boats to young indigenous people, each with six people.

The development of the settlers has resulted in a rise in economic activity, including small businesses and hairdressers. This growth has also increased the need for housing. According to official Moroccan data, the percentage of shanty housing in the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region was 33.1 percent in 2010, far higher than the national average of 8.2 percent. In Dakhla alone, there are 6,024 shanties and 9,815 in Laayoune.

Laayoune Grand mosque

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Best Places To Visit In Western Sahara 20

If you’re visiting Western Sahara, you may be wondering which attractions are worth visiting. While Western Sahara is a tumultuous place, it is still a safe destination. Despite the conflict, you should feel safe traveling to the region, and you will definitely enjoy the cultural and historical sights. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the top places to visit in Western Sahara.

Dakhla: This city isn’t the capital of Western Sahara, but it is a popular tourist destination. It’s a small town that was once the capital of Spanish South Morocco. It is home to a statue of an airplane, as well as the 200-year-old Castle Dar Mar, which proudly flies the flag of Western Sahara.

Boujdour: The port city of Boujdour is another popular spot in Western Sahara. The city has an antique lighthouse and a restored park. There are also Portuguese-style buildings in the area, and you’ll find a lot of delicious fish delicacies in the region.

Sand Skiing And Caravan Rides

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Western Sahara has great desert scenery and a long stretch of coastline which is perfect for outdoor activities. The region was once controlled by Spain but has now been returned to Morocco, which maintains partial control of the territory. Western Sahara has beaches, ruins of ancient shipwrecks, and other sights which make it a popular travel destination.

The town of Laayoune is a former Spanish colony, which was established in 1940. Currently, it is one of Morocco’s largest cities by per capita expenditure. The town features a Spanish-built lower town, and a modern upper town, which has been a development project since the Green March.

St Francis of Assisi Cathedral

St Francis of Assisi Cathedral - laayoune
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St Francis of Assisi Cathedral in Laayoune, Western Sahara, is a Roman Catholic church that serves as the cathedral of Western Sahara. This disputed territory is shared by two countries – Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

This simple Catholic church is a rarity in a predominantly Muslim region. It was built in the 1960s when the Spanish government was in charge of the territory. The two priests working there are very knowledgeable about the area and they can make your visit special.


dakhla city - western sahara
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Dakhla is the second largest city in Western Sahara. It has beaches and rugged peaks. You can even go surfing. This town is a must-visit for people who love to have fun in the desert. But don’t think that this is your typical vacation destination.

If you’re planning to spend a week or two in Western Sahara, then you should try to visit Dakhla. It’s a place worth visiting for the sun, the beach, and the local wildlife. Its beaches are often empty of human life, so you’re bound to see dolphins and other animals there. Dakhla also has some interesting sites to see, including the famous Catholic church, which was built during the colonial period. It also has a small souk that’s worth visiting.

Dakhla has plenty of restaurants and cafes. If you’re hungry, make sure to try the local seafood. It’s delicious and worth the money! If you’re looking for other things to do while in Dakhla, you can also hire a private tour guide to show you around.

The road to Dakhla is spectacular, passing cliffs and picturesque fishing villages. The waters of the Sahara are blue and green and the landscape is dotted with ergs and regs. Travelers should also pay a visit to Guelmim, a town located in Wadi Noun. The town was once an important caravan route to Timbuktu. You’ll find many people in Guelmim who speak the Hassanya language.

Cape Boujdour (Cape Bojador)

beach at boujdour - western sahara
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Located in Boujdour, Western Sahara, Cape Bojador is a popular tourist destination for travelers. This place is quite interesting and is located around 520 km from El Aaiun, 680 km from Telde, and 720 km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In 1434, Portuguese mariner Gil Eanes was the first European to find a passable route around Cape Bojador. This was an important discovery for European explorers and traders. While Eanes had previously failed in his first attempt, his second attempt was successful thanks to the orders of Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator. However, many European ships were lost in the area and there was a rumor that the Cape was home to sea monsters.

While Cape Bojador appears as a blot on modern maps, it has been home to many adventures. For many years, sailors and traders tried to navigate around the rocky Cape Bojador, and many failed. Eventually, the Portuguese mariner Gil Eanes discovered a safe route around the cape and re-established a sea route to India and Africa.

Esmara (Smara)

Best Places To Visit In Western Sahara 25

One of the best places to visit in Western Sahara is its coastline. Although most of the time, the coastline is deserted, it offers stunning beaches and rugged peaks to explore. If you love surfing, you’ll want to check out the surfing spots in this beautiful region. Otherwise, you can also spend a day exploring the other towns in the area.

Travelers to Western Sahara will typically begin their journey in Morocco and then descend into the country’s capital, Laayoune. This small city is home to about a quarter of a million people and is the administrative center. While you’re there, be sure to tour the town’s historical buildings and visit the town’s famous castle.

Smara is another town in Western Sahara that’s worth visiting. It’s a sleepy little town located near the Moroccan Berm and is ideal for walking. You can tour the nearby mines and shop around for souvenirs. In the late nineteenth century, Smara became the site of territorial disputes between the French and the Sahrawi. It’s now part of Morocco, but it’s still an important place to visit when you’re in this part of the country.


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Western Sahara is an area on the western coast of North Africa, a former Spanish colony. It is now a disputed region between Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. The guide does not support either side of the conflict, and it is important to keep this in mind when planning a trip. Although the landscape of the region is arid, it is also stunning.

Tarfaya is a small town on the coast of Western Sahara. It was once the administrative capital of Spanish South Morocco. In 1929, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the French writer, was stationed in the city. He wrote the book The Little Prince while here. The town also has a castle that has been around for 200 years, known as Castle Dar Mar.

Another place to visit in Western Sahara is the town of Dakhla, which was founded by the Spanish in 1928. It is a small town with good roads, so it is a good place to spend a day before venturing into the more remote towns of the region. You can also visit the city of El Aaiun, which sits right on the northern coast of the territory. However, be prepared for some sand on your journey.

Bou Craa

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Bou Craa is about 110 km southeast of the capital, Saguia el-Hamra. It’s known for its phosphate industry, which is controlled by Morocco. The town is also home to the world’s longest conveyor belt. Although the town is not a city in itself, it is a great place to visit if you’re interested in Western Sahara culture.

This former caravan stop is now an army base, but the old palace and mosque remain. You can visit the zaouia on Fridays. You’ll find a monument depicting the presence of Ma el Ainin, the “Blue Sultan.”

If you’re looking for an unusual and unique experience, visit Bou Craa. Bou Craa is part of a triangle in the middle of the Sahara, known as the “useful triangle.” Since the 1970s, Morocco has been occupying increasing parts of Western Sahara. It currently controls around 75 percent of the territory.


dragon island - western sahara
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If you have not yet been to Western Sahara, you should plan a trip to this country and the surrounding region. The country is filled with stunning desert scenery and rich culture. However, if you are a nature lover, you might not enjoy the rocky landscapes. If you are into fishing, you can visit the fishing villages of Lagouira and Dakhla.

The vast majority of Western Sahara is governed by Morocco. Entry into this territory is subject to Moroccan visa requirements and travel restrictions. Although the country’s southern provinces are usually safe to travel through, some people have been turned back by Moroccan authorities. Also, there are some parts of Western Sahara that are controlled by the Polisario Front and heavily guarded.

One of the best places to visit in Western Saharia is Dakhla, a town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The city is a hub for water sports enthusiasts, especially kite-surfing and windsurfing. There are also many opportunities for surf casting.

Bir Gandus

the atlantic coast of western sahara
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If you’re considering a trip to Western Sahara, one of the best ways to get there is to fly. Most countries offer flights to Western Sahara, so you can get here fairly easily from your home country. Spain and Morocco also offer flights into the region, making travel there easy.

While most tourists stay in Laayoune, you can camp in the desert. Although accommodations are limited, you’ll find that many tourists spend their nights in Berber encampments. If you don’t mind sharing your accommodations with a stranger, Couchsurfing is a great option. You’ll get to know the locals and build a bond with your host.

The best time to visit Bir Gandus is from January through July or October to December, when the temperature is warm with little or no precipitation. The highest average temperature is 91 degrees Fahrenheit in August, while the lowest is 75 degrees Fahrenheit in February. For more information about the weather conditions, check out the climate table. It includes average monthly climate data from the past 30 years.

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