Best Restaurants In Dakar, Senegal

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Dakar, a port city and Senegal’s capital, is renowned for its tourism, offering beautiful beaches, historical structures, and vibrant nightlife. It’s also celebrated for its diverse culinary scene.

The city houses numerous restaurants, serving everything from local Senegalese dishes to international cuisines like French, Italian, Indian, Thai, and Chinese.

This gastronomic diversity makes Dakar an ideal location for all food enthusiasts. Here are some top-rated restaurants in Dakar to consider exploring.

La Pampa

La Pampa is a top-rated restaurant in Dakar, serving Argentine, South American, and international cuisine. It’s situated on Avenue Hassan II, operating daily, and offers an impressive wine selection. The restaurant is near the historic downtown.

La Pampa is part of a three-star hotel, close to the metro station and Musee de la Civilisation Africaine. It’s also adjacent to the Novotel Hotel, with which it shares a pool. The hotel’s interior is modern, and clean, and provides a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.

Noflaye Beach

Noflaye Beach Restaurant in Dakar provides a quality dining experience with a focus on seafood and crepes. It offers takeout and dine-in services, with scenic views of the ocean. The restaurant is known for its affordable prices and good service.

The menu features traditional Senegalese dishes such as thieboudienne, a fried fish and rice dish served with vegetables and tamarind sauce. Dessert options include sweet crepes. The restaurant maintains a lively atmosphere and also has a tapas bar.


Bayekou Restaurant, situated on Ngor Beach, is an open-air eatery and bar. It provides a range of food and drink options, blending Senegalese rustic and South French decor. The menu features Mediterranean-Asian fusion dishes and Peruvian cuisine.

The restaurant houses a sizable bar and lounge area, with a scenic view of Ngor Beach from its rooftop terrace. It’s a notable inclusion to Dakar’s trendy locations and a strategic starting point for exploring Senegal’s national parks.

La Cabane du Pecheur

Situated in Dakar’s Les Almadies area, La Cabane du Pecheur excels as a top seafood eatery. It offers fresh seafood dishes, minimizing spice usage to retain natural flavors.

The menu features grilled fish options like dolphinfish and amberjack. Notably, the chefs employ bamboo pails, reducing the need for over 3600 pails annually. It offers excellent service and a pleasant seaside setting on Ngor Island.

La Fourchette

La Fourchette Restaurant, situated in Dakar, provides a refined dining experience with a blend of European and Asian cuisine. It features live local music, an outdoor handicraft store, and attentive service.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, with a selection of vegetarian dishes and moderate pricing. Credit cards and NFC mobile payments are accepted, and takeout is available. Live music is featured on Thursdays.

Chez Fatou

Located on the Almadies Corniche, Chez Fatou is a restaurant in the true sense of the word. It has an impressive view of the beach and a diverse range of cuisines. The restaurant is also notable for its laid-back, friendly staff.

The Chez Fatou has a decent drink selection and a reasonably priced menu. The restaurant also offers a variety of meal options including dine-in, takeout, and brunch. It’s a good bet that you’ll have your fill of African cuisine by the time you finish your meal.

La Galette

Situated centrally in Dakar, La Galette is a popular eatery among locals and tourists. It offers a warm service, delectable food choices, and a prime view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The restaurant is ideal for a quick morning or midday meal, with an assortment of bread, pastries, and other treats. It also serves various ice cream flavors and desserts like almond tartlets and bourdaloue.

La Galette features a stylish rooftop cafe spanning seven stories, live performances, complimentary parking, and an outdoor pool open year-round.

Lagon 1

Lagon 1, a seafood eatery with a maritime theme, is in the Dakar Plateau. It offers a visually pleasing environment, an elegant dining area, and well-prepared cocktails.

The restaurant is favored by upscale travelers and is known for its quality cuisine, especially the fish dishes. It also houses a scuba diving section and stunning views of Anse Bernard.

The menu presents a range of seafood, meat, and dessert options at reasonable prices. Lagon 1 can be found at the intersection of Avenue A and Rue Felix Faure, easily accessible using Moovit’s live transit maps and bus routes.

Sunu Makane

Sunu Makane Chez Seck - Dakar - Sénégal
Best Restaurants In Dakar, Senegal 4

Sunu Makane, situated at Ngor 1st beach in Dakar, provides top-tier beaches, a pool overlooking the ocean, and a high-quality restaurant, making it an excellent choice for groups.

The guesthouse features an onsite bar, restaurant, beachfront barbeque area, and free Wi-Fi. It offers traditional breakfast, water sports facilities, and entertainment options, all at an affordable price.

Sunu Makane is just a short drive from Layen Mausoleum and the African Renaissance Statue, making it a convenient base for exploring the city.

Chez Loutcha

Situated in Dakar, Chez Loutcha serves delicious West African cuisine, with a menu that includes local dishes and unique options like spaghetti and fish with rice.

Their yassa chicken is highly regarded in the region. The restaurant is not upscale, and the service can be improved. The prices are relatively high, but the lunch for two is reasonably priced, and there’s a happy hour special.

La Parrilla

Argentinian cuisine is popular in Dakar, with a notable restaurant in the downtown area called La Parilla. This restaurant specializes in South American meat grilled over a wood fire, giving it a distinctive flavor.

The restaurant offers a unique atmosphere, excellent service, and is open daily. Despite the high-quality food, the prices are reasonable.

Le Bideew

Situated in Dakar’s Institut Francais, Le Bideew is a chic eatery. It offers a tranquil atmosphere during the day and becomes a bustling dining spot at night.

The restaurant provides excellent service and its decor matches high-end establishments. Le Bideew also offers an extensive cocktail menu, with a notable bissap-ginger drink garnished with hibiscus.

Terrou Bi

Terrou Bi Restaurant provides a range of dishes, including fresh fish, Senegalese, and French cuisine, all prepared to perfection in a charming atmosphere.

The menu features grilled options, rice and pasta dishes, desserts, and various beverages. The restaurant is air-conditioned, equipped with free WiFi, and staffed with friendly personnel.

A buffet option caters to larger appetites and encourages communal dining. The restaurant also boasts stunning ocean views.

Ali Baba

Alibaba Restaurant - Dakar - Sénégal
Best Restaurants In Dakar, Senegal 5

Ali Baba Restaurant, situated on Avenue Georges Pompidou in Dakar, excels in personalized customer service. It’s a popular choice for Senegalese families seeking affordable, wholesome meals.

The restaurant offers various dishes and beverages, making it suitable for numerous occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events. The staff is highly competent and friendly, and the pricing is reasonable.


Dakar offers a range of dining options, from quick bites to leisurely meals, catering to different tastes and budgets. Local and international cuisines are available, with street food and restaurant meals being equally delicious.

The capital city also offers a dynamic nightlife with numerous spots for meals or drinks. Local dishes are highly recommended. Prices are reasonable.

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