Sun, Sea, and Sand: 7 Best Beaches in Djibouti

Sun - Sea and Sand - 7 Best Beaches in Djibouti

Tucked away in the Horn of Africa lies the small but diverse country of Djibouti.

With a coastline stretching over 300 kilometers along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the country offers visitors a rugged landscape dotted with salt lakes, volcanic peaks, and pristine beaches.

Once an important trading hub, Djibouti City today combines Islamic and French influences into a vibrant, eclectic capital.

Ghoubbet Beach

Ghoubbet Beach - Djibouti
Sun, Sea, and Sand: 7 Best Beaches in Djibouti 7

Found along the iconic Ghoubbet-el-Kharab Bay, Ghoubbet Beach boasts dramatic black volcanic sands set against striking cliffs and seascapes. Its location near Lake Assal, one of Djibouti’s salt lakes, enhances the otherworldly scenery.

Adventurous travelers will appreciate the remote and tranquil atmosphere. Days here are best spent admiring the stark landscape or diving into the bay’s rich waters.

Snorkeling and scuba diving reveal manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles, and schools of fish. Excursions by boat are offered.

With few amenities besides its innate beauty, Ghoubbet Beach attracts those seeking solitude, adventure, and a less traveled road. Let this rugged shoreline far from Djibouti City mesmerize you with its volcanic drama.

Arta Beach

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Nestled along Djibouti’s eastern coastline, Arta Beach offers clear turquoise waters and pristine white sands near the serene fishing village of Arta. Its calm, shallow protected waters make it ideal for families with small children.

Facilities like the Arta Plage Resort provide accommodation, dining, and leisure activities. The well-equipped dive center grants access to Arta Beach’s vibrant coral reefs, perfect for beginner and experienced divers.

Snorkelers and swimmers can spot angelfish, parrotfish, and wrasses in the reef’s shallow waters. Arta Beach’s tranquility, gentle surf, and nearby services create a relaxing beach getaway for all ages.

Khor Ambado Beach

Just 30 kilometers from Djibouti City lies the glittering sands and pristine waters of Khor Ambado Beach. Curling around a protected bay, the golden beach lies backed by swaying palms and lush greenery.

The calm, protected waters make for superb swimming and snorkeling. Rent a mask and spy on the colorful corals and sea life dotting the bay. Local beachside eateries serve snacks and refreshments after a day in the sun and surf.

With its postcard-perfect scenery and superb swimming, Khor Ambado Beach draws locals and expats alike for relaxed weekends. Its serene, idyllic setting lets you unwind and detach from city life to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

Moucha Island Beach

Moucha Island Beach - Djibouti
Sun, Sea, and Sand: 7 Best Beaches in Djibouti 9

A short boat ride or scenic flight from the mainland, Moucha Island boasts heavenly white beaches, rocky coves, and stellar aquatic life. Palm trees sway over its sandy shores, with mangroves accenting its diverse natural landscape.

The coral-rich waters offer superb snorkeling and diving opportunities. Spot vibrant tropical fish, sea turtles, and even small reef sharks gliding through crystal waters. Try your hand at big game fishing or explore the island’s nooks and crannies by sailboat.

Nature lovers will delight in spotting magnificent frigatebirds, endangered hawksbill turtles, and mischievous troops of monkeys. With its outstanding beauty above and below the waves, Moucha Island promises a tropical island escape off Djibouti’s coastline.

Godoria Beach

Adjoining the Godoria Mangrove National Park, Godoria Beach features a long dark sand beach backed by one of the largest mangrove forests in Africa. Birders will delight at spotting herons, storks, and pelicans from its sandy shores.

Kayaking and canoeing through the mangroves reveal their ecological riches, while guided walks underscore the critical conservation efforts here. Though strong currents limit swimming, Godoria Beach provides access to incredible natural scenery.

Be prepared for challenges like high tides, swarms of mosquitoes, and extreme heat at this natural haven. For travelers keen to experience Djibouti’s stunning landscapes and varied ecosystems beyond its beaches, Godoria awaits.

Doraleh Beach

Doraleh Beach - Djibouti
Sun, Sea, and Sand: 7 Best Beaches in Djibouti 10

Minutes from Djibouti City, Doraleh Beach dazzles with gleaming white sands against azure waters. The backdrop of the modern city skyline and massive port facilities creates an urban beach scene.

The plush Doraleh Beach Resort & Spa provides poolside relaxation, air-conditioned rooms, international dining, a luxury spa, and live entertainment at this convenient city beach. Beachgoers can jet ski, parasail, or take a banana boat ride for thrills.

The extensive beach allows space for volleyball, soccer, beach yoga, or stroll along the surf. Windsurfing and kiteboarding take advantage of the constant breezes whipping along Doraleh Beach.

Sable Blanc Beach

Sable Blanc Beach - Djibouti - source wikipedia
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Far from Djibouti City, Sable Blanc Beach lies along an idyllic peninsula stretching into the clear waters of Tadjoura Bay. Its fine white sands and turquoise waters create a romantic, peaceful atmosphere.

The exclusive Sable Blanc Resort provides lavish beachfront villas and bungalows to heighten the lush sensual escape. Guests indulge in yoga sessions, spa treatments, and candlelit beach dinners.

For the active, there’s swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing to aquatic wonderlands. Nature walks reveal glimpses of traditional Afar culture in the surrounding villages. Seclusion and luxury distinguish Sable Blanc as a dream beach destination for couples.


With its sun-drenched coastline, Djibouti serves up dramatic landscapes and breathtaking beaches. From remote rugged shores to well-equipped resort hideaways, its beaches offer something for every traveler.

Adventure seekers can explore otherworldly volcanic black sand beaches, while families appreciate the calm, shallow waters and beach amenities. Underwater, snorkelers and divers will discover kaleidoscopic coral reefs and fascinating sea creatures.

Beyond the beaches, Djibouti’s rich culture, spectacular landscapes, and wildlife never cease to amaze. Let the sun, sea, and sand of this captivating country leave you enchanted.

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