18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania

sunset in the sahara desert in Mauritania

Mauritania is a large country in West Africa. It’s known for the Sahara Desert, which is the largest in the world. It is also home to the Nouakchott Grand Mosque, one of the largest in the world. It has a rich cultural heritage, and many people still wear traditional clothing.

Mauritania is a country located in Northwest Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Western Sahara on the north and northeast, Algeria on the east and southeast, Mali on the southwest, and Senegal to the south. The country covers an area of 1,030,700 square kilometers and has a population of 3.5 million.

The capital and largest city is Nouakchott. The official languages are Arabic and French.

This country has a long history and a rich culture. The country has been inhabited by Berber people since ancient times. The Arabs arrived in the 7th century, and the country was later colonized by the French. Mauritania gained independence in 1960.

Mauritania is a fascinating country with a rich culture and history. There are many interesting places to visit. Here are 18 of the best


18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 17

One of the best things to do in Nouakchott is to visit the market. It is one of the largest in West Africa and one of the main attractions. It’s especially vibrant in the evening, after sunset. During this time, fishermen arrive from the sea and bring their catch back to the market. You can watch this fascinating ritual but you will need to ask the fishermen first.

Another attraction to visit in Nouakchott is the national museum, located south of the city. This museum features ethnographic and historical works. It also has two exhibition halls for your viewing pleasure. You can learn about Mauritania’s history and culture during your visit. For a more leisurely trip, you can go on a day tour to see the sights.

The weather in Nouakchott is pleasant during most of the year. It’s best to go during the months of September and October. During these months, the temperatures are at their warmest.

Saudi Mosque in Nouakchott

Saudi Mosque in Nouakchott
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 18

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Mauritania is the Saudi mosque. This impressive structure stands above the city of Nouakchott, a small country in West Africa. The mosque has two towers, and it is closed to non-Muslims. The interior is decorated with intricate patterns and offers a serene, peaceful atmosphere. Visit the mosque on a Nouakchott trip itinerary.

Other places to visit include the Grand Mosque and Ibn Abbas Mosque. These mosques are both famous for their unique facades, but you will have to be a Muslim to enter.

While you are there, you can also check out the National Museum of Mauritania, which was built in collaboration with China. It houses both archaeological and ethnographic collections. These exhibits help visitors experience life in Mauritania more than a century ago.

Banc D’Arguin National Park

Banc D-Arguin National Park
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 19

Visit Banc d’Arguin national park and see a variety of bird species. This park is one of the premier breeding and migratory bird sites in Western Africa. It is also a prime location for terns.

Banc d’Arguin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is located between the cities of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou. This national park is an important breeding ground for a large variety of bird species, including terns and sea turtles.

You can visit the national park by renting a boat or driving to Iwik, located midway between the north and south coasts of Mauritania. There is 30 km of sandy tracks that take you to the national park’s entry point. From here, you can hire a boat. Be sure to take care as the tracks may lead to dunes or areas inundated by high tide.

Banc d’Arguin is the richest area for migratory waterbirds on the Atlantic seaboard. During the winter months, it hosts the largest concentration of wading birds in the entire world.

The park is one of the most important bird breeding grounds on the Atlantic seaboard. It is located in a region of the Sahelian upwelling marine ecosystem, which lies between Guinea-Bissau and the Canary Islands. As such, it is one of the most important conservation areas in Africa.

The Park has received World Heritage status in 1989. In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has also been recognized as a migratory bird habitat, with the largest concentration of wadden sea birds in Africa.

Diawling National Park

Diawling National Park is located southwest of Mauritania. It is surrounded by the delta of the Senegal River. The park is known for its large lakes during the rainy season and has over 220 species of birds and fish. Bird watchers and fish lovers will love the wide variety of flora and fauna found here.

Mauritania is home to many Saharan settlements, and industrial pollution, and the Diawling National Park is a small oasis of greenery deep in the southern portion of the country. The park is home to a variety of birds, including pelicans, northern pintails, Sudanese golden sparrows, and pink-hued flamingos.


18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 20

The city of Atar is located in the northwestern part of Mauritania. It is the administrative center of the Adrar Region and the main settlement on the Adrar Plateau. The town is home to a museum and a historic mosque. It is an important destination for travelers who want to explore the Adrar region and its ancient cities.

There are also oases and palm groves in the city of Atar. It is also home to camel breeders. This ancient city is considered a holy site by the Mauritanian people. There is a Grand Mosque, which was built sometime around the 13th century.

Although lacking in ornamentation, it was restored in the 1970s with the help of UNESCO. Visitors can also explore the city’s old town, which is home to five manuscript libraries. They contain scientific texts, as well as Quran manuscripts, which date back to the Middle Ages.

When you are planning a visit to Atar, make sure to choose the right season. The climate in Atar is mostly desert, and it rains only a few times each year. The average temperature in Atar is close to 30degC, and the temperature in the driest month is 27degF.


18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 21

When visiting Nouadhibou, be sure to take time to enjoy the bay and the national park on the peninsula. This is a stunning, remote location, where you can see shipwrecks and monk seals. The area is also home to a small national park, where you can view the meeting point between the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Alternatively, you can hire a private guide to show you around Nouadhibou and the region. These guides are able to communicate in English and can help you understand local customs and culture. They will also be able to help you plan tours of local sights and attractions.

There are also several bus services from Nouadhibou to Nouakchott. There are two main sealed roads in the region, and you can use one of them to get to the capital Nouakchott. There is also a three-km unsealed road that you can drive on with a 2-wheel drive. Although this road crosses the border with Western Sahara, it’s not policed by either country.


18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 22

In the past, Chinguetti was a major gathering place for pilgrims traveling from the Maghreb to Mecca. It was also a center of Islamic scholarship in West Africa and was known for its schools of rhetoric, law, astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. The city is now an abandoned oasis, but it is still a fascinating place to visit.

The town is a fascinating desert oasis that was once a thriving intellectual center. It was settled in the eighth century and was the most important center for religion and science in the whole of West Africa. However, it’s now a desert oasis that is at risk of disappearing due to climate change.

Today, the town still has five libraries that house more than 1,300 Quranic manuscripts and civil records. The fragile parchments are preserved by the dry desert air, and scholars continue to visit the site to study Islamic law.

Preservationists have tried to relocate the collections and start restoration programs in the area, but private landowners have resisted these efforts. Nevertheless, UNESCO has granted World Heritage status to the town and surrounding ancient settlements.

Chinguetti is an ideal place to get your bearings as a tourist in Mauritania. The city is famous for its Islamic scholarly center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are plenty of auberges and guesthouses in Chinguetti, but camping outside of the city is another option. Camping outside of the city has become a popular option as many hotels have closed their doors. You can also get invited to sleep in a local family’s home. Just remember that the locals are not expecting payment.

The Libraries of Chinguetti

The Libraries of Chinguetti source wikipedia
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 23

If you’re traveling to Mauritania for a cultural trip, you might want to visit The Libraries of Chinguetti. This small town was once a center of Islamic learning. Today, the town’s private libraries contain more than 1400 books on a dozen subjects. From law to mathematics, the collection spans centuries. The oldest manuscript is almost a thousand years old.

The region of Chinguetti was once a large savannah. Today, the city is an oasis that sits at the crossroads of ancient trade routes. In the past, camel caravans carried goods and manuscripts from the Arab world. This made the city a cultural hub. It was also an important pilgrimage destination for Muslims on their way to Mecca.

Today, the city is in ruins, but there are still many remnants of its past.

Despite the deteriorating state of the city, the libraries have managed to preserve a unique collection of ancient books. The region was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. However, despite this recognition, the region still faces challenges. Due to the rapidly expanding Saharan desert, library collections are in danger of disappearing.

The library at Chinguetti holds one of the most valuable collections of old Arabo-Berber books. Visitors can explore the manuscripts and other collections at the library.

Richat Structure

Richat Structure
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 24

Richat Structure (Guelb er Richât) is a prominent circular geological formation in the Sahara. It is located near Ouadane. In Arabic, this feature is known as tagense. Regardless of what you call it, this geological formation is a must-see for anyone who travels to Mauritania.

Richat Structure can be viewed from a small airplane or hot air balloon. If you’re a driver, it’s also possible to visit Richat by car. There are many places to stay in the town of Ouadane, near the structure. You can choose to stay at Auberge Verani or Auberge la gueila, which offers accommodation.

Richat Structure is a geological anomaly located in the Adrar region of Mauritania. It is a forty-kilometer-wide area of rocks. Gemini astronauts took the first pictures of it in the 1960s. They used the structure as a landmark in the opening sequences of their movies. Later, it was photographed by Landsat satellite, which gave scientists information on its height and size.

The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara, is one of the most prominent features of the Sahara desert. The dome-like structure is 40 km in diameter and contains sedimentary rock from the Late Proterozoic to the Ordovician periods. Its outermost peak rises 485 meters above sea level. The surrounding dunes are part of a huge sand field that stretches hundreds of kilometers to Mali.

Marche aux Khaimas

Marche aux Khaimas
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 25

The Marche aux Khaimas (Khaimas market) is the perfect place to buy souvenirs. You can find many different types of khaimas for less than the average price. As you walk through the market, you may be tempted to check out every tent you see. In this way, you will be able to get a glimpse of different styles and colors.

A visit to Marche aux Khaimas is also an opportunity to get a glimpse of the country’s history and culture. The country is home to World Heritage-listed caravan towns and a National Park. The region is home to diverse wildlife and is popular with nature lovers.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 26

A trip to the Sahara Desert in Mauritania is not something you want to miss. This region has vast expanses of empty sand, and the desert has its own distinctive atmosphere. The landscape is awe-inspiring – you will see giant peaks and sand dunes.

One of the most memorable parts of a trip to the Sahara Desert is the train ride through the Sahara. In 1963, a train was built that travels through the Sahara. Its route runs from the capital Nouadhibou to the iron ore mines in Zouerat.

The journey is nearly seven hundred kilometers long, and the train runs almost every day. Tourists can hop on the train in either direction, as the journey is completely free. However, visitors should prepare for a long and hard train ride.

Nouakchott is the perfect destination for a trip into the desert. From here, you can take a shared taxi to the quaint little town of Atar, which is located in the Sahara. From there, you can take a 4X4 ride through the desert and visit Choum, an outpost with few people.

The Sahara Desert is one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth. If you want to see the wildlife in its natural habitat, you should visit the Banc d’Arguin National Park, located between Nouakchott and Merzouga. It has over a thousand square kilometers of sand and is included on the World Heritage List. It is also a breeding ground for birds.

Bibliotheque Habott

You may be surprised to learn that Mauritania is a multicultural nation. A large population is of Arab and Berber descent. The country is also home to a large group of black Africans. While the country is rich in natural resources, such as iron ore, many people rely on agriculture to survive.

The country is developing an industry based on fishing and mining. The country has abundant fish off the coast and a rich land mass for iron ore mining.

The country’s manuscripts are preserved thanks to the Institute of Scientific Research, which works within the Ministry of Culture. The institute has cataloged over 30% of the country’s manuscripts.

With the help of Spanish aid, a group of researchers has been able to restore 250 of these fragile manuscripts. In addition, the institution has set up a microfilm project in collaboration with the German University of Tubingen.


A visit to Ouadne is a unique opportunity to experience the Sahara desert. You can explore its dunes and see how the locals live. However, it is important to have a guide to avoid getting lost in the desert. Traveling in the Sahara is not a game. There have been many tales of people getting lost and having horrible experiences.

To travel to Ouadne, you can take a minibus from the capital Nouakchott, typically via Paris, Casablanca, or Istanbul. Alternatively, you can take a bush taxi or ride the famous train from Nouadhibou to Zouerat, the world’s longest iron ore locomotive, which takes 18 hours to complete the journey. You can also choose to travel alone, but it’s safer to join a small group tour.

While you’re in Ouadne, don’t forget to explore the ancient ruins of the city. These ancient structures are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They were once bustling cities that benefited from trans-Saharan trade. Visiting the Old City of Ouadane, with its magnificent ruins, is a memorable experience. You can also enjoy a safari to the Eye of the Sahara, a spectacular mountain range.

Ouadne has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Its ruins consist mostly of rubble, but you’ll find many fascinating historic manuscripts.

Monolith of Ben Amera

Monolith of Ben Amera
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 27

Ben Amera is the second largest monolith in the world, rising 633 meters above the desert plain. It is the perfect location for art lovers and photographers. The monolith is off the beaten track in the Adrar region, so access requires 4×4 vehicles and expert desert drivers.

Ben Amera is located near the border with Western Sahara. It is the largest monolith in Africa, and the second largest in the world, after Uluru. The ranking of monoliths is based on their height, mass, and combination of features. The imposing monolith in Mauritania will definitely inspire you.

Terjit Oasis

Terjit Oasis source wikipedia
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 28

Visit Terjit Oasis is a great way to discover a unique region of the country. Located at the bottom of the paved road N1 (Route d’Aoujeft), this oasis is a unique destination for adventure travelers.

Originally a place for pilgrims, Terjit has little international tourism, and today remains a destination for adventurous travelers who want to spend time in a rural area. The town has guest houses as well as camping sites. This is a beautiful destination for those who want to be close to nature while enjoying the desert experience.

Visitors can take part in a camel ride through the desert. Here, you can get a chance to experience the traditional life of the nomadic people. You can also learn about the history of Mauritania by visiting the Portuguese forts of Agwedir and El Ghalaouia.

Other places of interest include Gelb El Richat crater and the prehistoric site of El Beyed. The landscapes are stunning and will stay on your mind long after the trip is over.


Oualata source wikipedia
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 29

Whether you want to discover an ancient city or spend an idyllic vacation in a picturesque oasis, there are plenty of reasons to visit Oualata, a town in southern Mauritania. This tiny oasis town was an important trading center during the 13th and 14th centuries and remains a World Heritage Site.

A visit to Oualata will give you a chance to see an ancient Islamic center. It is also home to a vibrant outdoor market, a museum filled with ancient manuscripts, and traditional architecture. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the region by taking a buggy ride.

If you are looking for a thrilling experience, take a ride on the iron-ore train. It’s one of Mauritania’s most popular tourist attractions. During this 12-hour journey, you’ll spend the night in an iron-ore wagon.

The archaeological sequences in this region provide a unique perspective of the early evolution of agrarian communities. The Tichitt-Oualata escarpments were home to a large number of agropastoral societies, which relied on livestock raising and pearl millet cultivation.

The region was home to a number of significant stone structures, including monumental funerary architecture.

Port De Peche

Port De Peche source wikipedia
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 30

If you love desert culture and want to experience life in a Saharan culture, Mauritania has many things to offer. The country has UNESCO-listed sites, including the Banc d’Arguin National Park and the Ancient Ksour of Ouadane.

The coastal town of Nouakchott is home to a lively, colorful fishing port called “Port de e”. The fishing wharf is a thriving hub, with fishermen hauling in their catch from the sea on colorful sea canoes. The fishermen then load their catch onto old Renaults and donkey carts.

The beaches are popular with locals during the weekends, but it isn’t safe for swimmers to swim here for safety reasons.

If you’re a budget traveler, a budget hotel in Port de Peche is a good choice. This property offers a wifi connection throughout the property and rooms starting at only $40 per night.


Boutilimit wikipedia
18 Best Places To Visit Mauritania 31

The town of Boutilimit is located in the Trarza region of Mauritania, about 160 km southeast of the capital Nouakchott. It’s a historic place that is known as an important center for religious training and for its production of silver crafts, rugs, and handicraft items.

Boutilimit has warm temperatures and little rainfall during most months. The hottest month is May and the coldest is January.

Most people wear sandals or flip-flops to the office or to school. Tennis shoes and other formal shoes will quickly wear out in the sand and are not recommended for walking. However, if you play sports in the area, it is a good idea to bring softball cleats or rugby boots.

The town is a former capital of the Almoravid kingdom and was a caravan base for the trans-Saharan salt trade. Today, it produces grains, dates, and sheep. In addition, it is a religious center. The Islamic Institute is located here. The seventh holy city in Islam, Chinguetti, has houses that date back to the 13th century.


Take some time to discover Mauritania — a desert country with a rich culture and welcoming people. It offers beautiful coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean.

The best time to visit Mauritania is during the winter season. Its temperatures may be over 40degC at times, but there are cool nights in the desert. The rainy season begins in July and lasts until September. In Nouakchott, heavy rains may lead to flooding. During this time, Mauritanians head out to harvest dates in the oases towns.

This country offers visitors a breathtaking cultural experience, unique cuisine, and a tropical climate that welcomes visitors year-round. Mauritania has a fascinating history.

It is a beautiful country, with beautiful beaches and breathtaking places where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. This country is a paradise for snorkelers and surfers, who can practice their favorite sport. The capital, Nouakchott, is a delightful city and the perfect destination for people who want to relax.

The people are incredibly friendly, the scenery is jaw-dropping, the history is fascinating and the food is delicious. Mauritania is an affordable, safe, and stunningly beautiful country to visit, and would be the perfect honeymoon destination.

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