23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde


Cape Verde, an archipelago of ten islands off the west coast of Africa, is a great place to visit if you are looking for a holiday in the sun. Its temperate climate means that the temperature rarely falls below 20C and there is plenty of sun throughout the year. There is also a lot to do on the islands, including hiking and water sports.

The islands are very different and can each feel like a different country. Some are more traditional and culturally oriented, while others feel more like a Mediterranean beach getaway. For example, Boa Vista and Sal have white-sand beaches and trendy beach resorts. Boa Vista also has a convenient international airport and direct flights from Europe. Fogo, on the other hand, is an old-world landscape with black sand strands and an active volcano.

The islands are relatively safe for tourists. There is a relatively low crime rate, although you should follow local advice before swimming in the sea. Also, some Cape Verde islands may experience sandstorms between December and February. If you are traveling by plane, make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 25

One of the most popular places to visit in Cape Verde is the island of Sal. This is one of the most beautiful islands in Cape Verde and is the main international airport for the country.

Its mainly sandy terrain makes it a surfer’s paradise in the winter, but it’s worth checking out the rest of the island, too.

There’s also the town of Espargos, which is both the island’s economic and political center. The leaning church at Pedra Luna is an iconic attraction in the area.

If you’re looking for a place with a bit of history, the islands of Sal are well worth a visit. Palmeira, the city on the island, has many lively bars and restaurants. You can also take a walk through the ancient city of Cidade Velha, the archipelago’s capital. This town dates back to 1462 and has a rich architectural heritage.

Boa Vista

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 26

Boa Vista is a charming town where you can enjoy the local cuisine. The seafood is amazing here and you can order local dishes that are sure to please your palate. You can try shrimp in garlic and wine sauce, moreia eel, lobster in red sauce, and other local specialties.

Boa Vista is a quaint town with interesting architecture and lots of entertainment. It has a real shipwreck and some fantastic beaches. You can also visit the Turtle Foundation for sustainable sea turtle watching.

And if you’re looking for more adventure, you can take a quad tour of Boa Vista with the local company Quad Zone.

Boa Vista is a lovely sunny destination for a sunny holiday. With its unique landscape and several natural wonders, the island is perfect for nature lovers. While you can explore the island on your own, a guided tour of the island is more fun and will provide you with more insights into the island’s history.

In addition to learning about the island’s fascinating history, a guided tour will allow you to experience the beautiful Santa Monica Beach.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 27

The island of Santiago is the largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago and is home to the majority of the population. The island is characterized by a varied landscape, with black and white sandy beaches to the north and southeast of the island.

The center of the island is covered in exotic valleys and great mountains. Banana plantations cover the fertile land.

The island has a tropical climate year-round, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius or 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm weather is ideal for swimming and hiking, though nights can be cool during the coldest months of January and February.

The islands’ high mountains receive several rounds of heavy rain each year, soaking the vegetation in dense moisture.

Sao Vicente

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 28

Known as the “Rio de Janeiro of Cape Verde”, Sao Vicente is a cosmopolitan destination that is full of live music. The city is the location of regular international music festivals and an annual carnival.

Mindelo, the capital of Sao Vicente, is the cultural heart of Cape Verbo and offers a charming atmosphere and colonial architecture. The island is also home to pristine beaches and is a great place to try out water sports, including surfing and kiteboarding.

If you’re looking for a new adventure, you’ll want to head to Sao Vicente. This island is a perfect place to try out scuba diving or snorkeling. You can spend the night in a hotel or rent a car and explore the island on your own.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 29

Fogo is an island in the Sotavento group of Cape Verde. It has a population of 35,837 and is 476 square kilometers in area. It is also home to the active volcano Pico do Fogo.

Fogo is a popular destination among tourists because it’s a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

The Island is known for its coffee and wine, and the volcanic soil makes for an exceptional crop. This helps the island’s economy thrive and the island exports coffee beans to many countries.

If you’re looking to stay in a place to relax and explore the island, Casa Anilda & Albino is a great place to stay. It offers private parking, a kitchen, and a dining area. It also comes with a flat-screen TV.

Fogo has two distinct climate zones: a humid subtropical climate along the coast and a dry tropical climate above a thousand meters. The dry season lasts from December through May.

Fogo has a milder climate than other islands in the area, and the mountains on the island are more prone to getting moisture from the clouds.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 30

The island’s capital, Praia, is the main economic center of Cape Verbo. It contributes around 43 percent of the island’s GDP. The city has promoted local musical genres since its independence, resulting in a revival of the island’s artistic culture.

Praia sits on the southern coast of Santiago Island and is the largest city. It is the country’s political and economic center. The old town is full of colonial buildings, churches, and even the presidential palace. There are also several museums here, including the renowned Sala-Museo Amicar Cabral, which tells the story of the West African revolutions.

The town also has an archaeological museum and an international airport. It also has several beaches, including Pranha and Quebra Canela. The city’s Achada de Santo António quarter is filled with shops.

The most famous landmark in the city is the Sucupira market, a colorful market that sells a variety of goods. You can find fresh fruit and vegetables, traditional clothing, ice cream, jewelry, and artisan objects here. The area is fairly quiet on Sundays, so it’s a good place to enjoy people-watching.

There’s a good art gallery, as well, in the city’s cultural center. You’ll find works by local artists in this gallery.

While visiting the city, you may also want to check out the ruins of the old cathedral. It was the first European settlement in the tropics and was originally named Ribeira Grande.

Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features a central square, the ruins of an ancient cathedral, and an old cobbled street called Rua Banana.

Santo Antão

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 31

Santo Antao is the second largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago. It is located in the western part of the country, 785 km from So Vicente. It is separated from So Vicente by a sea channel. It’s well known for its lush vegetation and white sandy beaches.

The island is home to over 50 endangered species of flora. It has more endangered species of flower than any other island in the nation. You can go on hiking tours and explore the island’s untouched nature. Besides hiking, you can enjoy scenic drives and other activities.

The town of Santo Antao offers some of the best scenery in the country. Its pristine coastline stretches from Porto Novo to Ponto do Sol. A village called Fontainhas is 2km southwest of Ponto do Sol. The town is perched on a steep cliffside and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding seascape.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 32

The city of Mindelo is a popular spot among visitors. Located on the island of Sao Vicente, Mindelo offers visitors an authentic taste of the culture of the country, which is a fusion of Portuguese, African, and Brazilian influences.

This city is an ideal place to spend a day or overnight. Mindelo covered market is also an interesting stop for anyone traveling to the island.

The town has a rich history. Previously, it was one of the world’s most important harbors, and its buildings reflect this rich history. Some are in the colonial style and have colorful housefronts. The houses make for great photo motives.

In Mindelo, you’ll find fresh fish and seafood in local restaurants, or you can try out the island’s famous cachupa stew, which is made from local ingredients. In addition, Mindelo has a rich musical tradition, and you can take part in a traditional cachupa at a restaurant.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 33

The island of Maio is home to the island’s best beaches, which are surrounded by palm trees. During the summer months, these beaches are also home to sea turtles. They lay their eggs here and the sand is golden in color.

This idyllic island is famous for its golden sand and calm seas. It is also an excellent destination for bird-watchers, with many endemic species residing on the island. The island’s capital, Vila do Maio, is nestled on the seafront and features an impressive colonial Portuguese church.

The island of Maio is known for its paradisiacal beaches and calming sea conditions. The island is a paradise for beach lovers, and it’s also an ideal destination for bird-watchers, as you can spot many species of rare birds. The island’s capital, Vila do Maio, is located on the seafront and boasts a beautiful colonial Portuguese church.

Maio is the most easterly of the Cape Verbo islands and is the closest to the capital city, Praia. The island has many charming little towns with colorful houses.

While the southern part of the island is largely deserted, the northern portion of the island has acacia forests and mountainous terrain. In addition to beautiful beaches, Maio is also home to a few protected areas.

Maio is a charming place that is popular with hikers and mountain bikers. With less than 13,000 people, this island is ideal for a relaxing vacation. It is home to a picturesque two-tower blue church and is a great place to visit if you enjoy the outdoors.

Santa Maria

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 34

Santa Maria, a town in Cape Verde, is located on the southern tip of Sal Island. Its pastel-colored buildings and sandy beaches are lined with resorts. The historic harbor is an interesting reminder of the area’s salt-trading history.

The waters are clear and home to rays and sea turtles. Many locals love kitesurfing, and Santa Maria’s Kite Beach is one of the top places to go kitesurfing.

Santa Maria is a vibrant city and is a great place to spend a day at the beach. The city is also home to a number of high-quality hotels that meet the needs of all visitors. The Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort and the Morabeza Hotel are two excellent options.

Located near the airport, Santa Maria has plenty to offer visitors. It has a reasonably-sized selection of restaurants and bars (a few drunken Brits) and is convenient for getting around on foot. It also boasts several small shops and a craft market.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 35

Brava is one of the smallest islands in the Cape Verde archipelago. It’s seven miles long and is known as the “flower island”. Portuguese sailors discovered it in 1462 and named it Brava.

The island’s economy is based on fishing and agriculture. The island’s town, Vila Nova Sintra, is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the archipelago.

The island is covered by the Concelho da Brava municipality and has two civil parishes. The town of Nova Sintra is the administrative center and has a museum and traditional Portuguese architecture.

The main streets of the town center are lined with colorful houses. You can find plenty of accommodation and amenities there, as well as an impressive market hall.

This small island is renowned for its flowers and is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago. Portuguese sailors first discovered it in 1462, and its economy today is based on fishing and agricultural products. The town of Vila Nova Sintra is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the archipelago.

São Nicolau

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 36

Sao Nicolau is a sleepy town with less than 13,000 inhabitants, but it’s popular with mountain bikers and hikers. Visitors should take the time to visit the island’s main square, where you can have a coffee or purchase souvenirs. On a clear day, you can visit the island’s two-towered blue church.

One of the most stunning islands in Cape Verde is Sao Nicolau, which is relatively unknown to most tourists. It is often overshadowed by its larger neighbor, Sao Vicente, but has managed to maintain its authentic character.

The island is famous for its fertile soil and black sandy beaches, and agriculture is the main industry. It also boasts a charming two-towered blue church. The island is also home to many colonial houses.

This city is the largest city on the island and the capital. Santiago is also a great place to see some of the island’s most striking landscapes. It has a 500-year-old kapok tree and is considered one of the oldest European towns in the tropics. It’s also the location of the country’s international airport, so you can easily get there by air.

While the island is mostly rocky, the beaches are beautiful and perfect for swimming. The black sand beaches make for great photo opportunities. You can also enjoy snorkeling and kayaking in the area.

Praia de Santa Maria Beach

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 37

Santa Maria is an atmospheric, colorful town on the island of Sal. You can spend a lazy afternoon strolling the streets of the town or enjoy a sundowner in one of the resort bars. At night, the town comes alive with bars and open-air eateries. The town is also a convenient spot for shopping and sightseeing.

Praia de Santa Maria is one of the top places to visit in Cape Verdes. Its pristine sands and clear water make it a popular beach for both locals and visitors.

The area is also home to a number of top-class hotels. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s a luxury hotel in Santa Maria to suit your needs.

The island is also home to a number of other beautiful places. If you’re a nature lover, you can hike up to the highest point, Pico do Fogo. This volcanic cone is only three hundred and ninety meters high, and it’s possible to climb it in three hours.

Although the path is steep and sporadically changing, it’s not impossible to climb on your own. Just remember to have a guide with you. You’ll be enveloped in a cloud of dust and loose volcanic gravel as you go.

Sao Filipe

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 38

Sao Filipe is a quaint town located on the island of Fogo near a black-sand beach. The old town center is dotted with Portuguese colonial buildings. One of the most striking examples is the pastel-blue Nossa Senhora da Conceiço church, which has twin bell towers and a cliff-side location.

This charming town is also the gateway to Pico do Fogo, a conical active volcano.

The town is also home to several popular football teams, including the Vulcanicos and Botafogo. For those interested in history, there are several museums in the town. The Museum of Natural History features a section dedicated to endemic plants.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 39

Tarrafal is a city in the northern part of Santiago Province on the island of Cape Verde. Its population was 6,656 in 2010 and it is a coastal fishing port. It is the seat of the Tarrafal Municipality.

While in Tarrafal, you can visit the Blue Eye, which is a natural pool formed by waves crashing against volcanic rock. You can also rent a scooter and explore the nearby islands. Sao Vicente is easily accessible, while Santiago is a little less visited but is also worth a visit.

For a taste of Cape Verde culture, you can visit the Assomada market, which was founded in 1931. This market is one of the largest on the island and is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir.

You can also visit the Norberto Tavares cultural center, which is housed in an old post office. Dedicated to the famous Cape Verdean musician, the cultural center contains exhibits of endangered and endemic species.

Tarrafal is located in the northern part of the island and is one of the top places to visit on the island. It is an idyllic village that is popular in summer. It is surrounded by mountains that give it a dreamlike atmosphere.

The 650m high Monte Graciosa towers above the village. The area is also known for its surf caves, which were formed when Santiago was lower than sea level.

Santa Luzia

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 40

Santa Luzia is an uninhabited island located between the islands of Sao Vicente and Sao Nicolau. It is the smallest island on Cape Verde and the only one without any human settlement.

The island’s highest point is 395 meters above sea level, and there are no roads to it. It can only be reached by boat, and it is possible to explore the island’s wild nature on a guided tour.

The island is home to many stunning sights, including a volcano and lush tropical forests. The capital of the country is Praia. There are also eight other islands, including the uninhabited Santa Luzia. The main island, Santiago, offers a range of activities and attractions.

Cidade Velha

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 41

The Cidade Velha is a historic city located in the southern part of Santiago, Cape Verde. It was founded in 1462 and is one of the oldest settlements on the island.

Originally called Ribeira Grande, the city was renamed Cidade Velha during the 18th century. Today, the city serves as the seat of the Ribeira Grande de Santiago municipality.

For a more cultural experience, Cidade Velha is the capital of the country and the birthplace of Cape Verdean culture. It is home to some of the island’s best restaurants and is well-known for its music scene. You can listen to live music while enjoying a meal in this historic city.

The oldest European settlement in the tropics is Cidade Velha, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Located just outside the capital of Praia, the city is an easy half-day excursion from the capital, Santiago.

Ribeira Grande

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 42

There are many top places to visit in Cape Verde. If you are looking for a destination with beautiful beaches, then look no further than Ribeira Grande and Sao Vicente. Both cities boast the finest sandy beaches and upscale restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can even go to a Cape Verdean music festival in Sao Vicente.

The capital of Cape Verde is Ribeira Grande. This charming city is situated in the valley of the same name and is home to numerous boutiques, restaurants, and guesthouses. There are also hot springs and a lively market. The city is very touristy but still maintains a very natural feeling.


23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 43

One of the top places to visit in Cape Verde is Palmeira, a thriving harbor town on the sunny island of Sal. This port town is the center of trade and tourism for the island nation and is home to many restaurants, bars, and beautiful architecture.

Palmeira is located on the island of Sal, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cape Verde. It is known for its clear waters and long beaches. It is also home to several cafes and restaurants.

Palmeira is also a haven for divers, with countless underwater caverns and coral reefs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can spend a day diving in the crystal clear waters of Palmeira. The town also features a beautiful harbor and an interesting fish market.

Palmeira is a vibrant port city located on the sunny island of Sal. It is the center of Cape Verde’s international trade and is home to numerous restaurants, lively bars, and stunning architecture.

Palmeira is also renowned for its underwater caves and reefs, which draw divers from all over the world. This town is also a great place for relaxing salt baths.

Porto Novo In Santo Antão

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 44

Porto Novo is a city in the island nation of Cape Verde. It is the seat of the Porto Novo municipality and had a population of 9,310 as of the 2010 census. The city is known for its historical and architectural heritage.

From Porto Novo, one can visit the west coast of the island. A newly expanded road leads to the Ribeira das Patas, a valley with steep cliffs on both sides. On the west side, you can also find the top of the island, the Tope de Coroa, which rises to 1980 meters above sea level.

You can also see the green oasis of Monte Trigo from here. If you are looking for a more adventurous adventure, you can take a dirt road to the interior of the island from the town of Ponte Sul. Renting an off-road vehicle from Porto Novo is the best way to experience this road.

Deserto de Viana

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 45

If you love deserts, you will love the deserto de Viana, located on the northwestern island of Boa Vista. This natural wonder is made up of white sand dunes and sparse vegetation and is surrounded by black volcanic rocks. The landscape is very unique and offers a truly surreal experience, perfect for meditating.

Boa Vista is the third largest island of Cape Verde and is a beautiful destination for a vacation. The island’s beaches, including Santa Monica Beach, are perfect for lazy days by the sea. Another place to visit in Cape Verde is Deserto de Viana, an isolated, desert island with red clay soil.

The island is also known for its coffee, which is produced in coffee bean plantations. The island also has a few vineyards, and you can even take a tasting tour. There is also a charming historic center in Vila do Maio, which is located on the southern tip of the island.

Ribeira Brava

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 46

Ribeira Brava in Cape Verde, located on Sao Nicolau Island, is a small city surrounded by mountains. You’ll find traders in the morning selling fruit, vegetables, and other things. There are also colorful buildings throughout the town center.

The city is located in the valley of the river Ribeira Brava, which is Portuguese for “rough stream”. The river is known for its violent behavior during the rains. The city has a colonial look, and it is well-connected to the rest of the island via ferries.

The city has a population of 13,310 as of 2005. The town’s quaint and picturesque streets are lined with cafes and guesthouses. The city also has a vibrant market featuring local crafts and food.

There are also several hot springs in the city. You’ll find plenty of accommodations to choose from and a modern market hall where you can buy clothing, food, and other essentials.

Ribeira Brava is the island’s main commercial hub and is the largest town on the island. This hilltop town sits in the Ribeira Valley and offers spectacular views of the mountains around it. There are several historic sites in the town, including a replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship, which stands guard at the eastern entrance.

Pico do Fogo

23 Best Places to Visit in Cape Verde 47

One of the most breathtaking views in Cape Verde is of the volcanic mountains of Pico do Fogo, which stand over 9,000 feet tall. The volcano last erupted around 2014 and is the highest point on the island of Fogo. The mountain is a popular hiking destination and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding islands.

The island is also home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Pico do Fogo, which last erupted in 2014. The island is so close to the island that you can actually walk across it. The view is breathtaking, and you may even feel like you’re touching the clouds.

The volcano is also home to a quaint village called Cha das Caldeiras, which was completely destroyed in the last eruption.

Fogo has a mild climate, but it is also prone to a drier climate. The wet season in Fogo lasts from December to May, so the weather is generally cooler. Because the mountains get moisture from the clouds, Fogo has fewer droughts.

Although it doesn’t rain very often, you can expect to find lush vegetation on the slopes of Pico do Fogo. If you have the time and the patience, you can climb the volcano in about six hours.


The beaches of Cape Verde are undoubtedly some of the best in the world, and they are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and world-class golf courses. Its lush vegetation and climate are complemented by an average of 350 days of sunshine.

From the white sand beaches to the mountainous interior, Cabo Verde has something for everyone. Hiking the island’s rugged landscape is an excellent way to see the country’s unique landscape. The best time to visit this island is during the dry season from July to September. The beaches and turquoise seas are especially inviting during these months.

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