15 Highest Mountains In Africa

Semien Mountains in Ethiopia (2)

One of the most popular tourist activities is mountain climbing, and there are many great mountains to climb all over the world. Africa is a great continent to start with if you’re looking for some tall mountains to climb. There are many different routes to take and many different peaks to summit. Africa is a great place to start your mountain climbing adventure.

There is no denying the majestic beauty of Africa‘s high mountains. Whether you prefer the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains or the beauty of the Swiss Alps, Africa’s mountains are worthy rivals for the highest mountains in the world. And, in terms of climbability, some of them rival Mt. Everest. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, consider a trip to Africa’s highlands.

Mountains In Africa are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring mountains in the world. They are home to some of the most diverse and unique wildlife on the planet and offer stunning views of the African plains below. Whether you’re looking to hike, climb, or simply marvel at their majesty, these mountains are sure to leave a lasting impression. Here are the 15 tallest ones.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 13

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and one of the Seven Summits. It is located in Tanzania, and its peak is 5,895 meters (19,341 ft) above sea level. The mountain is part of the Kilimanjaro National Park and is a popular tourist destination. The mountain is home to a number of glaciers, including the largest ice field in Africa.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, drawing climbers from all over the globe. The mountain is also an important source of water for the region, with several rivers flowing from its slopes.

It’s also home to a variety of wildlife, including the endangered Abbots duiker. Kilimanjaro is also one of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a great trek for TRUE hikers. This mountain is very popular to climb during the dry season, usually January through March and June through October, when snow conditions are more favorable and there is less rain.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 14

Mount Kenya is home to a wide variety of animals, including lions and leopards. Its afro-alpine vegetation is rich and varies in proportion to altitude and rainfall. In the lower zone, Juniperus procera and Podocarpus species are dominant. The wetter regions feature Cassipourea malosana. The higher altitudes are dominated by bamboo and Podocarpus milanjianus.

The mountain is home to the omnipotent deity Ngai. It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and was first climbed by Johann Ludwig Krapf in 1849. Later, Hungarian explorer Samuel Grof Teleki partially climbed the mountain in 1887. Today, Mount Kenya attracts about 15,000 people every year who wish to trek the mountain.

Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa and is an ancient volcano that was thought to have topped 6,500 meters during its active period. This volcanic mountain has extensive valleys that radiate from its peaks. This dissection is largely due to glacial erosion. It also contains glacial tarns of different sizes and numerous moraine features. The highest peaks are Batian (5,199 m) and Nelion (5,188 m).

Mount Stanley in DR Congo

Mount Stanley in DR Congo - Source wikipedia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 15

Mount Stanley is the third-highest mountain in Africa, located on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is named after Welsh explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley and is one of the highest mountains in the world.

The mountain lies in the Ruwenzori Mountains National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is an excellent destination for climbing, and there are huts on the mountain for tourists to stay at.

There are two ways to climb Mount Stanley: the Main Circuit and the Kilembe Route. Both routes start at the town of Kilembe and climb the main peaks from the southeast. They then join the Central Circuit near Kitandara Lakes.

Using either route, the summit can be reached in eight to nine days. Depending on your physical condition and your hiking skill level, the Kilembe Route can be climbed in a single day.

In 1876, Henry Morton Stanley first saw the range of mountains, but he mistakenly assumed it was a cloud. Only later did he realize that the mountain was covered in snow.

Mount Meru in Tanzania

Mount Meru - Tanzania
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 16

Mount Meru in Tanzania is the tallest mountain in Africa and is also the most active volcano. This mountain was formerly covered by glaciers, and patches of ice remain today.

It is located in the Ruwenzori Mountains National Park, which is home to five of the continent’s highest mountains. It is named after the Italian explorer Romulo Gessi. This mountain can be reached by hiking from Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mount Meru in Tanzania is a volcano that was active for more than 5,000 years before its last major eruption in 1910. It is shaped like a horseshoe and was first summited by German explorers during the colonization of East Africa.

The Momella Route starts on the eastern side of Mount Meru and ascends along the crater rim. At the summit, you can get a spectacular view of the volcano’s crater. Although Mount Meru is less popular than other mountains in Tanzania, it is well worth a visit if you’re a keen climber.

Semien Mountains in Ethiopia

Semien Mountains in Ethiopia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 17

The Semien Mountains in Ethiopia are home to a diverse range of wildlife. The national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its rugged terrain is inhabited by several rare species, including Gelada baboons, which have thick coats to protect them from the cold.

The critically endangered Walia ibex, which has long, scimitar-like horns, is also found here. In the park, you may also see the Semien jackal or wolf.

The Simien Mountains are located in northern Ethiopia. The park covers an area of 180 square kilometers and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park contains a wide variety of rock formations and a plateau-like massif. In addition to wildlife, the park is home to a diverse population of birds.

Ethiopia’s highest mountain, Ras Dashen, stands at 4550 meters above sea level. The Simien Mountains’ scenic landscapes rival those of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It is also home to rare species, such as the Simien fox, Gelada baboon, and the Walia ibex wild goat.

Virunga Mountains in DR Congo

Virunga Mountains in DR Congo - Source wikipedia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 18

Mount Mikeno, which stands at 4437 meters, is the highest mountain in the Virunga Mountains. It is also the home of critically endangered mountain gorillas. The mountain is situated in a volcanic national park in Rwanda. You will need to take time to hike the mountain in order to appreciate the wildlife.

The Virunga Mountains are the highest mountains in Africa. The Virunga Conservation Area is shared by Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This area consists of eight major volcanoes, most of which are dormant.

Mount Nyiragongo is the highest of the eight volcanoes, standing at 3,462 meters. Mount Nyamuragira is the second highest, standing at 4,057 meters. The oldest mountain is Mount Sabyinyo, which stands at 3,634 meters.

The Virunga Mountains in DR Congo are one of the world’s most beautiful mountains. They are located in the eastern part of the continent and span three countries: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Gorilla trekking in these mountains is one of the most popular activities in the country.

The Bale Mountains in Ethiopia

The Bale Mountains in Ethiopia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 19

In addition to their height, the Bale Mountains are home to several animals native to the country. These include the mountain nyala, the Menelik’s bushbuck, the colobus monkey, and the olive baboon. There are also a variety of birds that can be found in the area, including the Abyssinian Ground Thrush, Abyssinian Antbird, and Wattled Ibis.

In addition to the birds, there are numerous plant species of note, including giant lobelia, which grows in the mountainous terrain. Lastly, the area is home to the second tallest mountain in Ethiopia, Tulu Dimtu, which rises to 4,377m.

The Bale Mountains National Park is a protected area 400km southeast of Addis Ababa. The park covers the largest area of land in Africa above 3000m. It contains the highest concentration of large mammals and endemic species. The park also includes a large portion of moist tropical forests.

Mount Elgon in Uganda

Mount Elgon in Uganda - Source wikipedia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 20

Uganda’s Mount Elgon, one of the highest mountains in Africa, is a volcano formed 24 million years ago. Its crest is below the permanent snow line and it has a base of about 4,000km2. Mount Elgon is home to more than 300 species of birds and is considered a spiritual site by many local people.

There are various hiking routes around the summit of Mount Elgon. For example, there is the Sipi Falls hike that begins at the Forest Exploration Centre, where you can hire equipment for the hike. This hike consists of three short loops through the forest and takes in ridges, valleys, and caves.

Another popular hike is on Wanale Ridge, which is accessible from the Mbale side of the mountain. Hikers can enjoy a daylong trek through the moorland landscape or take the longer route to the summit.

The lower slopes of Mount Elgon are covered in tropical montane forests and bamboo stands. The upper slopes are covered in afro-alpine moorland and heath. National parks protect this area in both Kenya and Uganda. The moorlands are dotted with rare plant species and are decorated with wildflowers in September. Rare birds such as Jackson’s francolin and alpine chat can be spotted here, as is the white-starred forest robin.

Kollo Massif in Ethiopia

The Kollo Massif is one of the highest mountains in Africa and is also home to three endangered species. Gelada Baboons and Wyala ibex are two of the animals that can be found here. Both have long fur and are endemic to the region. These apes live on rocky cliffs and are very rare. The population of these animals is estimated at 400 worldwide, with over half living in the Simien Mountains.

The Kollo Massif is also home to several other high peaks, including Mount Ras Dejen (14,927 ft) and Mount Batu (14,130 ft). The mountain range is surrounded by tropical savannas, grasslands, and oases.

The Kollo Massif is divided into highland and lowland areas. It has 20 peaks above 4000 meters. Ras Dashen is the fourth-highest mountain on the continent and is the highest mountain in Ethiopia. The landscape of the national park is characterized by gentle highland ridges that end abruptly in 1000 and 2000-meter-deep escarpments. Natural lookout points offer panoramic views of the lowland valleys.

Lasta Massif in Ethiopia

The Lasta Massif in Ethiopia is home to one of the world’s highest mountains. At 4,533 meters, it is the highest mountain in Ethiopia and the tenth-highest mountain in Africa. The mountain is famous for its snow, which falls frequently on its summit during cold evenings. However, snowfall on the mountain is rarely long-lasting due to the wide temperature variations between the top and the surrounding area.

The Lasta Massif is located around Lalibela and is considered a sacred chain of mountains. The region offers stunning landscapes, remote mountain churches, and plenty of wildlife. Visitors can also get a first-hand view of rural life in the Ethiopian Highlands. The main trekking route follows an escarpment that offers fantastic scenery. There is an opportunity to hike up to Abune Yosef, Ethiopia’s highest peak. The mountain is a must-see for any mountain climber.

The Lasta Massif is part of the Meket Escarpment in Ethiopia. The southern part of the escarpment is covered by the Harenna Forest. This forest covers an area of over three thousand meters. It contains a significant portion of moist tropical rainforest and has an Afroalpine plateau.

Arsi Mountains in Ethiopia

The Arsi Mountains in Ethiopia are the highest in Africa, at 3,080 meters high. A large number of monasteries and churches are situated in the region. The country was the first to adopt Christianity, in the 4th century. The mountains are home to several endemic species of animals and plants.

The Simiens Mountains are located in the northwestern corner of Ethiopia. The region has several mountain ranges, the highest being the Ras Dashen (4430m). The other highest mountains are Biuat (4430m) and Abba Yared (4436m). Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa. It covers an area of over one million square kilometers and is home to the second-largest population of any African country.

While Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, there are many other mountain ranges in Africa. The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco contain some of the oldest mountains in the world. The Barberton Greenstone Belt in South Africa is believed to be the oldest mountain range on the planet, dating back to 3.6 billion years.

Guna Massif in Ethiopia

The Guna Massif is one of the highest mountains in Africa, and it is also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes. The peaks of this mountain range are dominated by peaks more than a thousand feet high. Its surrounding region includes the Simien Mountains, a region that was formed by ancient lava flows.

This area has a unique ecosystem and is home to thousands of endemic species. The Simien Mountains are sometimes referred to as the “African Alps,” because of the high number of endemic species and the unique geography. The Guna Massif is an excellent destination for hiking and trekking enthusiasts, and the surrounding region is rich in natural beauty.

It is located in Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa. The landmass of Ethiopia is elevated, with 50% of its landmass being above 1,000 meters. The region extends into Eritrea, and its eastern wall runs parallel to the Red Sea. It also has numerous plateaus.

Toubkal Atlas in Morocco

Toubkal Atlas in Morocco (2)
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 21

Toubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco. It is located within the Toubkal National Park. It is a breathtaking sight that’s well worth a visit. This park has many hiking trails and is a great place to explore the local culture and nature.

A hike up Mount Toubkal, also known as Jebel Toubkal, is an incredible experience. It is a four-thousand-foot mountain that provides spectacular views of rural Morocco. The Toubkal National Park is located in the southwestern-central region of Morocco and is spread across an area of 146.7 square miles (380 square kilometers).

The park is home to Mount Toubkal, the tallest mountain in North Africa. Though the terrain is mostly arid, the park features several impressive summits.

While hiking the Toubkal Atlas, you should be prepared for the rain. The region gets a lot of rain in the winter months, so it’s a good idea to have a waterproof jacket. The North Face makes a great rain jacket.

Central High Atlas in Morocco

Central High Atlas in Morocco
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 22

The Central High Atlas is a complex mountain range in northwest Africa, influenced by tectonic processes. Recent uplift has occurred in parts of the region, likely due to the reactivation of oblique-slip and thrust faults. This deformation is responsible for the high topography of the region.

The Central High Atlas is home to the highest peak in North Africa, the Jebel Toubkal, at 4,167 meters above sea level. The mountain can be reached from Imlil in Morocco in two or three days by hiking. The Kasbah du Toubkal serves as a good starting point, and the most scenic route is via the Azzaden Valley. You’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise over the Atlas Mountains.

The Central High Atlas is a highly exposed area, which has resulted in considerable remote sensing mapping. In addition, analog and thermal modeling have been applied to interpret the salt-related rift basin in the area. These analyses have resulted in three characteristic regions that summarize the tectonic evolution of the study area.

Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon - Source wikipedia
15 Highest Mountains In Africa 23

Located in west Cameroon, Mount Cameroon rises up to 4,040 meters above sea level. It rises through tropical rainforests to the cold and windy summit. The summit also gets snow on occasion. The mountain is composed of Precambrian metamorphic rocks and has more than 100 cinder cones.

This active volcano is the highest point in sub-Saharan Africa. Other names for Mount Cameroon include Mount Fako, Mount Nyos, and Mount Mongo ma Ndemi. It is one of the largest volcanoes in Africa. It is surrounded by tropical rainforests and features a barren summit. Hiking routes lead to the mountain’s summit.

There have been numerous eruptions of Mount Cameroon. The first written mention of volcanic activity was from the Carthaginian Hanno the Navigator. Over the centuries, moderate effusive and explosive eruptions have occurred. One eruption in 1922 saw lava flow reaching the Atlantic coast. Another in 1999 caused the closure of the coastal highway and severe damage.


A visit to Africa is not complete without a trek up one of the continent’s many mountains. While Mount Kilimanjaro may be the most famous, there are many other peaks that are worth a climb.

In summary, Africa has some of the most beautiful, varied, and spectacular landscapes in the world. Many would say that the highest peak in Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

But, there are many other mountain peaks, which attract adventurers and nature lovers from all over the world. The East African country of Tanzania has the highest mountain range, the Kilimanjaro range. Mount Kilimanjaro has five different peaks, all above 19,000ft. and Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

Most people think of the tallest mountains in the world as being in North America or Europe. But Africa has some pretty tall mountains of its own. In fact, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. And Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. So if you’re looking for some tall mountains to climb, Africa is a great place to start.

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