35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda


Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and the world. It features stunning mountain scenery, including Virunga Volcanoes, and Lake Kivu. It also has some of the continent’s most striking wildlife. This includes lions, hippos, leopards, and elephants.

It’s also home to some of the continent’s best national parks, including the Volcanoes National Park and Akagera National Park. Finally, it contains some of the continent’s most beautiful lakes, including Lake Kivu, the source of the Nile.


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Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and is situated in the center of the country. It is a sprawling city that is spread over many hills and has a lively nightlife. The city is also home to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a monument that documents the 1994 mass killings that occurred in Rwanda during the civil war. Traditional handicrafts, including woodcarvings and woven baskets, are also made in the city.

If you love reading, you’ll love the Kigali public library. Here, you can browse through books on history, politics, education, adventure, and religion. You can also use the library’s computers and watch documentaries projected on a large screen. There is also a coffee shop on the premises.

The capital of Rwanda is bustling with bars and restaurants and is safe to visit. It is backed by a beautiful skyline and is home to the Kimironko Market, where local artisans sell carved wooden masks.

Kigali city is the gateway to almost all of the great attractions in Rwanda. It is home to mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and a number of national parks. It is also known to be Africa’s cleanest and safest city. If you are planning a trip to Rwanda, it is a good idea to start in the city, where you can get a good overview of the culture and history of the country.

The Rwanda Art Museum is another excellent place to visit in the capital, which showcases the works of local artists. Another highlight of the city is Mt. Kigali, a hill on the outskirts of the town that offers a stunning view of the city.


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The city of Ruhengeri, also known as Musanze, is the gateway to the Volcanoes National Park, home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The park includes Mount Karisimbi and four other forested volcanoes. The town is also home to the Musanze Caves and Lake Burera, which are surrounded by verdant hills.

The area surrounding the city of Ruhengeri is a top tourist spot. It is also the closest town to the Volcanoes National Park, making it an ideal base from which to track mountain gorillas. While you’re in the area, take advantage of the city’s pleasant walks and visit nearby lakes Burera, Ruhondo, and Karago.

While in the area, make sure to check out the Dian Fossey fund memorial museum. It features a 3-D model of the Virunga ranges. You can even take an overnight hike to Mount Karisimbi. Tourism in this area has contributed greatly to the local economy, with 10% of the revenue going towards community projects.


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One of the best places to visit in Rwanda is Gitarama National Park. It is located in Muhanga District, which is in the Southern Province. It is about 5,945 feet above sea level. The park features an abundance of wildlife and is well-maintained.

Gitarama is an upcoming tourist destination that is smaller than the rest of the country but has unique things to do and see. It has many religious sites and is ideal for hiking. The park also includes shooting ranges, playgrounds, and natural attractions. The grounds of the park also feature old ruins and ancient statues.

Gitarama is located about 60km from Kigali International Airport. There are scheduled flights to the airport from several international airports. The airport is also accessible by taxi, minibus, and moto-taxis. For visitors who would like to buy local products, Gitarama has several shops and markets.


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Huye is one of Rwanda’s eight districts and is located in the Southern Province. Its total area is 581.5 square kilometers. The district is comprised of thirteen sectors, 77 cells, and 508 umudugudus. The district has a total population of 328,298. This means that there are about five people per square kilometer.

If you’re looking for a cultural safari, Huye is the place to go. The city is considered the intellectual and cultural capital of Rwanda, though it lacks political power, which is held by the capital Kigali. It was named by Belgian colonial rulers in honor of Queen Astrid.

The city is home to the National Museum of Rwanda, which has one of the most comprehensive ethnographic collections in East Africa. It is also home to a botanical garden and craft shops.

Visitors to the city will also enjoy the Christian Cathedral in Huye. This historic church is a popular place to worship, and both the interior and exterior of the building have excellent designs. The church also features a striking statue that can be seen in front of the cathedral.


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Located in the Western Province of Rwanda, Rusizi is a city that is home to around 63,000 people. The city is an important trading center, bordering Burundi and the DRC. The development of road networks and port facilities will help increase the city’s economic potential.

There are several places to stay in Rusizi, though it is best to book in advance. Several lodgings are located near the Rusizi National Park. Hotels near the park include Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika and Hotel safari gate. If you want to experience the natural beauty of Rwanda, you can visit Rusizi National Park.

Rusizi is the most southern town on Lake Kivu and was formerly known as Cyangugu. It is split into an upper and lower town and sits alongside the Rusizi River as it exits the lake. Travelers can take an Amato boat, made up of three dugouts tied together with bamboo poles, to the nearby Nkombo and Gihaya islands. The latter features abundant birdlife.


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Located in the southern region of Rwanda, Nyanza is one of the top places for travelers to visit. Also known as Nyabisindu, Nyanza is the capital city of the Nyanza District. It’s known for its abundant wildlife, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultures.

The region of Nyanza is comprised of six counties, including Kisumu, Kisii, Migori, and Siaya. The region is also rich in history, including the birthplace of the Luo tribe and the settling of Ramogi. The region is also home to the famous Yala swamp, one of the largest in Africa.

A visit to this beautiful area will provide you with a unique opportunity to experience the local culture and wildlife. The region has fourteen waterfalls and is a great place for boating and bird-watching. It is best to take a guided tour to experience the area’s beauty. A tour will also help you learn about the area’s history and geography.

You can learn about Rwanda’s fascinating history at the King’s Palace Museum. The museum houses a replica of the traditional royal house. The museum also features exhibits on Inyambo cattle, which descend from the king’s herd. The museum also features the largest ethnographic collection in Africa.


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Gisenyi is a town in Rwanda on the shore of Lake Kivu. Visitors can take a kayak out on the clear waters of the lake, and beach resorts line the sandy shore. You can also hike through hilly terrain and pass by waterfalls, tea and coffee plantations, and villages. The Gishwati-Mukura National Park is also nearby, and chimpanzees are found here.

Aside from being a town with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Gisenyi is also known for its community-based tours and volunteer opportunities. The town also has a brewery that is open once a week. You can also enjoy a therapeutic massage at the nearby Kigarama hot springs.

Gisenyi is located in the Rubavu district of Rwanda, on the shore of Lake Kivu. The town coexists with Goma, a city across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Buses and minibusses run between the two cities, leaving as soon as they are full.

You can catch the bus to Gisenyi from Kigali or Kibuye, or take a taxi to Gisenyi from either city. The bus station is conveniently located next to the Petite Barriere border crossing, and ATM services are available in the town.


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The town center of Karongi is not large and is made up of the main road and a smaller road lined with shops and office buildings. A tour boat and a guide are provided for your trip. The hotel reception can also help you arrange your tour boat.

Karongi is a stunning location that offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. Not only is it known for its beautiful islands, but it is also an excellent location for kayaking through the islands and water skiing. You can also take a boat tour around Karongi.

These tours are organized by a cooperative, and tickets are available at the ticket office, located after the coffee shop in the bay. If you do not have the time to plan these excursions, you can easily arrange for one through the reception of your hotel.

Another great place to visit in Karongi is the nearby Napoleon Island, which is actually called Tembabagoyi and is shaped like Napoleon’s hat. This island is home to one of the most extensive African Straw-Colored bat colonies in Rwanda.

Because this species is critically endangered in the country, the island is protected as a conservancy. It is also possible to walk up to the island and view the bat colony.

In Karongi, you can also see Rwanda’s award-winning coffee and tea plantations. There are several hotels that have access to private beaches. If you have the time, you can also visit Nyamirundi Island, where you can learn more about the coffee-growing process and taste its finished product.


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During your visit to Rwanda, be sure to take a boat ride on the beautiful Lake Rubavu. Many places offer these rides around the lake. You may even encounter foreigners taking these rides as they are in the area. The boats are typically wooden and come with an outboard 15hp engine. They have a wooden roof and can seat eight to ten people.

While in the town, you can enjoy the lively nightlife that makes Rubavu so unique. It is a popular party area for Congo and Rwandans alike. The locals are friendly and hospitable, and you can usually find anything you need in small shops. You can also find a supermarket that sells imported groceries. The Habibu supermarket also bakes fresh bread.

Another attraction in Rubavu is the Pfunda Tea Estate. For tea enthusiasts, this estate provides a magical encounter. Visitors can learn about the growing, processing, and shipping of tea. For nature lovers, you should also visit the Gishwati-Mukura National Park, a recently-created addition to Rwanda’s national park list.

This park is home to chimpanzees and other animals, including the l’hoest’s monkey and the black and white colobus monkey. You can even get close to these creatures.


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Located along the shore of Lake Kivu, Kibuye is a sleepy town where you can relax and soak up the stunning scenery. With a secluded bay, peaceful fishing boats, and clear starlit nights, it makes for the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

The town is home to many activities, including biking and water sports. It is also home to the only brewery in the country, and it is a must-visit for beer lovers. You can sample a variety of beers here, including Guiness, Primus, and Amstel.

Kibuye is one of Rwanda’s prettiest towns, with its steep hills jutting into the blue-brown waters of Lake Kivu. There are numerous boat tours from which to choose. It is also home to a memorial to the genocide that occurred in the region in 1994.

The road from Kigali to Kibuye is in good condition, and the scenery is stunning. Besides Kibuye, you can also check out Gisenyi, the largest resort town on Lake Kivu, which is a great place for a family holiday.


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One of the most popular places to visit in Rwanda is Nyagatare, a district in the eastern province. Located about 50 km from the capital Kigali, Nyagatare is home to several famous tourist attractions. The district is a thriving center for MICE activities, and is home to half of the country’s Akagera National Park, which is home to a number of animals, including the elusive mountain gorilla and the iconic “Big Five.”

In addition to its wildlife, Nyagatare has a clean, beautiful, and unspoiled environment, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Rwanda.

The town is full of culture and diversity, and it’s home to some of the country’s most famous monuments. The Nyagatare cathedral is the country’s only Catholic church, and Mwima Hill contains the tombs of King Mutara 111 and Queen Rosalie Gicanda.


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Gisuma is a charming town located in Rwanda and is renowned for producing coffee. Gisuma coffee is exported worldwide, and its beans are sold in some of the world’s best coffee shops. Coffee has been credited with raising the GDP of the country. However, Gisuma is not just about coffee. It’s also a beautiful place to visit.

While you’re in Rwanda, make sure to visit its national parks. These parks are home to a variety of wildlife and are a must-see attraction. Many national parks offer guided tours, and others offer cycling and hiking tours. It’s worth taking a day or two to explore this beautiful country.

Gisuma is known as the coffee king of Rwanda and is located between the southern end of Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest National Park. Gisuma is home to the famous Gisuma volcano, which explodes about once every thousand years. The area’s methane-rich volcanic soil has made it a popular destination for coffee lovers. Visitors can also tour coffee plantations in Gisuma.


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Kibeho is located in the south of Rwanda. The town is about 140 km southwest of Kigali. It is also famous for the apparition of the Virgin Mary, which was reported to have occurred in the 1980s. There are no official records of the appearance, but several people have claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary while visiting this town.

It is also near the Nyungwe Forest, which is one of Rwanda’s most popular tourist attractions. The chimpanzees at Nyungwe National Park are a popular attraction. There are many trails to explore, including the canopy walkway. The park is home to 350 species of birds. During your visit, you can also learn about the country’s native plants and animals.

Kibeho is one of the Sacred Destinations of Rwanda. The Kibeho parish is known for its apparitions. In 1981, a woman named Alphonsine Mumureke claimed to see an apparition of a Lady of incomparable beauty. She presented herself as NyinawaJambo, which means Mother of the Word. It was later recognized by the local bishop and the Notre-Dame des Douleurs Church was built in the parish.

During the 1980s, an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary took place in Kibeho, Rwanda. The apparition is said to have come to warn the people of the coming bloodshed. In fact, this event may have predicted the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The vision was recognized as genuine by the local bishop in 2021. In addition, the Universal Catholic Church recognized the apparitions as legitimate.


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If you’re looking for a new place to explore in Rwanda, you may want to check out Butare, a small town about 120 kilometers south of Kigali. It is an emerging tourist destination with unique things to see and do. While smaller than some of the other cities in the country, Butare is home to a number of national centers, including the country’s largest university. In addition, the town is home to a number of terrace restaurants and hotels.

The National Museum of Rwanda is located in Butare and features the country’s largest ethnographic collection in East Africa. It displays traditional artifacts and monochrome photographs that help give a good understanding of pre-colonial lifestyles and the country’s emergence as a modern African state.

Visitors can also visit the nearby Gikongoro Genocide Memorial, a memorial to the nationals who were murdered during the Rwandan Civil War. The museum is about 1.5 km from the town center, and it has a good gift shop that sells local handicrafts. It also hosts a collection of local books.

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The town of Kibungo is located in the east of the country, about 100 km from Kigali. It is the administrative, political, and commercial capital of the Ngoma District. The city is known for its beautiful lake Muhazi and is also a good place to spend the day.

There are plenty of activities in and around the town, from shooting ranges to fountains to music and running. The central market is a great place to shop for local souvenirs. Just be prepared to pay cash – some shops may not accept credit cards. Kibungo is a great place to visit in Rwanda for a holiday, as it’s inexpensive and convenient.

There are also many activities to do around the region, including boating to the islands and participating in community-based tours. There are also genocide memorials and coffee and tea plantations to visit.

The Kibungo Central Market is a great place to shop and eat. It’s the heart of the town and a great place to buy local specialties. Although the town itself doesn’t have a great selection of restaurants, this market is the highlight of the area. It is important to note that not all stores accept credit cards, so you’ll need to bring cash with you.

Gorilla Guardians Village

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The Gorilla Guardians Village is a place where visitors can interact with the local people and learn about their way of life. The village was established in 2005 with the aim of helping reformed poachers improve their lives, as well as raising awareness of their culture.

It was previously known as the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, which means treasures of our home. 16 years later, you will still see the positive effects that the project has had on the local population.

A visit to the village also offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the Rwandan culture, which is based on African traditions and beliefs. Visitors can learn about these traditions through tours of local schools, participate in local soccer matches, and participate in traditional dances. You can even learn how to make banana beer, a popular local drink.

Visitors can participate in traditional activities such as grinding and harvesting local vegetables and herbs. They can also learn how to prepare and eat local dishes such as stew, millet bread, and beans. Traditional healers can also teach visitors about the uses of herbal medicines. They can also show visitors different parts of plants.

Akagera National Park

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Akagera National Park is located in Eastern Rwanda. You can go on a game drive in this park, which begins at sunrise. The park is home to a variety of animals, including the big five: lion, elephant, buffalo, and leopard. A game drive in the park can last up to four hours.

The park is home to over 480 different species of birds, making it one of the best places to visit in Rwanda for birdwatchers. You can also take a boat safari on Lake Ihema to spot hippos and crocodiles.

One of the best ways to experience the park is to go on a game drive. There are a number of different routes that you can take, and they offer amazing animal sightings. Early morning game drives will give you the chance to see early risers such as topis, impalas, bushbucks, and zebras grazing in the grasslands. You can also take a nocturnal game drive during which you can spot carnivores such as hyenas hunting for their dinner.

The park’s southern region is home to Lake Ihema, the country’s second-largest lake. At about five to seven meters deep, it is a great place to take a boat ride and see the local wildlife. Tourists may also spot African fish eagles, shoe bill storks, and gazelles.

This park has been the scene of significant conservation efforts. Since the 1990s, poaching has impacted its wildlife population. After the park was placed under the stewardship of the African Parks Network, poaching has been curbed.

Now, the park has a restored population of lions, black rhinos, buffalo, and elephants. It is also home to the endangered leopard. Visiting the park is the perfect add-on to gorilla tracking in the Virungas.

Volcanoes National Park

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If you’re interested in exploring Rwanda’s natural beauty, you might want to consider visiting Volcanoes National Park. This national park is home to a thriving culture. During your stay, you can participate in cultural activities with local residents, such as cooking demonstrations and tasting traditional food.

The Iby’ Iwacu Cultural Village, located on the edge of the park, also hosts cultural performances and displays. You can also watch the local medicine man prepare traditional remedies.

The Volcanoes National Park is also home to 30% of the world’s mountain gorillas. While there, you can also view golden monkeys and other small primates. You can also trek on the national park’s many trails for a stunning view of the surroundings. You can even hike to the top of one of the volcanoes for spectacular views of the park and surrounding landscape.

Getting to Volcanoes National Park from Kigali is easy. You can take public transport or rent a private vehicle to get there. You should also consider hiring a driver or taxi to transport you around the park.

Gishwati National Park

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The Gishwati-Mukura National Park is one of the best bird-watching destinations in Rwanda. It is home to more than 83 species of birds, 15 of which are found only in this part of the Albertine Rift. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Rwanda for birdwatching.

Birding enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of activities while walking through the park. You can spot species such as the Red-throated Alethe and Grey Crowned Crane in this park. You can also go hiking or camping in the park.

Visitors are welcome to camp and have picnics in the park. For those who enjoy hiking, there is also the Congo-Nile Trail which offers varying levels of difficulty. This trail passes through verdant rolling hills and secluded countryside while offering views of coffee and banana plantations. Visiting the park during the dry season is ideal as the trails are dry and less muddy.

The largest forest in the park is home to golden and blue monkeys. They weigh up to 3 kilograms and can be seen roosting in trees. You can also view around 20 eastern chimpanzees during guided tracking tours. You can also go on a guided nature hike along one of the park’s three marked trails. Moreover, you can see more than 230 species of birds and other animals while hiking through the park.

The park is home to giant tree ferns, which grow in wet areas and represent one of the oldest plant lines. You can also explore the western zone of the Gishwati natural forest on the Umushwati Trail, which will take you to the Pfunda River waterfalls and the Rushubi tea trail.

Nyungwe National Park

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The forest of Nyungwe national park is one of the best places to visit in Rwanda. There are over 300 species of birds living in the forest, including 29 endemic species. You can enjoy bird watching at the canopy walkway, the Kamiranzovu trail, and the karamba birding trail.

There are also tour guides that will help you identify the different species. You can look for endemic species such as the blue turaco, Ross’s turaco, and coqui francolin. If you want to have a close look at the bird life, you can visit the park during the rainy season.

If you’re interested in bird watching, Nyungwe National Park is the place to go. It’s a bird lover’s paradise! The 1st gate leads to the Nyungwe Nature Walk, which is a great place to observe various species of birds. The walk is just three to four minutes from Nyungwe Top View Hotel.

The park has many hiking trails, including the Bigugu and Kamiranzovu wetland trails. Each of these trails leads to an interesting attraction. One of the trails is the Igishigishigi trail, which features endemic tree species from the Albertine Rift. Another trail is the Bigugu trail, which takes you to a waterfall and past a tea plantation.

Another highlight of Nyungwe is the forest canopy walk. This unique activity offers a bird’s eye view of the forest below. You will spend two hours strolling on the 200-meter-long canopy trail, where you will be 50 meters above the forest floor. Be warned: this is not a suitable activity for young children.

Lake Burera and Ruhondo

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A boat ride around the twin lakes is a great way to see the local wildlife and enjoy the scenery. It is also a great way to see the culture and lifestyle of the locals. Boat cruises are best done in the afternoon and can be combined with other activities.

During your boat cruise, you’ll meet the local people who welcome you with warm smiles and teach you about their way of life. You’ll be able to participate in some of their traditional activities, such as fishing.

If you’re in the mood for some fishing, the twin lakes of Lake Burera and Ruhondo are the perfect destinations. You can learn the local fishing methods from the locals and even bring your own fishing equipment. Other activities around the lakes include biking, camping, and nature walks.

You can visit both Lake Burera and Ruhondo at any time of the year. Birdwatchers will love the opportunity to spot Kingfisher, Cormorant, Darters, and Hamerkop. Visitors can also rent a boat to go on a scenic lake cruise. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take along binoculars and a bird book to view the various water birds.

The Congo-Nile Trail

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If you are looking for a challenging biking or hiking experience, you can take the Congo-Nile Trail, which passes through small towns, waterfalls, and fishing villages. You will also pass the Mugonero orphanage and the Kiziba refugee settlement, which houses over 17, 000 Congolese.

Most of the Trail is a single-lane dirt road that winds along Lake Kivu. It is elevated enough to provide beautiful views of the lake. You will also pass through farmland and villages. While route signage is still under development, most people take the Trail from north to south. The northern section is more developed and easier to hike.

There are several campsites on the trail. Campsites range from rustic to upscale. Visitors can also take coffee-growing tours at the Kinunu Coffee Washing Station. However, it is advisable to avoid the wet season when heavy rains can make some sections of the trail difficult to navigate.

To help you plan your journey, you can obtain free maps at the Rwanda Development Board offices in Kigali, Musanze, and Gisenyi. Maps will help you find the right route and the best sights to visit. A map will also help you decide how long you need to spend traveling to see everything. It is advisable to plan your trip for a full week or two.

Mount Karisimbi

35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 59

Mount Karisimbi is an active stratovolcano located in the Virunga Mountains, on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the highest mountain in the region and forms part of the Albertine Rift, a branch of the East African Rift. The mountain is a popular destination for hikers and climbers and is definitely worth a visit.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on gorilla trekking. This is the most popular activity in the Virunga ranges. You can go on a trek through the park to see mountain gorillas. This is a strenuous activity, and it can be quite challenging. Guests can expect to encounter mountain gorillas and bird species during the hike, and even get up close to the famous Dian Fossey’s grave.

While you’re hiking up Mount Karisimbi, be sure to bring your hiking gear. A comfortable pair of hiking shoes is essential for this trek, and you should also pack warm clothes and a waterproof jacket. You’ll also need a walking stick and a tent for overnight camping.

There are porters available for $20 per day who will help you carry your backpack and equipment up the mountain. You can also visit Dian Fossey’s grave and the Karisoke research center. During your hike, be sure to bring your camera.

Mount Bisoke

35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 60

Mount Bisoke is an active volcano located in the Virunga Mountains. It is part of the Albertine Rift, a western branch of the East African Rift. It straddles the border between Rwanda and the DRC, but its summit lies in Rwanda. If you’re lucky enough to be able to hike up to its summit, you’ll be able to witness the stunning view that is atop the mountain.

A one-day trek up Mount Bisoke is a great way to see the crater lakes and enjoy Rwanda’s spectacular scenery. It takes about 6 hours to climb the mountain and a few hours to return. The hiking tour begins in Kinigi, where hikers will be transported to the hiking site. From there, they’ll follow well-marked trails up to the summit. From there, they’ll have views of the second crater lake.

As an active volcano, Mount Bisoke requires extra strength and endurance. Depending on how much you want to trek, it can last anywhere from five to a full day. The mountain’s three zones of vegetation provide refuge for a diverse variety of wildlife. The area is home to golden monkeys and critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Kimironko And Caplaki Markets

35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 61

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Rwanda, Kimironko Market is the place to be. Its colorful stalls, showcasing local crafts, and bustling atmosphere make it one of the most exciting places in the country. This market is also a popular place to people-watch.

The market is located on the outskirts of Kigali and is the largest in the country. The market is open every day and offers a wide variety of products. You can find everything from fruit and vegetables to clothing and handicrafts. You can also get some great souvenirs for yourself at bargain prices.

If you love animal life, this place is definitely for you. Here, you can experience the culture and customs of the local people. You can also take a guided tour. These tours start early, so you can see the animals at their most active. You can also find lodges and camping grounds in the area.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, you can also head to the Caplaki market. This market is full of handmade fabrics, baskets, carvings, and more. You can also try local foods at the market, which is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm. The market is also home to a thriving art scene, which showcases the work of local and international artists.


35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 62

Musanze is the gateway to the Volcanoes National Park, home to golden monkeys and mountain gorillas. The park encompasses Mount Karisimbi and four other forested volcanoes. The town is also home to the Musanze Caves, nestled in lush greenery. Its lake Burera is nestled against verdant hills.

Musanze is located about two hours outside of Kigali and is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. On the way to Musanze, you will drive through the famous thousand-hills landscape. You will also see the active volcanoes just outside of town, which is often hidden by cloud cover.

The Musanze caves are located in Musanze, at the foot of the Volcanoes National Park. The caves are two kilometers long and have 31 entrances. The main entrance is ten kilometers wide and a colony of bats is found here. A 2013 Rwanda Development Board project developed the caves.

The Musanze Caves in Rwanda are a popular tourist destination. The caves are filled with beautiful scenery. Visitors can see the surrounding area and the wider Virunga ranges. They can also see the Karisimbi volcano and hike through the Bisoke volcano. The caves are also a popular place for photographers.

The caves are part of the Virunga Volcanoes, which formed 65 million years ago. You can explore them on a guided tour led by a professional tour guide. There is a $55 entry fee, which covers the cost of transportation to the site and tips for the guides. The caves are accessible year-round, but advance booking is recommended.

The caves are also home to a large population of bats. You can see bats hanging upside down in almost every small room, and different plants are growing on the walls. The caves used to serve as a refuge during the genocide in Rwanda.

Virunga Mountains

35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 63

The Virunga Mountains are a chain of eight major volcanoes that span Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Five of these volcanoes form the Volcanoes National Park. The most popular hike is on Mount Bisoke, with stunning views of the Virunga Mountains and the chance to see mountain gorillas.

The Virunga Mountains are home to endangered mountain gorillas, and there are also numerous other animals that live here. Visitors can also experience a close encounter with golden monkeys and Albertine birds, as well as primates, antelopes, and giraffes.

The Virunga Mountains are a must-visit location for Rwanda travelers. A four-day trip to Rwanda should include a visit to Amahoro Island, a nature reserve with a wealth of primates. Also, don’t miss out on the Akagera National Park, where you’ll be able to see red-tailed monkeys and get a taste of the African savannah.

Lake Kivu

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Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s largest lake and covers more than 2,700 square kilometers. The Congo trial offers panoramic views of the lake and is also a great hiking destination. The trail takes about ten days and passes through lush hills and green vegetation.

This lake is surrounded by terraced hills and offers a spectacular view. You can bike around the lake and see the surrounding scenery. Another reason to visit Lake Kivu is that it is one of the country’s top coffee producers.

If you love fishing, Lake Kivu is a great place for you. The lake is home to nearly 30 species of fish. Tourists can engage in sport fishing on the lake. They often catch sardines, sambazas, and cichlids. Water sports are also popular on the lake, and visitors can rent or carry game equipment.

Lake Kivu is a wonderful place for water sports, with opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and windsurfing. There are many companies offering these activities, and tourists can book a day of canoeing or a multi-day package. Visitors can also go on cultural tours and visit village communities. Biking around the lake is another common activity.

There are many more activities to choose from, including boat cruises, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and swimming. If you have time, you can choose to explore different lakeside towns. Each city has different activities, and you can plan your own itinerary to fit your interests.

Many of the lakefront hotels provide breathtaking views of the lake and its surroundings. Several bird species can be seen at the lake, including the Yellow-throated Greenbul and Speckled Pigeon. You can also take a boat tour to the nearby Bugarura Island.

Mount Kigali

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If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the country’s natural beauty, Mount Kigali is an excellent option. You can hike up the mountain, passing through charming villages, before descending and enjoying the view. At the base of the mountain, you can visit the Fazenda Sengha recreation center, where you can try a variety of local beverages and even ride a horse through the forest.

The area around Lake Kivu is full of natural beauty. The region is home to three “exploding lakes” in the world, which means that it is a spectacular sight. The eruptions, known as limnic eruptions, are rare natural disasters that result in huge eruptions of carbon dioxide.

Historically, limnic eruptions have killed off anything living nearby, but they’re now more likely to emit a warm vapor. You can even experience a limnic eruption yourself. The region surrounding the lake has many interesting sights, including catholic cathedrals and coffee fields.

National Museum of Rwanda

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35 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 66

If you’re interested in Rwandan history and culture, the National Museum of Rwanda is an excellent place to start. This museum features displays that give insight into the early Rwandan way of life.

The exhibitions feature items such as clothing, food, hunting and storage, and traditional ritual objects. Visitors can also see a replica of the king’s palace. The museum is open to the public, but photography is not permitted.

While visiting the National Museum of Rwanda, you should also visit the Inema Arts Center, where you can admire the works of local artists. Also, if you’re interested in contemporary art, you should also visit the Rwanda Art Museum, which is located in the former Presidential Palace.

This museum also features the remains of a presidential airplane. Finally, don’t forget to try the locally produced coffee at the Question Coffee Café.

King’s Palace Museum

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If you’re in Rwanda, a visit to the King’s Palace Museum is an excellent choice. It was built in 1931 by the Belgians and served as the royal palace until the genocide in 1994.

While most of the furnishings were looted and destroyed during the genocide, the museum still has some excellent panels that detail the history of Rwanda and its people. For example, you can read about the first mwami, King Mutara III Rudahigwa, and his conversion to Catholicism. You can see how his conversion to Christianity earned him the affection of the Belgian rulers.

The museum is located in Nyanza, a town located just south of Kigali. The museum has a number of exhibitions, including one on traditional Rwandese beliefs. It also features exhibits on the country’s history and culture.

Inema Art Center

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The Inema Arts Center is an arts center and gallery located in the capital of Rwanda. It exhibits artworks from artists from Rwanda and neighboring countries. This unique arts center is a great place to learn about Rwanda’s history and culture. Visitors to the center will also get a chance to interact with artists.

The Inema Arts Center is a private organization run by ten resident and guest artists. It has established itself as one of the best places to see modern Rwandan art. It also hosts dance and music performances several times a week. You can also purchase artwork at the center, as well as attend courses and take part in various activities. The center also has a small cafe on site.

The Inema Art Center is an excellent place to learn about the history of Rwanda’s genocide. The main exhibit explores how the genocide affected Rwandan society and the divisions between the Hutus and Tutsis. The center also has powerful photographs, audiovisual displays, and stories from survivors. The museum also houses a memorial garden and memorials for victims of the genocide.

Kigali Genocide Memorial

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There are many reasons to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial. From the story of the genocide itself to the recent efforts to rebuild the country, this memorial is a must-see for anyone traveling to Rwanda. A brief video explains the background of the genocide and provides a good introduction to the country’s culture. The museum’s other exhibits cover everything from Belgian colonialism to today’s reconstruction efforts.

In addition to the genocide memorial, visitors can visit the gardens. The memorial is open to the public from 8 am to 4 pm daily. The memorial is free to visit, although donations are welcomed. All proceeds help to maintain the memorial, preserve its archives, and provide educational programs for visitors.

After the genocide, the Kigali City Council began construction of the memorial center. They asked the UK-based Aegis Trust to help them make their vision a reality. Aegis Trust worked with Kigali City Council to collect data from all over the world and design three graphical exhibits. These were then shipped to Rwanda to be displayed.

Nyamata Genocide Memorial

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The Nyamata Genocide Memorial is a powerful and humbling place to visit. It features a cemetery of genocide victims as well as a former technical school that now holds the remains of close to 1200 victims. It is also home to artifacts from the genocide and shops selling Rwandan souvenirs.

The Nyamata Genocide Memorial is located in a church in the town of Bugesera, just 40 minutes south of Kigali. It commemorates the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The memorial also has a museum displaying bones, skulls, and clothing scraps. The museum serves as a stark reminder to those who deny the genocide.

The Nyamata Genocide Memorial is the final resting place for over 40,000 Rwandan genocide victims. The memorial includes the clothing of the victims who were murdered during the genocide. More than 45 000 people were murdered in one day.

The Cultural Heritage Corridor

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If you have the chance to visit Rwanda, you should definitely go and see some of the country’s cultural heritage. You may have heard of Mount Huye, which was home to the Nyagacecuru kingdom during the 16th century. They were eventually overpowered by King Ruganzu 11, who wanted to create a modern kingdom. This is the place where you can see their remains and experience their culture.

You can also visit the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, which is one of the most visited memorials in the country. The genocide claimed over 800,000 lives, and you can see the bones of many of the victims. You can also visit the mass grave, where thousands of victims were buried.

The Cultural Heritage Corridor is one of Rwanda’s top destinations. You’ll discover a range of cultural attractions as well as Rwanda’s beautiful countryside.


Visiting Rwanda is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The capital city of Kigali offers a great African experience along with white sand beaches on Lake Kivu and great cultural experiences.

The country has many beautiful sights. There are many national parks where you can see gorillas, giraffes, zebras, and other wild animals in their natural habitats. There are also many cultural attractions such as the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and the National Museum of Rwanda.

Rwanda is one of Africa’s safest countries to visit. The people are very friendly, the crime rate is very low, and the country’s infrastructure has improved dramatically since the end of the genocide. The infrastructure includes paved roads, new hotels, and new airports. Rwanda is also very safe for women to travel alone.

Overall, you should experience Rwanda for the beautiful landscape and clean air that it offers.

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