Antananarivo’s 10 Amazing Secrets

Antananarivo-s 10 Amazing Secrets

Enveloped in the highlands of Madagascar and buzzing with a unique blend of cultures, Antananarivo – the capital city – tells a riveting tale of heritage, wildlife, and an enduring spirit of survival. While many regard it as a simple layover on their way to the island’s more renowned destinations, the city’s compelling character is reflected in its vibrant streets, colonial architecture, and charming nooks that serve as conduits to its past.

Those who venture into its heart will find much more than a bustling urban sprawl. They will discover a city teeming with secrets waiting to be unearthed. This blog post will uncover ten such gems that lie concealed in the lively folds of Antananarivo, offering you an enticing peek into the city’s fabric.

The Historic Tsimbazaza Zoo

The Historic Tsimbazaza Zoo - Source wikipedia
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The Tsimbazaza Zoo is an iconic site within Antananarivo, serving as a sanctuary for the diverse and unique flora and fauna native to Madagascar. This open-air wildlife exhibit introduces visitors to the fascinating biodiversity of the region, demonstrating the island’s unique ecological heritage.

Madagascar is home to a plethora of distinctive animal species, many of which can be encountered at the Tsimbazaza Zoo. From the playful lemurs swinging through the treetops to the vibrantly colored chameleons and geckos lurking in the vegetation, the zoo provides a glimpse into Madagascar’s endemic wildlife. To maximize your experience, consider visiting early in the morning when the animals are most active, and avoid the rainy season to evade the island’s notorious thunderstorms.

The Scenic Anosy Lake

The Scenic Anosy Lake
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The picturesque Anosy Lake, with its glittering waters and verdant surroundings, offers a serene retreat in the heart of Antananarivo. Encircled by jacaranda trees that paint the sky with their purplish-blue flowers, the lake is an ideal location for a peaceful stroll or a picnic.

Not far from the lake, the Soarano Station stands as an architectural testament to the city’s French colonial past. The vicinity of the lake offers a multitude of leisurely activities, such as paddle boating, bird-watching, and enjoying the beautiful sunset views. Pack a picnic basket, gather some friends, and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance of Anosy Lake.

The Colorful Analakely Market

The Colorful Analakely Market - Source wikipedia
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In the city’s core, the Analakely Market pulsates with life. This bustling marketplace is the heartbeat of Antananarivo, offering an array of goods, from colorful textiles and fresh produce to intricate handicrafts and traditional Malagasy spices.

As you weave through the vibrant stalls, you’ll be enveloped by a symphony of sights, sounds, and scents. Bargaining is a quintessential part of the experience, so brush up on your haggling skills. Don’t forget to navigate the market with an open mind and a respectful attitude, appreciating the local customs and traditions that govern this lively trade center.

The Hidden Gem: Lemurs’ Park

The Hidden Gem_ Lemurs_ Park
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Situated outside the city, Lemurs’ Park is a sanctuary devoted to the conservation of Madagascar’s most iconic inhabitants – lemurs. Visitors to this unique park can learn about the various species of lemurs while observing them in an environment closely resembling their natural habitat.

The park hosts nine species of lemurs, all of which were rescued and rehabilitated after being kept illegally as pets. Supporting this local initiative helps to further conservation efforts and educate visitors about the threats these endearing creatures face. So, take a break from the bustling city streets and lose yourself in the engaging world of Lemurs’ Park.

The Royal Touch: Rova – Le Palais de la Reine

The Rova, also known as Le Palais de la Reine (The Queen’s Palace), is a royal compound that offers a fascinating glimpse into Madagascar’s royal past. Perched atop the city’s highest hill, the palace complex commands a panoramic view of Antananarivo, making it a popular destination for both its historical significance and scenic vistas.

Each structure within the complex tells a story of the Merina Dynasty that ruled over Madagascar in the 19th century. A guided tour of the palace and its surrounding grounds offers insight into the island’s historical and cultural background. The Rova’s lofty location also provides an ideal vantage point to appreciate Antananarivo in all its glory.

The Historic Ambohimanga Hill

The Historic Ambohimanga Hill
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Ambohimanga Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an important symbol of the cultural identity of the people of Madagascar. The hill hosts the ancient royal city and burial sites of the country’s former kings, making it a significant historical and spiritual destination.

A walk through the fortified royal city and its surroundings allows visitors to appreciate the historical, architectural, and spiritual heritage of the Merina people. Early morning or late afternoon visits are recommended to enjoy the serene environment and avoid the heat of midday.

The Quaint Isoraka District

Isoraka, one of the oldest districts in Antananarivo, presents a unique blend of culture and architecture. The streets here are lined with an eclectic mix of eateries, bars, and shops, making it a buzzing hub of activity, especially after dusk.

This vibrant neighborhood displays an intriguing array of colonial architecture, offering a visually engaging experience to its visitors. From the quaint houses to the brightly colored storefronts, every corner of Isoraka exudes charm and warmth. Take a stroll through its animated streets and soak in the unique blend of cultures that define this district.

The Remarkable Andafiavaratra Palace

The Remarkable Andafiavaratra Palace
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Adjacent to the Rova, Andafiavaratra Palace was the residence of Madagascar’s Prime Minister during the reign of the Merina Dynasty. The palace’s distinct pink hue and imposing structure are an iconic part of Antananarivo’s skyline, drawing history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Apart from its historical significance, Andafiavaratra Palace also offers a captivating view of Antananarivo from its elevated courtyard. Inside, visitors can explore a museum that houses a collection of artifacts, providing another fascinating lens through which to view Madagascar’s past.

The Stunning Tana Waterfront

The Tana Waterfront, often referred to as simply ‘Waterfront’, is a modern urban development that contrasts sharply with the city’s historical precincts. This vibrant space boasts a plethora of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, offering a perfect blend of leisure and luxury.

The waterfront area offers a diverse array of experiences – from savoring local delicacies in one of the many eateries to shopping for souvenirs in boutique shops. An evening visit is recommended to fully appreciate the dynamic ambiance, replete with live music and a bustling nightlife scene.

The Enchanting Parc de Tsarasaotra

Nestled within the city, the Parc de Tsarasaotra serves as an oasis for both residents and migratory birds. The park, which comprises a lake and several small islands, is a designated Ramsar site, affirming its importance as a wetland of international significance.

Visitors can look forward to spotting unique species of birds, some of which are endemic to Madagascar. Walking paths wind through the park, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful nature walk. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or simply a lover of nature, the Parc de Tsarasaotra promises an environment of tranquillity and beauty.


With its unique mix of historical sites, cultural hubs, and natural treasures, Antananarivo reveals itself to be more than just a gateway to Madagascar‘s famous natural reserves. Each of these ten locations offers a unique glimpse into the city’s heart and soul, unraveling its layers one by one.

Antananarivo, with its vibrant markets, scenic landscapes, and intriguing historical sites, invites visitors to experience its unique charm and explore its hidden secrets. While it may not be the typical paradise that tourists often seek, Antananarivo offers an enriching journey into the essence of Madagascar. So, when in Madagascar, don’t just pass through – take some time to uncover the incredible secrets that Antananarivo has to share.

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