Fun Things To Do In Zanzibar

Fun Things To Do In Zanzibar - Tanzania

Zanzibar, an island near Tanzania, offers both relaxation and adventure. It provides numerous activities for tourists, such as market exploration, beach relaxation, snorkeling, and dolphin swimming.

This versatile island allows everyone to unwind and evade daily routines, making it an ideal vacation spot. Consider Zanzibar for your travel plans. In this article, discover fun things to do in Zanzibar

Visit Jozani Forest

Visit Jozani Forest - Zanzibar - Tanzania (2)
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Jozani Forest, situated in South East Zanzibar, boasts a rich ecosystem with numerous rare plant and animal species. Among these are the endangered Zanzibar red colobus monkeys, separated from their mainland counterparts for thousands of years.

The forest houses hundreds of plant species, some exclusive to Zanzibar. Notable fauna includes the Zanzibar hyrax, pygmy duiker antelope, Zanzibar sun, and mangrove kingfisher.

Over 40 bird species, such as guineafowl, doves, kingfishers, and swifts, inhabit the forest. Additionally, it is home to 50 butterfly species and various unique creatures like chameleons, elephant shrews, and black and green mambas. Jozani Forest also serves as a breeding site for sea turtles.

Stroll Through Stone Town

Stroll Through Stone Town - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Stone Town,previously called Shangani Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Unguja island in Zanzibar, holds historical significance and contributes to the Swahili coast’s art and culture. The city boasts coralline ragstone buildings with lavish interiors and double doors.

The ideal time to visit is during the dry season from June to September. Stone Town offers various accommodation options, and the Zanzibar tourism board recommends exploring with a tour operator.

Try Jet Skiing In Zanzibar

Try Jet Skiing In Zanzibar - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Zanzibar offers jet skiing opportunities for both experienced and novice participants, providing a unique way to explore the island’s waterways. Popular beaches for jet skiing include Kizimkazi, Paje Beach, and Kendwa, with calm waters suitable for wakeboarding throughout most of the year.

Additionally, parasailing is another water sport to consider. This activity offers an aerial view of the ocean and coral reefs, with participants secured in a parachute and launched from a small speed boat, reaching heights of approximately 300 meters.

Stop By Chumbe Island

Stop By Chumbe Island - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Chumbe Island, situated off Zanzibar Island’s coast, is a marine sanctuary boasting well-preserved coral reefs and diverse underwater life. The island’s pristine coral gardens host numerous tropical fish species and marine life, including dolphins and humpback whales.

Guided walks through Chumbe’s protected forest provide insights into the island’s flora, fauna, geology, and medicinal plant uses. The cost of your stay includes various activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and exploring the coral reefs.

Explore Ras Nungwi

Explore Ras Nungwi - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Ras Nungwi, on Zanzibar’s northernmost peninsula, offers scuba diving and fishing with excellent coral reefs, clear waters, and frequent dolphin and whale shark sightings.

The local diving center provides mask and snorkel rentals and day trips for snorkeling, sea kayaking, and sunset cruises.

Rent a car with a temporary driving license to explore the area or join a cultural tour. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes at Ubora restaurant using local ingredients.

Visit Prison Island

Visit Prison Island - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Prison Island, located on Zanzibar Island, is a nature reserve that once served as a prison for slaves and a quarantine station. The island was previously owned by Arab slave traders and later acquired by the British, who used it as a quarantine center for sick individuals.

In 1893, General Lloyd Mathews, the first British Prime Minister of Zanzibar, purchased the island. Over time, it has transformed into a museum, a quarantine station, and a holiday destination. Today, Prison Island is a nature reserve and tourist resort, housing endangered Aldabra giant tortoises.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood In Zanzibar

Enjoy Fresh Seafood In Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Zanzibar offers a delightful culinary experience, with its cuisine reflecting Middle Eastern and Indian influences, particularly from Persia. Seafood is abundant on the archipelago, catering to various meal preferences.

A popular dish is Zanzibari Biryani, which consists of tomato, potatoes, onions, and spices served with flavored rice. Street food, such as mishkaki, is also prevalent. These snacks are made from ground meat, potatoes, spices, and garlic, and can be found throughout the island, including in alleyways.

Few Things to do in Paje

Few Things to do in Paje - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Paje, a small coastal town on Zanzibar’s southeast coast, features a stunning beach and is renowned as one of the top kite surfing destinations globally. The town offers a pristine white sand beach, crystal-clear waters, and a few historical sites.

At the Paje Seaweed Centre, located on the beach, tourists can take an affordable tour to learn about seaweed harvesting and its uses.

The Jambo Beach Party, starting at 11 pm, is another popular activity. With a large dance floor, it provides a fun evening experience, but visitors should arrange transportation beforehand.

Go Diving In Zanzibar

Go Diving In Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Zanzibar offers excellent diving opportunities for both beginners and experienced divers, with a diverse range of underwater creatures such as dolphins and manatees. The island is also known for its white sand beaches, palm-fringed villages, and deep-sea fishing sites.

Two notable diving spots in Zanzibar include Leven Bank, an open-ocean atoll featuring over 100 coral reef types and a variety of marine life like white-tip sharks and barracudas. Hunga reef, although not as deep, presents stunning colors and a rich ecosystem.

Have Fun In Matemwe

Have Fun In Matemwe - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Matemwe, a popular and conveniently located village in Unguja Island’s northern part, offers stunning white sand beaches and coconut palm backdrops. Accommodation options include Matemwe Retreats, featuring four private suites with ocean views, plunge pools, and airy ceilings, ideal for couples seeking privacy.

Attractions in Matemwe include the ornate old Dispensary and the Zanzibar International Film Festival in July. Activities such as snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, and kite surfing are also available.

Snorkel Mnemba Island

Snorkel Mnemba Island - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Mnemba Island in Zanzibar offers a fantastic snorkeling experience, surrounded by vibrant coral reefs teeming with diverse aquatic life. To explore the reefs, book a full-day snorkeling tour, which typically includes a lunch break on a nearby beach.

The tour begins with a boat ride to Mnemba Island, followed by two 45-minute snorkeling sessions. The colorful reefs are home to various fish species such as lionfish, butterflyfish, clownfish, giant trevally, and yellow snappers. After snorkeling, guests return to Zanzibar.

Swim With Sea Turtles

Swim With Sea Turtles - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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Swimming with sea turtles in Zanzibar offers an opportunity to learn about marine life and interact with fascinating creatures. The Indian Ocean around Zanzibar is home to five marine turtle species.

When swimming with sea turtles, approach from the side, avoid talking or splashing, and wear proper snorkeling gear and a contrasting-colored swimsuit.

Dine at The Rock Restaurant

Dine at The Rock Restaurant - Zanzibar - Tanzania
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The Rock Restaurant, situated on a rock in the Indian Ocean on Unguja Island’s east coast, offers a unique dining experience. During high tide, it becomes an island in the sea. The restaurant features a panoramic terrace, serving classic Swahili dishes and offering an impressive wine list.

The Rock has partnered with the Kichanga Foundation to teach locals swimming skills. Its distinctive design includes a rising roof and a ladder for guests to ascend during low tide.

Enjoy Zanzibar Nightlife

Enjoy Zanzibar Nightlife - Tanzania
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Zanzibar offers a vibrant nightlife scene with various activities such as local dancing, live music, and wine tasting. It’s also ideal for cultural tours and daytime exploration of natural landscapes and marine life.

Popular nightlife destinations in Zanzibar include Kendwa, Stone Town, and Nungwi. Kendwa, located on the island’s northern tip, features numerous nightclubs, a sundowner at Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel, and a monthly full moon party with acrobats, fire-eaters, and local artists.

Shop at Darajani Market

Shop at Darajani Market - Zanzibar - Tanzania - Source wikipedia
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Darajani Market in Zanzibar offers a variety of exotic products like spices, fruits, clothes, and souvenirs. The market, located in Stone Town, features numerous vendors and street carts, providing an authentic shopping experience.

It is organized into sections for fresh produce, fish, meat, bread, and street food. Purchasing goods at Darajani Market offers a glimpse into local life. Souvenirs such as kofia hats, clothes, and perfumes are available, as well as local delicacies like dates, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, soursops, and fish.


Zanzibar is a popular tourist destination known for its white sandy beaches, clear waters, and relaxed atmosphere.

The island offers various activities, including exploring Stone Town and enjoying its nightlife with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Zanzibar provides an opportunity to appreciate East Africa’s natural beauty and have a memorable time.

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