Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa

Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Head on over to one of these serene and beautiful beaches in Cape Town! Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and soak up some sun, or you want to get active with some water sports, there’s a beach in Cape Town, South Africa for you.

It is world-renowned for its stunning beaches. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones to visit. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best beaches in Cape Town, perfect for any type of traveler.

If you are an adventurer looking for a new beach to explore, or you simply want to sit back and relax, Cape Town is home to some of the best beaches in the world. In this article, we will cover the beaches of Llandudno, Muizenberg, Oudekraal, Clifton, Camps Bay, Smitswinkel Bay, Glen Beach, Queens Beach, Waters Edge, Beta beach, Buffels Bay, Noordhoek, Sandy Bay, and Bloubergstrand.

Clifton Beaches

Clifton Beaches, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 17

Located on the northwest tip of the Cape Peninsula, Clifton Beaches are a group of four beaches. They are sheltered by granite boulders and are protected from south-easterly winds. This means they are ideal for sunbathing and water sports.

The Fourth Beach is the largest and most fashionable of the Clifton beaches. In fact, it is the second-best beach in the world according to National Geographic. The 4th beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag award, which is a symbol of environmental safety and quality. It is also one of the most popular beaches for tourists and the gay community.

The Clifton Beaches are located on Victoria Road. They are about a 15 to 20-minute drive from Cape Town’s center. During the summer, parking is limited. However, deck chairs are available for daily rental.

Llandudno, Cape Town

Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 18

Located on the Atlantic Seaboard, Llandudno Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Cape Town. It is a crescent-shaped beach with white sand and is surrounded by large granite boulders. It is popular for sunbathing and swimming. It is also a great spot for picnicking.

Llandudno Beach is also a favorite amongst surfers and bodyboarders. It is one of the most photographed beaches. It is located between Hout Bay and Camps Bay. It is one of the most secluded beaches in Cape Town. There is no street lighting and there is no commercial activity on the beach.

During the summer months, lifeguards are on duty. You can hire deck chairs for a day and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach. If you prefer to swim, be aware that the water can be very cold.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 19

Located on the south side of Cape Town, Boulders Beach is part of the Table Mountain National Park. It’s an ideal place for swimming and watersports. It also is home to one of the world’s only land-based African penguin colonies. It made this list not only for its gorgeous beaches but also for its rich wildlife.

The Boulders Beach colony is made up of two breeding pairs of African penguins. These penguins were originally from Dyer Island and found refuge on the sand dunes and granite boulders of Boulders Beach. In 1982, the Boulders Beach colony started to grow. In 2011, the colony had only 2,100 birds. The Boulders Beach colony is considered to be one of the largest in South Africa.

The Boulders Beach area is home to other wildlife as well. There are whales, ostriches, and other animals that make the area their home. The area is also known for its clear, sapphire waters.


Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 20

Located on the coast of False Bay, Muizenberg Beach is a favorite destination for locals and visitors. The beach features a wide range of activities. Visitors can surf, play mini-golf, rent water sports equipment, or go for a swim. Its location makes it an ideal place to watch the sunset.

The beach is surrounded by a range of scenic nature reserves. The Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve has a mile-long walkway and bird hides. The Rondevlei Nature Reserve is home to a wild hippo population. The reserve is also a popular bird-watching location.

Surfers will find plenty of surf schools in Muizenberg Beach. There are also local hotspots where surfers can enjoy a meal. One of the most popular places is the Hang Ten Cafe, which serves crepes. Alternatively, visitors can try Tiger’s Milk, which serves hand-crafted pizzas.

Oudekraal beach

Oudekraal beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 21

Located in Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park, Oudekraal beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It is surrounded by huge granite boulders which create an idyllic setting for swimming and braais.

Oudekraal beach is known for its beautiful views, tranquility, and great snorkeling. It is also home to a seal colony. Its entry is easy and smooth, and the water is crystal clear. It is a perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, or picnicking.

It is a small beach, but it offers a lot of space for swimming, snorkeling, and braaiing. It is also a good place for sundowners.

The sand is smooth and golden, but it does not have any shade. It is located in the Western Cape and is a popular destination for scuba divers.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 22

Located in the coastal suburb of Camps Bay, Camps Bay is one of the most visited and popular beaches in Cape Town. The beach has pristine white sand and clear waters. It is surrounded by the glittering Atlantic Ocean and the mighty Twelve Apostles mountain range. The Twelve Apostles are a rugged spine of fynbos-covered mountains that runs from Table Mountain to Cape Point.

Camps Bay is also a popular destination for families. It has great swimming and surfing opportunities. The area also boasts a number of restaurants and watering holes.

The beach promenade is dotted with mellow cafes and posh seafood restaurants. Boutiques selling beachwear and fashionable clothes can also be found at the Promenade Mall.

The best time to visit Camps Bay is during the summer months. The long beach is also the perfect place to watch the sunset.

Smitswinkel Bay

Smitswinkel Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 23

Located just beyond Simonstown, Smitswinkel Bay (also known as Smits) is a unique and beautiful beach in South Africa. It is a great place to go swimming, snorkeling, or spearfishing. This white sand beach offers magnificent views of the bay.

Smitswinkel Bay is also a nature reserve. The bay is home to many fascinating species of wildlife. These include dolphins, seals, and interesting birds. It is also a good place to see bontebok.

Despite its remote location, Smitswinkel is a popular spot to go swimming. This beach is sheltered from the wind by a cliff. It is also home to a few houses and a penguin colony.

This beach is also popular for scuba diving and kite surfing. The bay’s warm water makes it a good spot for swimmers to relax. There are also rock pools on the south side of the beach. These are perfect for explorers during low tide.

Glen Beach

Glen Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 24

Located in Cape Town, Glen Beach is a small enclave on the Atlantic seaboard. It is a surfing haven and a popular hangout for bikini-clad youngsters. The surf is not the only thing to love about this beach. It has wonderful views in all directions.

The beach is located between Camps Bay and Maiden’s Cove. It is surrounded by granite boulders, which provide the beach with a bit of shelter from the south-easterly wind.

Glen Beach is a popular hangout for bikini-clad youngsters, and a number of trendy bars and restaurants are located along the strip. It is also the location of the oldest independent movie theatre in Cape Town, the Labia Theatre.

It is a popular hangout for surfing enthusiasts and is relatively uncrowded compared to the neighboring Clifton beaches. It is also the site of an interesting incident when two men were swept out to sea by a rip current at the beach.

Queens Beach

Queens Beach, south africa, Cape Town
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 25

Located in the Western Cape of South Africa, Queens Beach is a little bit of a hidden gem. There are a few hotels, holiday apartments, and shops around the area, so it is not hard to find a place to lay your hat. The beach is secluded from the promenade and offers plenty of opportunities for sunbathing.

The best way to enjoy the beach is by taking a dip in the warm, clear waters. The water temperature at Queens Beach is about a degree warmer than the air. The best time to hit the beach is during high tide when the sea is the calmest.

The beach is tidal, and you can find a number of tidal pools and natural tidal pools. For the beach bum in the family, Strand Beach has a large beachfront entertainment complex with a miniature golf course, a water slide, and plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from. Strand Beach also has more than an adequate number of bars, which makes it a great place to unwind after a day at the beach.

Waters Edge

Waters Edge, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 26

Located between Seaforth Beach and Boulders Beach, Waters Edge is a quaint little beach in Simon’s Town. Often considered a hidden gem, this beach has a unique ambiance and is a perfect getaway for families.

During the winter months, Waters Edge offers warm weather, while in the summer months, it is one of the hottest beaches in Cape Town. The beach is surrounded by granite boulders popping out of the water. If you want to find a spot, it may be necessary to boulder hop.

Waters Edge Beach has an excellent view. You can enjoy the sun and surf without the crowds. It has some untouched rock pools that are great for the kids to play in. The beach is also known for its fishy inhabitants.

Beta beach

Beta beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 27

Located in the Camps Bay area, Beta Beach is a small beach that is popular for swimming and reading Sunday newspapers. This small beach is also famous for its magnificent views of the Twelve Apostles mountain range and Lion’s Head.

The beach is sheltered by large granite boulders and is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and kayaking. It’s also perfect for watching the sunset.

This beach is a great place for families to spend time together. It’s also a good spot for surfers and bodyboarders. During the summer, a section of the beach is supervised by lifeguards. It’s also an ideal place for long walks along the pristine white sand.

If you’re going to Beta Beach, make sure to arrive early. It’s a small beach and can get crowded at low tide.

Buffels Bay

Buffels Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 28

Located in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, Buffels Bay is a picturesque, safe beach. It offers surfers and surfers-to-be the chance to catch a wave in the company of seals. It’s a popular family picnic spot.

There is no vehicular access to the beach, so visitors must walk or ride their bikes along the dunes. The beach has well-maintained ablutions and a large lawn for picnics.

There are surf stores and rental stores at the beach, as well as beachfront cafes. Buffels Bay also hosts an annual surfing competition.

The most popular activity here is surfing. The waves are relatively small and manageable, making it a perfect place for beginners to learn. However, more experienced surfers can find larger, more challenging waves in Cape Town.


Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 29

Located on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, Noordhoek Beach is one of the most unspoiled beaches on the Atlantic Cape Coast. This beautiful white sand beach is surrounded by National park-protected wetlands, making it a haven for wild animals.

Noordhoek Beach is a beautiful beach for surfing. Its pristine white sand, turquoise sea, and rustic mountain slopes make it a popular spot for families.

Noordhoek beach is also home to a lighthouse that casts a pale yellow glow over the ocean. The beach also offers kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking. Visitors should be prepared for rough waves. It is also a popular destination for whale watching in season.

Noordhoek is home to a number of guesthouses, making it a great place to stay for a weekend getaway. It is a family-friendly beach, and there are also plenty of pet-friendly facilities available.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa (2)
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 30

Located on the southern tip of Llandudno, Sandy Bay Beach is one of the most remote beaches in Cape Town. Its location is protected from view by the sand dunes of Hout Bay.

Sandy Bay is a beautiful cove that is surrounded by the Twelve Apostles mountain range. The beach has soft, golden sand and is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming. It’s also a good surf spot.

The best time to visit Sandy Bay is during the summer months. This beach is also an ideal place for nudists. In fact, Sandy Bay is one of the few places in South Africa where it is permissible to tan naked.

There is no shop or restroom at Sandy Bay. However, there are some wooden walkways that have been built to protect the indigenous Cape fynbos vegetation.


Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa
Best Beaches In Cape Town, South Africa 31

Located in Cape Town, Bloubergstrand is an area that is known for its beaches. These beaches are known for their white sand and scenic beauty. The beaches here also provide a panoramic view of Table Mountain. The water is often a bit cold because of the Benguela current.

Bloubergstrand is located along the west coast of Table Bay. It is home to a number of beaches, including Big Bay and Small Bay. It is also home to the Dolphin Beach Hotel. The hotel offers sea-facing apartments and offers a perfect view of Table Mountain.

It is home to a lot of water sports activities such as kite-surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. The waters are also home to Heaviside’s dolphins. These dolphins are often seen in the bay.


Cape Town has some of the best beaches in the world. The cold Benguela current brings cold water from the south, resulting in beautiful white sand beaches. Table Mountain, South Africa’s most famous landmark, also causes cold water to flow up the beach’s eastern side, resulting in colder water but also warmer water on its western side.

Cape Town’s beaches are very safe. Table Mountain National Park covers 8% of Cape Town’s entire land area and protects its beaches from vandalism and pollution. The beaches are by far some of the best in the world.

Cape Town is a great place for a beach holiday. If you’d like to explore the coast, there are several marked trails and plenty of scenic viewpoints. Or if you’d like to take your holiday at a gentler pace, there are plenty of gorgeous picnic spots and lovely places to just lie back and soak up the sun.

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