Top Fun Things To Do In Lagos

Top Fun Things To Do In Lagos

Lagos, a major city in Nigeria, offers a lively and engaging experience. It’s known for its bustling markets, vibrant streets, participation in traditional festivals, and stunning beaches.

The city caters to diverse preferences, providing a range of activities from energetic nightlife to tranquil holiday experiences.

Explore Lekki Conservation Center

Explore Lekki Conservation Center
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Lekki Conservation Center, situated in eastern Lagos, is a 78-hectare site dedicated to preserving natural resources. Managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization, the center promotes sustainable use of resources and minimizing environmental impact.

The center provides various activities: Canopy Walk, Beach Volleyball, Nature Station, Barbecue joints, a tree house provides a panoramic view of the park, and Bird Hide.

Notably, the 401-meter Canopy Walk, an engineering achievement, is Africa’s longest suspended canopy walk, connecting six towers and offering 360-degree views.

Do Not Miss Rufus And Bee

Rufus And Bee, located in Lekki, is an entertainment center catering to various social and business interests. It features an arcade, sports bar, restaurant, and bowling alley.

The arcade offers over 100 games, ranging from table smashing and virtual car racing to traditional basketball and football. Games are priced between N500 and N1,000, with tickets available for purchase and redeemable rewards. The arcade also provides movie tickets.

Two restaurants serve a combination of international and local cuisines, with menus updated to reflect current trends. Event space is also available at the restaurant.

Laguna Beach In Lagos

Laguna Beach is a favored beach resort. Despite its smaller size, the facilities are well-maintained. The beach is popular for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, with free entry except for special events.

The beach is clean with adequate restrooms and nearby restaurants. During summer, it can become crowded. A swimming pool is available for free use, and floaters are provided for non-swimmers. Reservations are recommended.

A key attraction at Laguna Beach is the Tower at Victoria Beach, a 16th-century-style tower designed as a private spiral staircase for beach access.

Visit Terra Kulture

Visit Terra Kulture
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Terra Kulture, located in Victoria Island, Lagos, is a private initiative dedicated to promoting Nigerian culture. The center provides language and craft classes, art exhibitions, and theater performances. It also houses a mini-library focused on the Nigerian landscape.

Terra Kulture has expanded, adding Terra Arena multipurpose theater and a reading and documentation center. Recognized as a leading cultural institution in Nigeria, it has attracted repeated visits from students of renowned universities.

The mini-library offers books, e-books, and various electronic learning materials. Additionally, there is an audio-visual room and a modern café serving African snacks.

Discover The Historic Town of Badagry

Discover The Historic Town of Badagry
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Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Badagry served as a central hub for the trans-Atlantic slave trade and was Nigeria’s leading port until 1851. Many African slaves were transported from Badagry to the Americas and Brazil, and it marked the first Christian sermon location in Nigeria.

Nowadays, Badagry is a significant tourist destination, housing numerous museums, monuments, and historically relevant sites.

The coastal town, located in Lagos State near the Lagos-Benin border, was established around 425 A.D. by Popo refugees from Dahomey and developed into a palm-oil port for the Egbaland region.

Badagry preserves relics of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and ranks as the second-largest commercial town in Lagos State. Surrounded by creeks, lagoons, and lakes, the town offers insights into Nigeria’s rich history.

Stroll Through Freedom Park

Stroll Through Freedom Park - Source wikipedia
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Freedom Park, situated on the remnants of the old Broad Street Prison, is a distinctive memorial to Nigeria’s colonial history. It functions as an arts center and event space.

The park houses the Wole Soyinka Art Gallery and hosts events like the Lagos Theatre Festival and Felabration. Several monuments, including the Chief Daniel Conrad Taiwo monument, provide insights into the history of the old prisons.

Freedom Park also features a food court with local cuisine stalls, allowing visitors to enjoy the surrounding artwork and historical sites while dining.

Admire Makoko Floating Village

Admire Makoko Floating Village - Source wikipedia (2)
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The Makoko Floating Village in Lagos offers a unique insight into Nigerian society. Established as a fishing village in the 19th century, it houses migrants from various Nigerian states and the Republic of Benin.

Makoko’s population of around 85,000 is evenly split between land and water dwellings, making it the world’s largest floating village. The community, primarily consisting of the Egun tribe from the Republic of Benin, is a blend of religions and languages.

Despite facing extreme poverty, climate-related events, and government demolition, the Makoko community perseveres and is currently developing a new building model for the settlement.

Do Not Miss Nike Centre for Art and Culture

Do Not Miss Nike Centre for Art and Culture - Source wikipedia
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The Nike Art Gallery, situated on the Lekki Peninsula outside Lagos, is an excellent destination for those interested in Nigerian art and culture.

The gallery, spanning four levels and featuring a sculpture garden, houses over eight thousand Nigerian art pieces, making it Africa’s largest.

Owned by Nigerian artist Nike Davies-Okundaye, who also founded Nike’s Art and Culture Centre in Osogbo, the gallery showcases various artifacts, such as sculptures, paintings, textile art, metal sculptures, and wood craftworks.

Initially established to support disadvantaged women, the center has since trained more than three thousand Nigerian artists. The gallery is also home to one of the most extensive collections of local African art.

Surf at Tarkwa Bay

Surf at Tarkwa Bay - Source wikipedia
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Tarkwa Bay, a Nigerian island community, offers a range of beach activities for visitors. The bay features a sheltered beach, clean water, and calm waters, making it ideal for swimming and horseback riding. Beachgoers can also purchase beachwear, drinks, and food from vendors.

Tarkwa Bay is home to the Tarkwa Bay Surf Club, an organization dedicated to empowering local youth by providing surf equipment, swimming training, and travel support. The club has gained international recognition, with features on BBC and CNN.

Relax In Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park

Relax In Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park - Source wikipedia
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When visiting Lagos, include Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park in your itinerary. This family-friendly park offers ample space for play, relaxation, and photography.

Located near the Lagos State House of Assembly, the park is quiet on weekdays but popular with families picnicking on weekends. The well-maintained park features a cafeteria, restrooms, a children’s playground, and a picnic area with three large tents.

Another notable destination is the Lekki Conservation Center, a 75-hectare (185-acre) preserve of untouched mangrove. Popular among birdwatchers, the center is also home to mona monkeys and boasts a 401-meter canopy walkway and several gazebos.

Visit Kalakuta Republic Museum

Visit Kalakuta Republic Museum - Source wikipedia
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The Kalakuta Republic Museum, situated in the former residence of late Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, showcases the life of the Afrobeat pioneer. Personal items, photos, posters, clothing, and other everyday objects related to Kuti’s life are on display.

Originally a recording studio and Kuti’s home, the building in Ikeja now serves as a museum. The name “Kalakuta” is derived from Fela’s prison cell name in Calcutta.

Visitors can explore Kuti’s bedroom, featuring his signature tenor saxophone, and the living room, adorned with album covers and newspaper clippings.

Visit The New Afrika Shrine

Visit The New Afrika Shrine
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The New Afrika Shrine, located in Ikeja, is an open-air entertainment center honoring the life of late Afrobeat icon Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Run by Fela’s son, Femi Kuti, the shrine offers culture, food, and music, making it an ideal place for live shows, concerts, and parties with friends and family.

Notable events include monthly performances by Femi Kuti and his band, Egypt 80, on the last Saturday of each month. The New Afrika Shrine, opened by Femi in October 2000, is one of Nigeria’s top tourist attractions.

Explore Epe Mangroves

Explore Epe Mangroves - Source wikipedia
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Epe Mangroves, situated in Lagos state, is a lesser-known treasure. This coastal town appeals to nature enthusiasts and aquatic life admirers, as it serves as a natural habitat for birds, fish, and other aquatic creatures. The ideal time to visit is before sunset.

The gin-making factory at Epe Mangroves adds to its allure. The mangroves are also home to one of Nigeria‘s largest fish markets, featuring an impressive fish display with various sizes available for purchase. Visitors can even attempt fishing with guidance from local fishermen.

You’ve Got To Ride A Keke

You've Got To Ride A Keke - Source wikipedia
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Until recently, Keke rides in Lagos were limited to residential areas, markets, and suburbs, with few public transportation options available.

However, a recent ban on motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos has led to a significant reduction in public transport alternatives.

Consequently, many commercial motorcycle operators face income loss and fare increases, while numerous commuters struggle to reach the city center due to the absence of transportation options.

Try Fine Dining at Shiro Restaurant

Shiro, situated at the Landmark Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, provides fine dining and a stunning ocean view. The restaurant’s menu features a range of dishes from Thai to Japanese cuisine. An expansive outdoor terrace offers a picturesque view of the sea.

Shiro’s offerings include an impressive cocktail selection, a distinctive utensil wall, and a well-designed wine room. A small café is available for lighter refreshments. The restaurant also boasts a noteworthy sushi menu.

Visit The Nigerian National Museum

Visit The Nigerian National Museum - Source wikipedia
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The Nigerian National Museum, established in 1957 by English archaeologist Kenneth Murray, is located in Lagos and showcases artifacts from various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The museum houses a section dedicated to Nigerian art, featuring sculptures, ancestral figures, masks, and traditional musical instruments.

Notable collections include artifacts from the Kingdom of Benin, Igbo, and Ukwu people, as well as carved ivory, statuary, and archaeological findings.

Enjoy Jara Beach Resort

Jara Beach Resort (JBR), situated on Museyo beach in Lagos State, is an all-inclusive beach resort established in November 2017.

The resort offers a range of activities, including a pool, game center, and sand-based games like beach soccer, volleyball, and badminton. Oceanfront rides are also available.

The resort features a restaurant serving local and international cuisine, designed to provide guests with a memorable dining experience. Additionally, there is a nightclub on the premises.

Have Fun At Moist Beach Club

Moist Beach Club, situated within Oniru Royal Beach, provides a tranquil beach experience and an on-site restaurant serving international cuisine. Established in 2010 by businessman Adedapo Oniru, the club has grown to become one of Lagos’ finest.

The club offers a private beach, good food, and alcoholic beverages, making it an ideal location for socializing with friends, family, or meeting new people.

The beach is peaceful during the day and livelier at night, featuring a DJ and a stunning ocean view. The club’s cleanliness and ambiance are noteworthy.

Stop By Jaekel House

Stop By Jaekel House - Source wikipedia
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The Jaekel House, situated in Ebute Metta, Lagos, is a two-story colonial mansion constructed in 1898. It is part of the Nigerian Railway Corporation grounds and named after its former general manager, Francis Jaekel OBE.

As a cultural center, it showcases the history of the Nigerian Railway Corporation during colonial times and serves as a popular venue for photo shoots and weddings.

The Jaekel House has been restored to its original colonial design, making it the last remaining example of colonial architecture in Lagos. The building features an inverted structure, with larger areas on the top floor supported by a steel truss.


Lagos embodies a mix of old and new, wealth and poverty, and tradition and modernity. Despite its infrastructure challenges, the city boasts a vibrant future, rapidly growing skyline, and friendly, hospitable residents.

As Nigeria‘s most populous city and a major economic and financial hub, Lagos offers a diverse range of entertainment options, including bars, clubs, concerts, festivals, markets, and beaches, catering to various preferences.

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