Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo

Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo

Looking for fun things to do in Maputo? There are many things to see and do here, and visitors will find plenty of activities to keep them entertained. It is known for its Portuguese colonial architecture, as well as its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife.

Maputo is the capital and most populous city of Mozambique. It is known for its colonial architecture, beaches, and seafood. There is a lot to see and do in Maputo, making it a great destination for a holiday.

The city has a lively atmosphere, with a mix of cultures and traditions. There are many restaurants and bars to enjoy, as well as a variety of shops to explore. Maputo is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, as well as a hub for exploring the rest of Mozambique. Here are some of the top fun things to do in Maputo.

Visit Parque Dos Continuadores

Whether you’re looking for a little adventure or some sightseeing, visit Parque Dos Continuadores in Maputo. You’ll be blown away by the beauty of this park. Here you’ll find native plants, art, handicrafts, and a gastronomy fair. Located on Av. Armando Tivane, Maputo, Mozambique, is a safe and convenient place to spend a few hours.

This is a must-visit place when you visit Maputo, Mozambique. Here you’ll find an incredibly impressive collection of contemporary art. Besides, it’s free on Sundays.

You’ll also be amazed by the architecture of this area. The buildings are all a part of the Art Deco movement. The Xigubo dance is also performed here.

You may also want to visit the Maputo art fair. It’s located in the center of the city and offers a gastronomical fair twice a month. You’ll find a wide variety of Mozambican art and crafts for sale. The best part is that the sellers are well-trained.

Explore Polana Cimento A

Explore Polana Cimento A - Soure wikipedia
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 15

Located in the tropical region of Mozambique, Maputo is a vibrant city. It is a melting pot of cultures. It has a relaxed pace of life, but it has an unbalanced economy.

Maputo’s street names changed after independence in 1975. They now reflect the fusion of Portuguese, Arab and Bantu cultures. The city is divided into two districts. Each district has a concrete or reed name.

Maputo’s harbor is a major economic center for the city. The waterfront regeneration project is being developed at the site of the former annual industrial fairgrounds. It is a great place to explore in the summer.

The Central Market is a great place to buy souvenirs. It is also a good place to haggle. It spills out of a beautiful old building and offers a variety of goods.

Visit Barragem dos Pequenos Libombos

Visit Barragem dos Pequenos Libombos - Source wikipedia
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 16

Located in Maputo, the Barragem dos Pequenos Libombos, or Pequenos Libombos dam, is a reservoir that supplies water to Maputo. It is also an ideal spot for birdwatching. It has a capacity of about 400 million cubic feet of water.

The barragem (dam in Portuguese) dos Pequenos Libombos is an impressive feat of engineering. It’s designed to handle an average of 23 cubic meters of water per second. During the peak of the chuva, it was pumping an average of 91% of its capacity.

In an attempt to acquaint the public with the barragem’s feats, the government has begun a public awareness campaign. Among other things, the government is working to secure alternative sources of water for the city of Maputo. The barragem’s aquaria can carry a modest amount of water but the government plans to boost the supply to accommodate the chuva and the upcoming floods.

Stroll Through Tunduru Gardens

Stroll Through Tunduru Gardens - Source wikipedia
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 17

Located in the heart of Maputo, the Tunduru Gardens are a great place to relax and unwind. Designed by British landscape architect Thomas Honney, the gardens were built in 1885. It’s free to visit and offers a tranquil oasis in the bustling city.

The gardens also feature a statue of Samora Machel, the first president of Mozambique. It was donated by Kim Il-Sung of North Korea.

The garden features a number of indigenous plants and a fine cycad collection. It’s a beautiful place to spend a sunny day. The park is popular with locals and tourists alike. The gardens are also home to a tennis court and a greenhouse.

After visiting the gardens, you can walk a short distance to the Fortress of Maputo, a 17th-century fortress that offers great views of the city. You can also stop by Independence Square, which is a popular gathering spot. The square is home to a Roman Catholic cathedral, a neo-classical City Hall, and a statue of Mozambique’s first president.

Relax At Maputo beach

Relax At Maputo beach
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 18

Located on the western shores of the African country of Mozambique, Maputo is an ideal starting point for your Africa safari. During the day, you can take in the sights at Tunduru Gardens, and enjoy the sea breeze at a beach club in the evening. If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxation, consider a stay at the Catembe Gallery Hotel, a private beach club situated just outside of town.

The hotel has a host of amenities for travelers, including free Wi-Fi and massage and treatment rooms. Located on the aptly named Catembe Beach, you’ll be surrounded by the most pristine and scenic beaches in the area.

The Catembe’s plethora of facilities include a swimming pool, a fitness center, as well as a small spa, and a number of restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back beachfront holiday, or a place to relax and unwind after a day of exploring Maputo, the Catembe Gallery is a good choice.

Tour Kruger Park From Maputo

Tour Maputo Kruger Park
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 19

Located in Southern Mozambique, the Kruger Park is an African country’s version of the Grand Canyon. It is considered one of the best game viewing parks in the world for a number of reasons. In addition, it boasts a healthy ecosystem and a rich biodiversity.

The park is home to a number of notable animals including the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo). There are also a host of antelope and smaller animals like duiker and small antelope. The park is also home to the rare African wild dog.

The tour from Maputo to Kruger is no longer the quaint affair it once was. Traveling to the park requires a trip of about two hours, and involves crossing the border into South Africa.

Visit Maputo Central Train Station

Visit Maputo Central Train Station
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 20

Located in Maputo, Mozambique, the Maputo Central Train Station is one of the most striking buildings in the city. It has been listed as one of the world’s most beautiful train stations by several international publications.

It was built in 1916 and designed in the French Beaux-Arts style. The facade is made up of ornately carved wooden doors and clocks. It features a massive central dome. The ceiling is supported by columns and beams. It also features Portuguese tiles. The building is also home to the Maputo Railroad Museum.

The Maputo Central Train Station Museum opened in 2015. The museum houses a permanent exhibition highlighting the history of Maputo’s public transport system. It also features two decommissioned locomotives.

The train station’s facade is crowned with a large dome. Its interior is adorned with oversized ceiling fans, marble pillars, and iron benches. It also features Portuguese tiles, clocks, and large bells.

Shop At Mercado Central De Maputo

Shop At Mercado Central De Maputo - Source wikipedia
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 21

Located in the heart of Maputo, Mercado Central de Maputo is the place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The area features stalls and stages with colorful arrangements of produce, as well as handicraft vendors. You can also find vintage clothes and accessories here.

The Central Market is located on Avenida 25 de Setembro. The market boasts a selection of fruit and vegetables, as well as toiletries and hygiene products. It also has a few interesting vendors, such as nut stalls. However, Mercado Central is a little shady, with vagrants harassing and annoying customers.

Maputo is home to some interesting markets, many of which are good places to visit for the novelty quotient. The Mercado de Peixe is one such market, which has a selection of seafood as well as fish caught locally. There are also some interesting items on offer here, such as handcrafted masks and sculptures.

Visit Inhaca Island

Visit Inhaca Island
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 22

Located near Maputo, Inhaca Island is a tropical paradise. It is known for its spectacular coral reefs. It is one of the most southerly coral reefs in Africa.

The island is home to some of the best coral reefs in the Mozambique Channel. The waters are 5 degC warmer than in other areas at this latitude. The reefs are home to a wide variety of marine life, including 327 different reef fish species.

The island is home to a marine biology research station, a museum, and a library. Researchers at the station work to preserve the island’s marine life. The museum contains a complete skeleton of a dugong, as well as many other varieties of marine life preserved in fluid.

The ferry to Inhaca Island departs from Maputo daily. Depending on the time of year, the ferry leaves at 11 am on Fridays, 3 pm on Mondays, and 15h00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The cost of the trip is 280mtn (R62) each way.

Explore Marracuene

Explore Marracuene In Maputo - Source wikipedia (2)
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 23

Located in the Maputo province of Mozambique, this coastal town is home to a handful of hotels and resorts. This is a popular destination for locals looking to get away from the sands of time. A ferry across the Incomati river takes travelers from one beach to the other.

There are also a few upscale hotels for the rich and famous. Those looking for an authentic Mozambique experience should be prepared to shell out some cash.

Fortunately, Marracuene is not too far away from Maputo, a.k.a Maputo, which is no doubt one of the top tourist destinations in the country. You can easily spend a week or two soaking up the rays. While you are in the area, you may wish to sample the local cuisine.

The Marracuene restaurant has an excellent selection of both international and local cuisine. The best time to dine is late in the day, as evenings tend to be on the shady side in this part of the country.

Museum Of Natural History

Museum Of Natural History In Maputo
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 24

Founded in 1913, the Natural History Museum of Maputo has played an important role in preserving the natural heritage of Mozambique. The museum has a plethora of exhibits and displays that include artifacts, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals. The museum is located just across from Hotel Cardoso.

The Natural History Museum’s most impressive displays include a collection of stuffed animals, dinosaurs, and a collection of specimens from Mozambique. It also has an impressive library that houses books and manuscripts. The museum has a well-kept garden as well.

The Natural History Museum in Maputo was initially called the Museu de Historia Natural de Castro. It was originally a school, but it was later converted into a museum in 1933. The building is still in use and is now managed by Eduardo Mondlane University.

Visit Maputo National Park

Visit Maputo National Park
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 25

Located in the extreme south of Mozambique, Maputo National Park is one of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots. It contains a vast ecosystem that comprises arid grasslands, savannahs, mangrove forests, and the Indian Ocean. The park is managed by the National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) and the Peace Parks Foundation.

It is a world-class natural reserve and the biggest in Mozambique. It is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area Programme. Its savannah, mopane forests, and miombo forests provide excellent habitats for lions, leopards, and a cinereous kid. The park can be visited daily from 7h30 to 16h00.

The park has a rich ecosystem and is a great destination for ecotourism. It is also home to 250 elephants and 350 species of birds. The park also offers opportunities for diving, canoeing, and sports fishing.

Swim With Dolphins

Swim With Dolphins In Maputo
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 26

Located in southern Mozambique, the dolphin swimming experience at Ponta do Ouro is truly remarkable. The dolphins swim up to you in a playful circle.

Dolphins use echolocation waves that change cellular structures. The sonar frequency of dolphins also encourages real happiness. Besides being fun, the dolphins show off in ways that you’ll find fascinating.

Mozambique’s crystal-clear waters provide the perfect backdrop for social engagement. Swimming with dolphins is a perfect family activity.

The dolphins at the Dolphin Centre in Ponta do Ouro are ethically managed. They are part of a larger initiative to conserve marine mammals in southern Mozambique. The center offers dolphin behavior introductions, ocean cruises, and dolphin safaris. It is also one of the few places in the world where visitors can observe dolphins in a dolphin-friendly way.

Enjoy Costa do Sol Beach

Enjoy Costa do Sol Beach In Maputo
Top Fun Things To Do In Maputo 27

Known as the Sunshine Coast, Costa do Sol beach is one of the best beaches in Maputo. The palm-dotted beach has a variety of shops and restaurants. The area is also popular with locals. The beach is a great place to go for swimming and surfing.

The city of Maputo is located on the Indian Ocean and is the capital of Mozambique. The city is divided into seven urban districts.

There are plenty of cheap things to do in Maputo. For instance, you can visit the National Art Museum, which features more than two thousand works of art. You can also visit the Tunduru Botanical Gardens. You can also explore the handcraft market, which is the place to haggle and purchase souvenirs.

Maputo is also a great place for outdoor activities. The city has many markets, restaurants, and lively nightlife.


Whether you’re visiting the capital of Mozambique for business or pleasure, there are several fun things to do in Maputo. Maputo’s museums and monuments will give you an insight into the city’s history and its diverse culture. Safaris, diving, and deep-sea fishing provide you with a chance to see the natural beauty of Mozambique.

With all of the cultural, historical, and natural activities available in Maputo, there is no reason to be bored while visiting this city.

The city is full of life and there’s always something to do. Whether you’re looking for a night out on the town or a quiet afternoon at the beach, Maputo has something for everyone. The city is also home to a vibrant arts scene, with many galleries and museums to explore. If you’re looking for a fun and vibrant city to explore, Maputo is the perfect place for you!

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