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Massawa - Eritrea

Eritrea is a small country, with a population of approximately six million people. It borders Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, and the Red Sea. Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Sudan on the north, Ethiopia on the west and south, and Djibouti on the east.

The capital and largest city is Asmara. The population of Eritrea is estimated at 5 million. The official language of Eritrea is Tigrinya. It’s a country of great natural beauty and historical significance. Its diverse geography is home to everything from desert to mountain to ocean, which is why Eritrea attracts tourists from far and wide.

Eritrea is also home to a string of remarkable historical sites, including numerous ancient monasteries and temples, some of which are thousands of years old. Eritrea is also famous for its breathtaking wildlife, including the African lion and the African elephant. Once you visit Eritrea, you won’t want to leave!


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There are a number of ways to travel around Asmara. If you arrive in the morning, you can catch the early morning bus. Otherwise, if you’re staying in the city, you can take a later evening bus. The main bus lines run every 15 minutes throughout the day. During rush hours, buses can get congested. If you don’t mind walking, there are a number of scenic routes in Asmara.

The city has plenty of things to do for tourists, including shopping and eating. The main shopping district, which the locals call “biassa,” is the best place to buy souvenirs. Other attractions include a lively market and many dress shops. The city is also home to three mosques, including one that dates from 1938.

Visiting Asmara is a great way to experience this beautiful African city. It has plenty to offer for visitors, including colonial Italian cinemas that show English football during weekends. You can also visit churches and mosques.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the city is the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, which is the country’s most popular church. The city is also home to the tallest building, the Nayla hotel.

The city is also easy to get around. Roads are generally good and there are plenty of Internet cafes and shops. The architecture is classic Italian, and the people are very friendly. You can visit the former governor’s palace, which dates back to 1897, as well as the Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals. The city is also known for its bustling nightlife.

Asmara Zoo

Asmara Zoo
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The Asmara Zoo is located on the road leading to the capital city and is a fun place to explore while in the city. The animals here are friendly and can be observed up close. It’s also home to a wide variety of snakes, colorful birds, lions, and ostriches. The zoo is open to the public and the entrance fee is very reasonable.

After your visit to the zoo, you might want to take in the church. The Nda Mariam Orthodox Church was built in the period before the Italian occupation and is a beautiful building. The church hosts religious events, such as the Nigdet of Saint Mary, which is celebrated on November 30th or first each year.

The zoo is located near the outskirts of the city. It is located along a road that offers spectacular scenery. You can take a taxi or rent a car to go to the zoo.

Debre Bizen Monastery

Debre Bizen Monastery source wikipedia
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If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit the Debre Bizen Monastery in Nefasit, Eritrea. This monastery is home to the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church and contains a library with several important Ge’ez manuscripts.

The monastery has a unique and spiritual atmosphere. The monks live from the land they cultivate and harvest rainwater, and their life revolves around preaching brotherhood and teaching love. The monks welcome anyone who comes to the monastery and offers shelter, food, and clothes. The monks will be more than happy to show visitors around and answer any questions.

The monastery is the main beacon of Christianity in Eritrea. It is 650 years old and is home to thousands of ancient manuscripts. It has also survived a series of invasions, including Turkish, Italian, and Ethiopian forces.

Regular people are not allowed to visit the monastery, and women are not allowed. Despite the monastery’s sanctity, it was a safe haven for EPLF fighters during the country’s war for independence.


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There are several reasons to visit Massawa, a port city on the Red Sea coast of Africa. Massawa is home to a variety of historical buildings, including the crumbling Imperial Palace on Taulud Island. The city is also home to three tanks that form a memorial to those who died in the country’s civil war.

The Old Town is located in the port area. Here you can visit the Mosque of the Companions (Masjid aṣ-Ṣaḥābah) is believed to be the first mosque in the world. You can also see the ruins of the Imperial Palace and Dahlak Hotel, which were once luxurious hotels.

You can also enjoy the pristine beaches and world-class swimming. The Old Town is also home to many other historic buildings, including a church and a mosque.

The old town was blanket-bombed during the war, but the country has since worked with UNESCO to restore some of the historic buildings. There are many examples of Islamic architecture in the city, including the 15th-century Sheikh Hanafi mosque, the shrine of Sahaba, and coral-block houses.

Other historical buildings worth visiting include the Imperial Palace and St. Mary’s Cathedral. You can also walk through the city, and impromptu tours are a great way to experience the vibrant and diverse city.

If you’re planning a trip to Massawa, you should remember to bring a water bottle. You may want to stay in the Dahlak Hotel for more luxurious accommodations, but it is expensive. You can dine at a local restaurant, which has great food and reasonable prices. If you’re staying in the old town, you can also find a restaurant named Salaam, which serves grilled fish and steak for an affordable price.

Semenawi Bahri National Park

Semenawi Bahri National Park source wikipedia
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If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you can’t miss a visit to Semenawi Bahri. The national park is a 43-km drive from the town of Sabur, which overlooks the Filfil Valley. It is home to a variety of animals and plants, including monkeys and baboons.

The presence of leopards, push buck, klipspringer, and warthog has been confirmed. Large, scenic trees and an abundance of bird life are other attractions of this national park.

Eritrea is also home to over five hundred species of birds. Eritrea is located on one of the most popular bird migration paths, and many of its species can be found in Semenawi Bahri National Park. If you’re planning to visit the park, it’s a good idea to bring along a camera.

Semenawi Bahri is an extremely beautiful park. It is located only 21 km outside of the capital Asmara and is a favorite destination for birdwatching and leopard-spotting. The park is very diverse with a variety of altitudes and climates. You can also expect to see klipspringers and leopards.

The park contains several historic ruins. One of these is the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Qohaito. This region is rich in history, with ruins of ancient structures dating back to the Axumite era. During your visit, you’ll also get to experience the beauty of Eritrea’s coastlines.

Ruins of Metera

Eritrea is ranked second to Egypt when it comes to rich historical and archeological places. The country is currently working to restore its historical and archeological sites, including the Statue of Metera, the Kidane-Mihret Church, and the Derbush Cemetery in Massawa.

For a historical site in Eritrea, you should visit the Ruins of Metera. This ancient city has a great history dating back to the 5th century BC. The ruins of this site are 20 hectares in size, and they are unique in that they are in the form of a bourgeois community.

The archaeological site at Metera features an obelisk built in the 3rd century AD, during the Axumite Kingdom. The obelisk features engraved crescent and sun shapes on its top. Below are inscriptions in Ge’ez, which are reminiscent of the ancient language. The obelisk is believed to have been built by King Ageza as a memorial to his brave ancestors.

The site has been excavated for over 50 years and has yielded many household items. Bronze lamps, needles, and daggers have been discovered among the remains. Other findings include Mediterranean amphorae and large marble plates. The excavations at Metera have led to the discovery of numerous priceless artifacts.

Among the most valuable discoveries made at the site is a bronze lamp with a bouncing ibex and a dog running with teeth on its head. There are various historical sites in Metera, which are worth exploring. These include the Qohaito and Tekondae sub-zones. While exploring these sites, you’ll discover evidence of pre-Axumite settlements.

Emba Soira Mountain

Located in eastern Africa, Eritrea is a small country that is home to unique climates. It shares a border with neighboring countries Ethiopia and Sudan. It has a long coastline on the Red Sea and a mountainous interior. The country’s highest point is Emba Soira Mountain, which stands at 9,900 feet above sea level. It requires a multi-hour trek to reach the summit.

Emba Soira Mountain, also spelled Sowera, is the highest mountain in Eritrea. It is a part of the Eritrean Highlands, a section of the Great Rift Valley that cuts through the country and joins the Red Sea. It is located in the Debub administrative region.

Emba Soira is Eritrea’s highest peak. Its tropical forest once included a Green Belt, home to a variety of bird and mammal species. Its escarpment links the lowlands with the highlands. It is also home to the town of Filfil, which is known for its plantations.

Hawatsu Copse and Reservoir

The Hawatsu Copse is a small patch of native forest located just north of Asmara. The area is home to many different species of birds, including the Egyptian Goose and Pink-backed Pelican. Other common sights include the Little Grebe, Black-headed Heron, and Grey Heron.

The Massawa site is an important historical landmark. The structure, designed by Werner Munzinger in the 19th century, was once used by the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie. It’s a great place to see Eritrea’s history and take a few photos.


19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 20

Filfil is a town located north of the capital Asmara. It is based on plantations and is known for its wildlife and rainforest. It lies within Eritrea’s protected national forests and can be easily accessed from either Asmara or Massawa by road. This place is also an excellent birding spot.

The road to Filfil is quiet and offers good views of the forest canopy. It also travels through coastal plains and foothills. It passes through forests before eventually turning to semi-desert. The road to Filfil takes about two and a half days to complete. Make sure you take plenty of time for your journey, as you will likely be checking your vehicle and permit.

Filfil is the last tropical forest left in Eritrea. It is also home to rare species of birds. It is part of the Semenawi-Bahri region, which slopes down to coastal plains. This area is full of rare species and is known for its beautiful scenery.


The eastern coast of Eritrea is a picturesque location for a visit. The town of Emberemi is particularly popular among pilgrims and is only a short drive from Asmara. The town is also home to a number of archaeological sites, including the tomb of Said Mustafa Wad Hasan and Rora Habab.

Emberemi is located in the country of Eritrea, in the Northern Red Sea Region. It’s located approximately 41 miles north of the capital Asmara and 66 km north of the city of Massawa. The nearest major cities are Asmara, Kassala, Jibuti, and Massali.

There are plenty of options for lodging in the area. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay, use Maphill’s online map. It offers low hotel rates and no booking fees. And because the map is available for free, you can embed it wherever you want.

Emberemi is also home to a solar-powered water project worth 3 million Nakfa. The project includes a 9-kilometer pipeline, two water distribution centers, and a reservoir. The project was implemented with the support of local stakeholders, and more than 600 families are now benefiting from it.


Dankalia is home to diverse natural environments and natural resources. It offers a variety of learning and research opportunities.

The stunning landscape of the undersea world, inspiring coastal villages, and vast desert surroundings are the perfect backdrop for scientific research and educational programs. The university also supports overall economic development by developing sustainable and efficient practices.

Dankalia is a fascinating part of Eritrea. Its coast stretches for over 500 kilometers, along the Red Sea. This part of Eritrea is home to the Danakil depression, one of the planet’s lowest points. The land there has dropped about 400 feet below sea level and is dotted with volcanic cones. It is also home to the Afar people.


19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 21

Visitors to Eritrea should consider visiting the ancient city of Qohaito, which was inhabited around 5000 BC. It is located at a height of about two thousand and five hundred meters and was an important city in the Aksumite period. Its ruins still remain, and excavation has only uncovered about 20% of the site. Qohaito is also home to the remains of an early Christian church.

Qohaito’s ruins are a reminder of the ancient commercial history of Eritrea. It was once a thriving trade center, and today 90 percent of the archaeological sites remain undisturbed. Highlights include the Great Canyon, the Temple of Mariam Wakiro, an Egyptian tomb, the Saphira Dam, and ancient cave paintings. The area also offers a stunning view of Mount Ambasoira.

The region’s ancient sites can be visited by hiring a guide. A local guide can accompany you and explain what you’re seeing. At the Mariam Wakino temple, 67m long and 16m high, you can gain insights into the region’s history and religion. The site also contains many rock-art sites. One of these is the Adi Alauti cave, which contains more than 100 painted figures.


19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 22

The city of Keren, Eritrea, lies 91 kilometers northwest of Asmara in the Anseba region. Its small plateau, surrounded by mountains, has always attracted foreigners. In 1855, Werner Munzinger arrived in Keren, married a local woman named Bilen, and learned Arabic and Tigre. Today, Keren is the capital of the Anseba region. It is a city with many historic sites and attractions.

After independence, Keren entered a phase of transitional development. The government hoped to increase the economic importance of the city. It also attempted to build a better education system and improve infrastructure. Its landscape is breathtaking, and it is home to many century-old ruins. There are also bustling markets, historic buildings, and Italianate architecture.

The climate in Keren is mild, with only moderate rainfall during the winter months. In general, temperatures in Keren are hot during the day, with little or no precipitation. The hottest month is April, with highs of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, the coldest month is August.

Regardless of the season, temperatures in Keren are milder than in many northern African cities. The city’s higher altitude means that temperatures remain high during the day and cool in the morning.

Whether you are looking for an adventure, a cultural experience, or just a relaxing holiday, there is plenty to discover in Keren and Western Eritrea. The untouched natural beauty of this region is breathtaking, and the people are friendly and welcoming.


Dekemhare source wikipedia
19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 23

Dekemhare is the country’s second-largest city. This ancient town boasts a unique cultural experience. You’ll be able to see traditional Eritrean dances and enjoy the country’s national festival. This annual celebration celebrates national unity and all of the country’s beauty.

The national festival is held in January and includes cultural performances, exhibitions, and traditional sports. It is also home to the world-famous ShenenYatana program, which is a pioneering ethnocultural exchange between the nine ethnic groups of Eritrea.

The climate in Dekemhare varies dramatically from season to season. A warm water period lasts for 3.6 months, from July 9 to October 28. In this period, average temperatures are more than 88°F. The rainless season lasts for 5.3 months, from October 1 to March 11. The driest month of the year is November.

To visit this beautiful town, you should plan your trip during the cool months. During the colder months, the temperature is around 56°F. The city also receives a small amount of rain. In December, the town receives 0.74 inches of rain.

Taulud Island

Taulud Island
19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 24

In addition to the coast, Eritrea is also home to a small remnant of rainforest, called the Filfil Rainforest. This forest is located between 700 and 2,000 meters above sea level and contains olive, cedar, and deciduous trees. Its microclimate provides for five to seven months of wet weather, and you can easily visit it by car from Massawa or Asmara.

The island has been an important center of Christianity and Islam. In the seventh century, the islanders established a Muslim state. Later, they were under Ottoman rule, and then under Yemeni and Italian colonial powers. After World War II, the islands were under Ethiopian and Soviet naval bases. In 1993, Eritrea became independent.

Desei Island

When you’re planning a trip to Eritrea, make sure to plan ahead. The country has high tensions with its neighbors and you should be prepared for the worst. You can’t drink tap water, so you’ll have to purchase bottled mineral water. You can also purchase fresh fruit juices from local cafes. However, you should avoid ice creams, as they’re not safe. You should also avoid all kinds of salads. Raw foods are not recommended.

The largest island in the Dahlak Archipelago, Dahlak Kebir (formerly Dahlak Deset), is a popular tourist destination in Eritrea. This Y-shaped island has rugged terrain and a picturesque coastline. It is home to Soemmerring’s gazelles and has several pristine beaches.

Desei Island is a seven-km long island with two distinct areas. One of these is the Desei Island Resort Hotel, where you can stay in 21 modern huts and 34 traditional hudmo huts, as well as a restaurant and bar. Once upon a time, the only town on the island served as a resting place for the unflustered fleet of fishing boats. The island is full of soft white sand.

Danakil Region

Danakil Region
19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 25

The Danakil Depression is one of the most unique tourist attractions in Eritrea. This area is characterized by extreme weather, an inhospitable soil composition, and severe geological formations. It is also home to the Erta Ale volcano.

In the summer, temperatures in this region reach over 50 degrees Fahrenheit and reach extreme temperatures.

The Danakil Depression is home to a thriving variety of plant and animal life. The fauna is diverse here and includes the black-backed jackal, spotted hyena, Abyssinian hare, and rock hyrax. You can also spot Arabian bustards and gazelle.

You can visit the Danakil Depression over one or two days, depending on your time frame. Itinerary highlights can include visiting the volcanic Lake Afrera, hiking the Erta Ale mountain, and swimming in Lake Assale. You can also visit the nearby Dallol hot springs. Afterward, travel back to Mekele, where you’ll stay for the night.

The Danakil Depression has a rocky landscape and is home to the legendary Afar people. They are thought to be the most resilient people on earth, and their way of life is based on farming and salt mining. Although the conditions are harsh, these people are warm and friendly.

The Danakil Depression is an extremely hot region, with temperatures reaching 50degC in the heat of the day. It is recommended that you visit the region between October and February to avoid the worst temperatures. The landscape is incredible, especially the Dallol geothermal area, which is characterized by bubbling sulfur lakes. Be careful though, as the acid in these lakes can be toxic.

Dahlak Archipelago

Dahlak Archipelago
19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 26

The Dahlak Archipelago is a group of 200 islands off the coast of Eritrea and is an excellent location for yacht cruising, diving, and pearl fishing. You can hire a charter yacht from the city of Massawa. While only four of the islands are inhabited, the uninhabited ones are home to thousands of sea birds and are a wonderful place to view the local wildlife.

One of the most popular islands in Eritrea is Dahlak Kebir, the largest of the archipelago. Formerly known as Dahlak Deset, the island boasts beautiful scenery and rugged terrain. It also has a Y-shaped coastline and a number of pristine beaches.

You can also see dolphins and whales while sailing in the Dahlaks. Whales are rare in this part of the Red Sea, so you may be able to see these majestic mammals swimming alongside the boat.

The archipelago is home to the dugong, a grayish cylinder-shaped creature that can grow up to four meters long and weigh up to 900 kilograms. In addition to dolphins and whales, you can also view a variety of seabird species.

The archipelago’s coral reefs are one of its main attractions. Because they were formed by seismic activity during the Late Pleistocene, the outer islands are still covered in coral. The coral reefs are thriving today, and the marine life in this area is spectacular.

The region is largely unspoiled by tourism, which means it is a perfect place for diving, snorkeling, and exploring.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea source wikipedia
19 Best Places To Visit In Eritrea 27

Eritrea is split into six regions, including the northern Red Sea Region. This area borders Ethiopia and Sudan. It is the longest region in both length and area, at over 34,000 square kilometers. The region also contains rich forestry and archaeological sites. Visiting Eritrea’s coastal region will give you a glimpse of Eritrea’s varied culture and heritage.

The Red Sea has long been a source of life for the Eritrean people. Despite being at a crossroads of civilizations, Eritrea has cultivated a unique culture that is unique and distinctly Eritrean. Its seaport, Massawa, has flourished as a trading port.

You’ll find many ancient ruins on Eritrea’s coast. Among them is the ancient city of Adulis, which was once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Aksum. It ruled this area from the fourth century BC until about 1,000AD and served as a key trading hub. It also had connections to the Roman Empire.


Eritrea is an amazing place. It has a lot of variety in terms of landscape and history; from mountain ranges, deserts, coastal towns, and forests. It also has many ancient ruins and UNESCO World Heritage site. It also has a long and fascinating history.

Eritrea has a rich culture and fascinating traditions. It has one of the oldest written languages in the world. It also has a unique cuisine. Eritrea’s diverse population is a result of a long and colorful history. Archaeological evidence suggests that the region has been inhabited since 20,000 BC.

It’s often overshadowed by its much larger neighbors, Ethiopia and Somalia. However, Eritrea is worth visiting for a number of reasons. First, Eritrea has a fascinating history. In fact, it is one of the oldest nations in the world. Eritrea was one of the earliest Christian countries in Africa and was home to many ancient churches.

It’s also home to one of the oldest human fossils found anywhere in the world. For these reasons and many more, it is popular for cultural tourism and family travel.

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