29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius


Mauritius is an amazing island in the Indian Ocean. It’s home to beautiful white sandy beaches, a tropical climate, and fascinating culture. Mauritius also has plenty of other activities for travelers to enjoy. For example, there are some great scuba diving spots with coral reefs and tons of marine life.

There are also some great hiking trails where you can explore the stunning countryside and dense forests. Most tourists come to Mauritius to relax on white sand beaches. The island also has lots of other activities, making it a great place to visit.

Mauritius is a country of incredible natural beauty. From its sprawling beaches to its lush forests, from stunning waterfalls to breathtaking mountain ranges, Mauritius has a little bit of everything for everyone.

But that’s not all Mauritius has to offer! You can get adventurous by exploring the islands on thrilling ATV quad bike tours or going on a relaxing nature walk with an experienced guide. You can learn about the island’s unique history at the Museum of the Revolution or experience the vibrant culture of Mauritius by visiting one of the many markets. And of course, you’ll find incredible, delicious food and drink everywhere you go!

Let’s dive into this beautiful island nation and explore its most beautiful places,

Chamarel Colored Earth Park

Chamarel Colored Earth Park
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A popular tourist attraction in the Rivière Noire District, the seven Coloured Earths is a geological formation that can be found in the Chamarel plain. The sand in this area is a unique color, containing seven distinct shades.

The seven-colored earth is a unique geological formation in Mauritius. This small area of dunes has seven different colors, which are formed by the cooling process of volcanic rock at different rates. Visitors can stroll through the colorful earth and see the unique and interesting geology.

The seven-colored earth is one of the most spectacular features of the country, and it has become a renowned tourist attraction. The Chamarel Geopark has an impressive viewing deck from which to take in the beauty of nature. It’s a fascinating natural wonder that should not be missed.

This park is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. The seven-colored earth of Chamarel is made of unique volcanic geological phenomena. The landscape is changing each minute, which makes the park a must-visit for nature lovers. At sunrise, the sun’s rays create a play of light on the dunes, making their natural colors the brightest.

The Chamarel Waterfall is a stunning 100-meter-high waterfall that is fed by three streams. The water flows at peak rates of 40,000 m3/min. Visitors can also purchase colorful earth products from the Curio shops on the island.

Chamarel Waterfalls

Chamarel Waterfalls
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Visitors can view the picturesque waterfalls from an upper deck or plunge into the shallow pool at the base. The waterfalls have clear, calm water, which is ideal for swimming. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush foliage and are a great spot for a picnic.

The Chamarel Waterfalls are a popular tourist destination in Mauritius. They are situated in the Black River Gorges National Park, the largest park on the island. They are fed by the St Denis River. Although the waterfalls are stunning year-round, their height is greatest in the rainy season. During dry months, the falls split into two separate falls. The waterfalls are accessible by foot or by horse, and there is a parking lot near the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are located 3.2 km from Chamarel Village. In summer, the waterfalls divide into two to three trickles, while during the monsoon, the waterfalls gush down in a single, large stream. Visitors to Chamarel Waterfalls can also participate in abseiling activities.

The Chamarel Waterfalls are situated within dense foliage and are surrounded by a spectacular canyon. A trek through the canyon leads to a viewpoint, which has a panoramic view of the waterfall. The view is stunning and ideal for landscape photography and drone videography.

Le Pouce

Le Pouce
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Visiting Le Pouce will give you the opportunity to see the most stunning views of the island. It is the third highest mountain in Mauritius and stands at 812 meters high. It is an easy hike and provides a breathtaking 360-degree view of the island.

Le Pouce is part of the Moka Mountain Ranges, which are the longest on the island. It lies between the Montagne des Signaux and Pieter Both mountain, which is the island’s second highest peak at 820 meters. Le Pouce is named for its thumb-shaped shape and is home to endemic plants. One such plant is the Bois Dentelle, Elaeocarpus bojeri, which is found only in this area.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities to do in Le Pouce. The mountain is located close to Port Louis and offers great views of the surrounding area. Hikers can begin their hike by traversing a field of sugarcane and reaching the grassy summit. From the summit, hikers can see the Port Louis skyline and the surrounding Moka Range. They can also get an overview of the island’s plains.

Hikers will love the trails that wind up the mountain. Despite being considered a moderate hike, the hike to the top of Le Pouce is challenging and requires good physical and mental endurance. To make the most of your hike, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast before you start and a healthy snack. Also, bring some water to drink and hydrate on the way up.

Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs
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Île aux Cerfs is a privately owned island located near the east coast of Mauritius. It is in the Flacq District. It is a small island with a population of just 300 people. It is a peaceful haven for those seeking tranquility and relaxation.

To reach Ile aux Cerfs, take a speedboat tour or a catamaran cruise. A catamaran cruise is the most affordable option, though it may take a bit longer than a speedboat. However, it allows you more time to do other activities, like snorkeling.

The Ile aux Cerfs day tour starts with a boat transfer to the island, which takes about fifteen minutes. You will be able to choose when you start and end your tour, which means you can choose the time that is most convenient for you. In addition to your tour, you can enjoy a delicious Indian lunch. The lunch is served at around noon, but you can choose when you would like to have it.

The island is located on Mauritius’ east coast. You can reach the island by boat from the mainland or Trou d’Eau Douce. There are several boat companies that depart from both coasts.

Ile Aux Aigrettes

Ile Aux Aigrettes
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The islet of Ile aux Aigrettes is located off the coast of Mauritius and functions as a scientific research station and nature reserve. However, the islet is also a popular tourist attraction. You can visit this island to learn about the local wildlife and observe the beautiful landscape and landscapes.

You can visit Ile aux Aigrettes by boat for about an hour and a half. It is a great way to see the beautiful island’s unique natural beauty. You will get to explore its many landmarks and see rare animals and plants. You can also take part in a guided walk by a qualified forest warden. The guide will introduce you to various endemic plants and animals and explain their place in the island’s ecosystem.

Mauritius was once a completely virgin island until the Dutch discovered it in 1598. It was covered with thick coastal forests and was the home of the dodo. Today, much of the island’s natural wilderness has disappeared, but you can still witness the island’s wildlife and observe its endemic species.

There are many ways to visit Ile aux Aigrettes. Whether you want to go hiking or simply relax on the beach, there are plenty of accommodations available in the area. You can choose a B&B with a shared lounge and kitchenette, or you can opt for a more luxurious guesthouse with a private pool and sun terrace.

Francois Leguat Park

Francois Leguat Park source wikipedia
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Francois Leguat Park is a popular spot for nature lovers. This reserve is a pristine nature preserve, far away from the island’s other tourist attractions. This park has a wide variety of native flora and fauna. Visitors can take a guided tour of the caves or stroll among the giant tortoises. Alternatively, they can visit the museum and cafe.

There is a museum dedicated to the giant turtles that are located in the entrance building. The park also features a souvenir shop. Thousands of visitors visit the park each year. Visitors can also take guided tours through the limestone caves. The park also has a collection of fossils, including those of giant tortoises, extinct Rodrigues, and Solitaires.

The island once had the world’s highest density of land tortoises. Unfortunately, humans began hunting them for oil and meat. Between 1730 and 1770, 280,000 tortoises were taken away from Rodrigues. Thankfully, Francois Leguat Nature Park has reintroduced the species.

The park also has a museum dedicated to the history of Rodrigues. Visitors can view a life-size sculpture of an extinct giant tortoise, view paintings depicting the early days of human settlement on the island, and learn about the island’s geological formations. There are also numerous caves to explore, including the Grande Caverne.

Port Louis

Port Louis
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The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis is a vibrant city in the Indian Ocean that’s well worth a visit. The city is a cultural center and is known for its French colonial architecture. It also boasts a horse-racing track and a bustling shopping and dining precinct known as Caudan Waterfront.

In the Central Market, you can find a variety of local produce and handicrafts. For a glimpse into Mauritius’ cultural heritage, you’ll also want to visit the Blue Penny Museum.

There’s also a vibrant nightlife scene in Port Louis, where microbreweries have earned international recognition. Popular spots like Le Caudan Waterfront are always packed on the weekends. The city also hosts a number of festivals, including Divali, a Hindu festival celebrated every October. During this holiday, clay lamps are placed on walls, terraces, and yards, where the goddess of wealth is believed to dwell.

You can also visit the Blue Penny Museum, which is housed in the former head office of the New Mauritius Docks Company. In the museum, you can find a collection of stamps from the country’s colonial era. You can even see one of the four mint copies of the famous 1847 stamp. While the Blue Penny Museum is not open to photography, the Postal Museum is located just inside Caudan Waterfront.

Another must-see in Port Louis is the St Louis Cathedral. The cathedral was originally a small church and was constructed in the seventeenth century. Over the years, it has undergone several renovations. Its interior is filled with beautiful stained glass windows and the altar is intricate. UNESCO declared the building a World Heritage Site in 2006.

Casela Nature Park

Casela Nature Park
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For those who enjoy outdoor activities, you can visit Safari World, a massive outdoor amusement park. The park offers activities such as zip line rides, camel rides, and safari tours. The park also features restaurants and shops. It is a must-visit if you want to enjoy the natural surroundings of Mauritius.

A park is a great place for families to explore. It features over 1500 species of exotic birds and animals from Africa. You can take a safari bus tour or walk through the aviary. You can also ride the Tulawaka Gold Coaster, which offers an up-close and personal look at the park’s animals. You can also spot big cats, giraffes, and pygmy hippos.

The park has various activities for children, including camel rides and cheetah and serval encounters. There is also a kids’ playground and a mini-club for kids. If you are a parent with small children, you can also take them on a tilapia fishing trip.

The park also offers breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains. While you’re there, don’t forget to take a stroll on Le Pounce, Mauritius’ third-largest mountain. From the top, you can enjoy stunning views of the Port Louis area.

Alexandra Waterfalls

Alexandra Waterfalls
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Located in the Black River Gorges National Park, the Alexandra Waterfalls is a natural wonder that roars 700 meters above sea level. The falls are surrounded by lush vegetation and rare flora and fauna. You can visit the viewpoint of the falls to get a closer view. You will need a good pair of sports shoes and a raincoat, as the terrain can be very uneven.

Alexandra Falls is a great place to spend a day. It’s easy to reach the falls, and it’s not too far from Grand Bassin. There is plenty of parking and refreshment vendors on site. There is also a viewing platform so that everyone can appreciate the beauty of the water.

The hike to the waterfall is easy, and there’s a great view of the surrounding area. Once you reach the waterfall, you can take the trail down to the Cascade des Galets, which is a hidden gem of Mauritius. From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the south coast. From here, you can also take a dip in an infinity pool.

When visiting Mauritius, make sure you take the time to visit Alexandra Waterfalls. You can sit by the falls, or relax in the picnic area. You may even encounter monkeys. The area has many picnic tables and chairs to relax in.

Grand Baie Village

Grand Baie Village
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Visit Grand Baie Village in northern Mauritius to experience an idyllic vacation spot with a tropical feel. Its beautiful beaches, excellent service, and superb accommodations have drawn tourists from around the world. It’s also a popular place for honeymooners. Once a small fishing village, Grand Baie has since grown into a thriving tourist destination.

The northern coast offers a number of activities, including boat trips to the offshore islands. You can explore the Coin de Mire and Ile Plate, nature reserves that protect rare plants and animals. Another island worth visiting is Ile Gabriel, a perfect snorkeling spot. In addition, you can visit the landlocked Ile aux Serpents and Ile Ronde.

Grand Baie is also a shopping destination, with a range of shops and markets. The city’s nightlife is another draw for visitors. The Buddha Bar, Zanzibar, and Banana Cafe are just a few of the many local establishments. Grand Baie also offers great beaches and plenty of sunshine.

The area is home to several hotels and villas. It also has several new developments under construction. The island’s leading construction company, Gamma Construction, is behind several of them. The area is accessible via Express 215 from the North Station. The journey from Grand Baie to Port Louis takes about thirty minutes.

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 38

The Pamplemousses Botanic Garden is a popular Mauritius tourist attraction and the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. If you are looking for a relaxing afternoon or a relaxing holiday, a trip to the Pamplemousses Botanic Garden will be a wonderful experience.

This 33-hectare botanical garden is one of the world’s most beautiful, and it is well worth a visit. You can easily reach it from anywhere on the island. The botanical garden has guides on hand to provide information about the different plants. You can also take a self-guided tour or opt for a golf buggy tour if you are limited by mobility.

Located in Pamplemousses, this Mauritius botanic garden dates back to the French colonial era. It was created by Intendant Pierre Poivre in 1770 and features a wide range of native and introduced plants. The garden is open every day and is free to visitors.

The park’s history is as interesting as its beauty. The gardens were started by Mahe de Labourdonnais in 1735. There is a monument, as well as a small exhibition of photographs. The park’s surroundings include a monument to the first Prime Minister of independent Mauritius, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. His ashes were spread on the Ganges, and various dignitaries have planted trees here.

Among the rare and beautiful plants that can be found in the garden include a giant lotus disk and a giant water lily. It is an ideal place to spend a relaxing day in a peaceful environment, and you can even take a picnic in the area. During your visit, you’ll be able to observe a wide variety of animals and birds, including a giant tortoise.

Mauritius Aquarium

The Mauritius Aquarium is a must-see destination. Here, you can see the local marine species such as angel fish, white-tipped sharks, and sea turtles. There are also feeding sessions for rays and sharks. The staff is highly knowledgeable, so don’t miss out on this unique experience.

The Mauritius Aquarium is a five-building attraction with over 150 different types of water animals on display. The biggest tank is 15 meters long and contains an abundance of marine life. The aquarium also features a touch pool where you can interact with non-dangerous marine life.

Guests can also visit the island’s only marine park and discover more than 50 species of coral. Located on the private island of Iles des Deux Cocos, the Aquarium is a must-see attraction. While in the area, you should also take in the quaint character of Mahebourg, where colonial buildings are slowly crumbling and a lively market takes place.

You can also sample delicious curry and spicy gajaks at stalls on the waterfront. From here, you can also see Lion Mountain, which is a popular hiking spot.

Whether you choose to view the creatures in the Oceanarium of the Pacific or the Sub Oceanic View, you won’t regret visiting the Mauritius Aquarium. The tour will take between one and two hours, and you will learn a lot about sea creatures. A guided tour will help you understand the details of each creature.

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 39

One of the most spectacular views in Mauritius is the Grand Bassin. It is located 550 meters above sea level in the district of Savanne. Pilgrims from Triolet and Terre Rouge were the first to visit this lake in 1898. Today, it is still a popular tourist destination.

Hindus can visit the Hindu temple at Grand Bassin. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Visitors can visit the temple on a chartered tour. The surroundings are quite serene and the atmosphere is religious. There are monks around the temple to assist visitors in praying and gaining blessings.

Those interested in hiking and trekking can head to the nearby Black River Gorges National Park. Guests can also take guided tours to explore the waterfalls and forests. The area also has many family-friendly activities. Kids will love the Seven Coloured Earths. You can also take your family to the Curious Corner of Chamarel for interactive displays.

Visitors can also visit the Hindu temple at Grand Bassin. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on a holy lake. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and wild monkeys. People who come for prayers also make offerings of incense sticks and fruits. The fruits attract monkeys and other wildlife. Moreover, visitors should avoid feeding fish or eels at the lake as it is sacred.


29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 40

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that combines culture and natural beauty, then Rodrigues Island is definitely the place for you. The island is a tropical paradise with lush vegetation year-round. The temperature here varies between 24 and 34 degrees Celsius during the day and 16 to 27 degrees at night. You can easily spend a week here without worrying about the weather.

The island’s people speak a Creole language and are mainly catholic. Other faiths are present as well, and there’s a Hindu temple in Crhve Coeur. The official language is English, but there’s also Creole, a mix of French and African dialects.

The island is also home to several endemic plant species. Visitors to the island can explore some of the unique plants and animals that call Rodrigues home. The cave tour includes the opportunity to see endemic plants and birds. In addition, you’ll get to see the bones of the extinct Solitaire bird. The museum also has a restaurant and souvenir shop.

The island is also known for its delicious Creole cuisine. The volcanic soil is perfect for growing vegetables, and you can try local meat, such as octopus. Fish is also a staple of the diet. In addition to tortoises, giant tortoises, and fruit bats, Rodrigues is also home to numerous species of fruit bats.

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 41

Le Morne Brabant is a dramatic mountain peninsula and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the 18th century, it was used by slaves as a haven. Many escaped slaves found shelter in caves carved out of basalt rock. Today, the mountain serves as a symbol of the country’s abolitionist movement. There are guided tours available to show you the highlights of this unique site.

Le Morne Brabant has several beaches to choose from. Most of them are owned by hotels, which means that they are monitored for cleanliness. The longest beach on the island belongs to the JW Marriott Mauritius Resort. Nearby is the Beachcomber Paradis, which is another great beach to visit.

Le Morne Brabant is a popular tourist destination in Mauritius. It’s located at the southwestern tip of the island. The peninsula is surrounded by a turquoise sea and is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. A trip to this region is sure to be a thrilling experience.

Le Morne Brabant is one of the island’s most iconic landmarks. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has an enormous basalt rock, known as the Morne Brabant. It is a great hiking destination, and you can reach it in three to four hours.

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne Beach
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 42

If you’re in the mood for some quiet relaxation and time to reconnect with nature, a trip to the world-famous Le Morne Beach is the perfect way to do it. This island paradise offers pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters in a place tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the island’s other attractions. It’s the perfect location for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

As a UNESCO world heritage site, Le Morne has contributed immensely to the tourism industry of Mauritius. Its scenic beauty and age-old monuments attract zillions of visitors each year. Swimming is the most popular activity here, but you can also enjoy adventure activities at nearby Trou Aux Biches and La Cambuse.

If you’d like to spend some time exploring the area, you can also visit the Blue Penny Museum and enjoy a wildlife safari. While you’re at Le Morne, take a stroll around the small town of Flic En Flac to purchase souvenirs made of seashells.

The sea water temperature at Le Morne Beach is 73deg, and it’s a perfect spot for swimming. In addition, the wind conditions on the island are excellent, making the beach an ideal location for windsurfing and kitesurfing. This beach is also conveniently located near several famous resorts, with ample facilities to make your stay enjoyable and stress-free.

Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay Marine Park
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 43

The Blue Bay Marine Park is a marine reserve located southeast of Mauritius. It covers 353 hectares and was declared a national park in October 1997. It was then granted Marine Park status in June 2000. The Mauritian Fisheries and Marine Resources Act grants the park this status.

Guests can enjoy a range of activities during their visit to the marine park. The marine park contains a large number of rare and endangered species of coral, as well as a variety of floral and marine organisms. The park also is home to many species of fish, ranging from small Pipefish to giant Trumpetfish. The marine park is a haven for divers and is ideal for snorkeling.

Visitors can take a glass-bottom boat tour at the Blue Bay Marine Park. This is a great activity for anyone who loves the sea and marine life. Glass bottom boats are used to explore the reef and you can see the marine life in an unobstructed setting. A glass-bottom boat tour is a must for visitors to this park.

The Blue Bay Marine Park is a beautiful marine reserve located near the island of Mahebourg. It is home to over 40 types of coral and up to 70 species of tropical fish. The water in this marine park is usually 10 to 20 feet deep, which makes it an ideal place for a snorkeling holiday. You can also take a glass-bottom boat ride if you have no experience with the sea.

Tamarin Waterfalls

Tamarin Waterfalls source wikipedia
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 44

If you love waterfalls and scenery, you must visit Tamarind Waterfalls. A series of seven cataracts, the falls are situated on the Rivière Tamarin, two kilometers northwest of Mare aux Vacoas. They are a perfect place to take a family outing or an evening walk with your friends.

This waterfall is a popular destination in Mauritius. It is a series of waterfalls that fall into a lush valley. This place has been made accessible to visitors by building several viewing platforms near the falls. From the viewing platforms, you can see the whole complex. The top waterfall is the most beautiful part of the complex, yet is easily accessible despite its seemingly impenetrable appearance.

To get to the top of the waterfall, hikers can take a half or full-day hike. Hiking trails begin at the bottom of the canyon and move up the mountainside. You will eventually reach the top of the waterfalls, where you can abseil into the pools below. Guides will be on hand to help you along the way.

This hike is suitable for people of all ages, although children under 10 years old should not try it. The trip lasts about a full day, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the waterfalls and take pictures. The view from the waterfall is amazing, and the surrounding waterfalls are even more beautiful.

Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 45

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius is Rochester Falls. It is located in the Savanne district, near the town of Souillac. The waterfall is popular for its ten-meter drop and is considered one of the wildest waterfalls on the island. Its dramatic cliff surrounding the waterfall adds to its uniqueness.

This waterfall is located in the Savanne district of the island. It is the widest waterfall in the country, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. The waterfall is also famous for its rectangular flank rocks. You can view the waterfall from the top of a cliff and see the spectacular turquoise water cascading down.

This waterfall is surrounded by a lush green landscape. It’s named after the male protagonist in the novel Jane Eyre. The water here is crystal clear and foamy. There are several ways to view the falls, but the best option is to go alone.

One option is to take a hike to the waterfall. The hike itself is a kilometer long and can be done alone or with a guide. The trek can take up to two hours. During the hike, you can take a refreshing dip in the waterfall or jump ten meters into the water. The hike begins in Souillac, Surinam. From there, you’ll walk along a path through a sugar cane plantation and cross several fields. You’ll also see many fruit vendors.

Ilot Gabriel

Ilot Gabriel source wikipedia
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 46

One of the most beautiful spots to visit while in Mauritius is Ilot Gabriel. This idyllic sandbar and turquoise lagoon is the perfect setting for snorkeling. The utter silence and beautiful flora of this area are enough to make it a popular spot. On your visit to this island, you should take some time for hiking and sightseeing.

You can visit the island by renting a catamaran and going 20km north along the northern coast of Mauritius. It takes about three to four hours to get to the island. The boat ride can be a little scary, but it is a magical experience. You can even spot shoals of fish.

Visitors to the island should make time to see the sunrise and sunset. The sunrise on the island is particularly beautiful with its vibrant colors and white sand. In the evening, the sun sets in an equally mesmerizing manner, with shoals of fish adding to the enchanting beauty of the sunset.

To get to the island, you can book a boat from Grand Baie. The boats usually leave at 9 am and return at 4 pm. The island is about 20km off the coast of Mauritius and is comprised of 40 acres of coral flats and grasslands. Many endemic species of fish and other animals live here, and it is a nature preserve.

Fort Adelaide

Fort Adelaide
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 47

One of the top Mauritius attractions is Fort Adelaide, a 19th-century military fortress featuring a walled courtyard and sweeping views of the city. The fort also offers guided tours that provide a fascinating insight into the history of the island. The fort was originally built to protect the island’s sugar plantations and other natural resources, and its walls and courtyard still protect the island today.

Fort Adelaide is situated on a hill and is reminiscent of a Moorish fortress. The view from the top is spectacular and you can even see the Champ de Mars and Chinatown, which are nearby. It is a popular spot for jogging and sightseeing, and during the daytime, you can watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Fort Adelaide is a must-see attraction when you’re in Port Louis. Built during the nineteenth century by the British, the fort was designed by a British general named Cunningham and has a stunning view of the city. Built 240 feet above sea level, the fort has historically protected the harbor and the city.

Visiting the citadel is the best way to learn about Mauritius’ turbulent history. It’s located on La Petite Montagne and is one of the top attractions in Port Louis, the capital city of the Mauritius islands. The island’s beauty and charm are unmatched.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 48

Le Caudan Waterfront, also known as the Garden Robert Edward Hart, is an attractive shopping and entertainment complex that is situated on nine acres. It contains 170 boutiques, shops, banks, and restaurants. It is also home to an amphitheater and a game arena.

The waterfront has six buildings and is situated on nine hectares of land. It hosts duty-free shops, restaurants, cinemas, and artisanal stalls. It also includes two excellent business hotels. It has ample parking and a stunning waterfront view. While you’re here, take time to explore the Robert Edward Hart Garden, located on the entrance road to the waterfront.

Le Caudan Waterfront is an entertainment and leisure complex that offers a unique shopping experience. This waterfront area in Port Louis boasts a cinema, casino, and museum, as well as a variety of dining options. Visitors can also visit the Blue Penny Museum to learn about the history of the island and the civilizations that have come before it.

Shopping is a highlight at Le Caudan Waterfront, which has numerous duty-free stores. The area is also known for its large collection of handicrafts and designer items. In addition to high-quality designer goods, visitors can find books, magazines, and other accessories.

Eureka Creole House

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your vacation in Mauritius, you should consider visiting Eureka Creole House. This is one of the oldest houses in the country and it has a fascinating history. Moreover, you’ll find the surrounding environment to be absolutely beautiful, complete with palm trees, mango trees, and enormous damaras.

Once upon a time, this grand residence was a French colonial house. Today, it’s a museum and guesthouse. It’s filled with beautiful antiques and is furnished with furnishings that were imported by the French East India Company. A traditional Creole lunch is also served here.

The main manor house is perfectly preserved and is the perfect place to experience the island’s colonial past. It has 109 windows and doors and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It also contains a museum showcasing antique maps and art.

The museum also has its own restaurant, La Maison Creole, which serves local cuisine. Visitors can sample the famous Mauritian tea and various curries. The museum also offers a range of souvenirs. You can buy scented candles, jewelry, jams, and other items.

The museum offers many opportunities to learn about Mauritius’ rich history. There’s also a section on sugar production. The exhibits include interactive tourist guides and animated scale models. In addition, you’ll find massive flipbooks and short films. Whatever your age, you’ll find something to interest you.

Albion Light House

Albion Lighthouse, also known as Pointe aux Caves Lighthouse, is a 30-meter-tall structure situated on the west coast of Mauritius. The lighthouse is a major navigation monument, helping ship captains navigate to Port Louis Harbour. The lighthouse is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visitors can take advantage of its unique photo shoot location, which features a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

The lighthouse is 30 meters high and is accessible by stairs. It has balconies and a dome, and the view from its top floor is spectacular. However, be careful not to climb to the top of the lighthouse at night, as it is surrounded by wild cliffs and dramatic scenery. Moreover, be careful as bats inhabit the space. This historic lighthouse is a must-see attraction when you visit Mauritius.

You may also visit the Aapravasi Ghat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located on the seaside. The site is home to an interpretation center that offers guided tours to give you a better understanding of the buildings and their history. You can even see life-size models of the structures. This historical site is an important part of Mauritius’ history, and it serves as a mirror of the colonial past.

Visitors can enjoy a scenic walk around the lighthouse, offering great views of the coastline. While there, they may observe fishermen and divers, who climb the rocks to dive into the sea. Those who are not afraid of heights may opt to walk up to the lighthouse and listen to the sound of the waves. The lighthouse also makes for a great viewing spot during sunset.

Flic En Flac Beach

Flic En Flac Beach
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 49

If you love water sports, you will want to visit Flic en Flac Beach in Mauritius. It has a wide range of activities for everyone. Children can go banana boating, while teenagers can try water skiing and parasailing. There is also deep-sea fishing for marlin and tuna. You can also go surfing, which is a great pastime in the area. The best time to go is from May to September. There is also a local surf school where you can learn to surf if you would like.

Another thing to do while on Flic en Flac is scuba diving. It is important to choose a reputable dive operator. Some resorts also offer scuba diving lessons to their guests. You can find public buses in the area, so you can easily get around.

The west coast of Mauritius is less developed than the north. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing beach in a tropical climate. Its long, white sand is backed by hundreds of casuarina trees.

There are two public beaches on Flic en Flac. The best sections are near Wolmar. They have fewer sellers and hawkers than some other areas. However, you should keep in mind that there is much more to Flic en Flac than just a beach.

Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare Beach
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 50

Soak up the sun and relax at Belle Mare Beach. Located on the east coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare is the most beautiful beach on the island. Its secluded beauty is accentuated by a temperate breeze that comes from the southeast. The surrounding landscape is stunning, with a backdrop of palm trees and gin-like waters. The area is also a popular spot for snorkeling, diving, and nature lovers.

The beach is well-known among locals, and it is busy on weekends and public holidays. It is an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, and there is a coral reef offshore that attracts barracudas and bull sharks. It is also home to an 18-hole golf course.

Visitors who want to spend a day relaxing on the beach will love Belle Mare’s unspoiled beauty. The white sands of this beach are perfect for snorkeling and water sports, and the waters are pristine and clear enough for scuba diving. Visitors to this beach can also enjoy sunsets and sunrises as they enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the island.

For foodies, Belle Mare has several excellent restaurants, which serve Malay, Thai, and other cuisines. Many restaurants in Belle Mare have wine cellars and offer a variety of wines. No matter what your budget, there is no shortage of great food in this tropical paradise.

Pereybere Beach

Pereybere Beach
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 51

Pereybere Beach is a gorgeous spot in Mauritius. It has turquoise water and a calm sea that is perfect for water sports. There are a variety of shops and restaurants along the beach for your convenience. There are also vendors that sell fruit and ice cream.

Pereybere is a small picturesque village that is located only a few kilometers from Grand Baie. It has a public beach that is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The water is clear and deep, making it a great place for families with young children.

There are many restaurants in Pereybere. You can dine at a five-star hotel or try out a street-side food truck. There are also vendors selling tropical fruits, ice cream, and tender coconuts. The beaches are also well-served by taxis.

Pereybere Beach is popular with both locals and tourists. This beautiful, calm beach offers beautiful crystal-clear water that is perfect for children and inexperienced swimmers. There are ice cream stalls on the beach, and a few restaurants along the shore offer a variety of cuisines. Visitors are not allowed to sunbathe in topless swimsuits, so it’s best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Pereybere Beach is surrounded by resorts, guesthouses, and hotels. They cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation with your loved one. It’s a great destination for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

Trou Aux Biches Beach

Trou Aux Biches Beach
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 52

In the Pamplemousses district of Mauritius, you can visit Trou-aux-Biches, a small town with a public beach. This beach has been acclaimed as one of Mauritius’s most beautiful beaches by the World Travel group. It was even awarded the title of World Leading Beach Destination in 2011.

Despite the lack of coral reefs, the water around Trou Aux Biches is still clear and inviting for snorkeling and other water sports. You can also walk along the beach and try out some fishing. Nearby, there are several restaurants and ice cream shops.

If you’re an avid scuba diver, you can also experience the beauty of the coral reef. This area of Mauritius is home to the largest Hindu temple in the world. A scuba diving center offers tours for novices, and snorkelers can even try their hand at the reefs.

Mauritius is a stunning island in the Indian Ocean. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, the north coast of the island is home to Trou Aux Biches Beach. With turquoise water and an idyllic atmosphere, this beach is a must-visit for any visitor to the island. You’ll also get a great view of Mauritius’ magnificent sunsets.

Bois Cheri Tea Factory

Bois Cheri Tea Factory
29 Best Places To Visit In Mauritius 53

When visiting Mauritius, you should not miss the chance to visit the Bois Cheri Tea Factory. It is a picturesque tea plantation that is located on the southern coast of the island. It is surrounded by a beautiful crater lake and is picturesque from every angle. The museum here tells the history of Mauritius’ tea production. It also displays old machines that were used for making tea.

The factory isn’t very big but it has everything you need to see the tea production process. A guide will explain to you the different steps that are involved. You will also get to see the old train locomotive that was used to transport passengers before Mauritius got independent from the British.

Once you’ve finished your tour of the museum, you’ll head to the plantation for lunch. The restaurant is adjacent to the cafe and has indoor seating. The view of the southern coast of Mauritius is stunning and a wonderful place to have lunch. The Bois Cheri Tea Factory is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Bois Cheri is the largest tea producer in Mauritius and was the island’s first tea plantation. Today, it’s one of the main destinations on the Mauritian Tea Route. The Bois Cheri estate is home to a number of tea varieties and is a great place for tea lovers to learn about the process of tea production. The plantation is also known for its stunning panoramic views of the south.


Mauritius is a paradise island that is known for its beaches, lagoons, rainforests, and coral reefs. It is blessed with an amazing climate all year round, so it never feels too hot or too cold- even in winter! Mauritius is rather small, so it’s easy to get around to various tourist attractions. Its capital city, Port Louis, is home to various museums, shops, and restaurants. For adventure seekers, Mauritius offers various water sports, hiking, and biking trails.

If you’d rather just kick back and relax on the beach, Mauritius has that covered too! La Pirogue is one of the most famous beaches in the world thanks to its white sands and turquoise water. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some sun and a refreshing drink. Mauritius is truly a place that has a little bit of everything for everyone!

From nature to culture to adventure, Mauritius is most certainly a place that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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